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Formerly: SwampertIsCool
Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 2,389/4,369


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Garchomp)
225131,803 / 190,689
Taillow29 / 48
Taillow212 / 48
Taillow863 / 105
Taillow30 / 39
Taillow316 / 39


sPaRe SoMe TiMe???

Coolest boi

Rowan Quest

Also #AveryBadTiming for a giveaway!


I traded spectrier for this amazing jelly!

Gifts from friends:
This cool dark horse (although I encountered one at lab), is given by my amazing friend (check ot) :)


2023 GOALS
-Get shiny charm (finish badge set 3) done yay
-Get the last explorer bag (idk how to get that last badge it's so freaking hard) done somehow?
-Get at least 500,000 interactions at the end of the year
Finish Kanto, Johto and Hoenn dex (ofc gonna get some help lol)
Get ditto the jelly
Get all unown egg dex and dex
Saved at least 20k dp at the end of the year ( Current: 330/20000) used all of them in Halloween
-Shiny hunt all the below list
Venonat x1
Gastly x1 done
Drowzee x1
Totodile x1
Spinarak x1
Morelull x2 king = chain 64, 155-160os; queen = chain 21, 114os
Fuecoco x1 Fuel Coconut 18os
Bombirdier x1 chain 81, 60 os
Pawmi x1 chain 78, 22os (pawmi 27os, pawmo 22os)
Hopefully have time for more
2024 or more further GOALS...
SM flygon
2002/6000 nuggets (half year premium+ some mega cuffs and some packs of flute combo)
1759/15000 ground gems ( around 750 trapinch eggs ) buying each ground gems for 400pd
Last update: 12/11



ThunderCoal swampert and Strawberry Chocolate swampert

Credits to Glitchly
"dg7vf01-cccc9a9d-c771-493b-891d-dd070c75a422"" style="max-width: 100%"/>
Cool and powerful swampert by Kyatra



Game Records

Trainer ID: #27819670
Registration: 01/02/2023 (10 Months ago)
Game Time: 461:48 Hours
Total interactions: 548,987
Money: 191,455
Starter Pokémon: Giga Blastoise


New eggs in party, party click exchange?? Heart for return
Yesterday, 10:28
"close feeds sry"
You push the pink key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Ultra Saddle found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
Literally the one from advent calendar, but whats more, I opened like 30+ berry,game chips, gems and pd boxes before this came.
1 Day ago
Party click exchange anyone? Heart for return, will send a plushie/gem as well!
6 Days ago
You fed Jacob a Oran Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 11,764 Exp. Points.

You have been rewarded with 12 Pokédollar!
7 Days ago
Also party click exchange? <3 for return
7 Days ago
#JoyfulGIFTmas and #BeautifulChristmasWishes : I typed the hashtag wrongly for three times forgive me
Mareeeep Christmas everyone! Good luck on your PH goals and IRL goals!
By ~Aes-Sedai~

I wanted to create something I haven't seen here before.
We all together create ONE community, so each of You will have the right to choose.

***The entire competition consists of 4 stages, in 3 of which You will be able to vote for your favorite.
Those who reach the final will be able to call themselves "winners".
Each of them will receive a prize, which will be assigned via the Giveaway System on this website.
(these people will receive from me via PalPal/PM a special link to GiveAway to which they will sign up)

Find out more ➝ 🎁

I hope all of you enjoy this Giveaway format.
First of all, I would like to ask you to rebost this Hashtag #JoyfulGIFTmas so that as many people as possible know about this "event".

I'll see you at 12AM
8 Days ago
Time to set up my birthday giveaway...
Share from the hashtag down, and like the original feed to enter! Ends when my birthday (December 6) does OS. Winner will be chosen via random.org, you WILL NOT be shown proof as if you think you're entitled to seeing the results then you don't have to enter.
1st place: 1 Shiny Skarigami with golden star(s), 1 MA Skarigami with golden star(s), 300k PD, 4k Nuggets
2nd place: 1 Shiny Skarigami with golden star(s), 1 MA Skarigami with golden star(s), 150k PD
3rd place: 1 Shiny Skarigami with golden star(s), 1 MA Skarigami with golden star(s)
8 Days ago
#machopmedal results are in:
Third goes to(num gen:10) Charmander25!!
Second goes to(num gen:33) ouppies!!
First...... Place...... Goes...... To.......
HashiraSobble!! (Num gen:5)

HashiraSobble please PP/PM me either u want the map/stone/keys and which shiny you want me to hunt, I will reach out to 2nd and 3rd after 1st has make their decision.
9 Days ago
#machopmedal I think after 80+ rare candies I am able to get my first ever medal?? So uh winners will be rolled later.
One more note here, the shiny won't be legendary/mythical/ditto/sm/event/quest.
Thanks for all your help!
Btw I will be taking a break from PH after advent calendar ends.
9 Days ago
#machopmedal Last Day!!!!!
Please feed it a berry before reset, I will be using rare candies soon, comment that you fed a berry for a random gem (guest click also counts)
10 Days ago
Starting spinkarak hunt!!
Also its gonna be Gusty soon, so please feed shadow machop a berry that time, thanks!
16 Days ago
Please feed This shadow machop in my party a berry please?? Will click your party too, heart if u have feed it :D ty
17 Days ago
after 14k of advanced path, I FINALLY DID IT!!! (btw how many corrects for pro path to get the last hoenn regi trio ;-;)
Also please feed the shadow machop in my party a berry pleaseee?
18 Days ago
Please feed my shadow machop a berry before the weather boost gusty has ended!!! Comment proof and I will gift you 250 oran berries!! Thankss
20 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 57 Minutes and 32 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Pawmi hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #78)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.
Cool! Spinarak next!
20 Days ago
#machopmedal not forget to mention, I will be using rare candies, so if you really participate, you might win.
If I lose, I will giveaway the mega stone to one lucky winner as well
21 Days ago
Sooooo I want my first medal but I think I don't really have much hope now since the gap is kinda big...I need ya help!!
1. Share the entire post together with the hashtag #machopmedal once at least, daily hashtag share can add +1 entry
2. Feed the Shadow machop in my party a berry daily, guest click also +1 entry
Prizes : 1x volcano cave map, 1x mega stone, 6x gold key and a future hunting slot in any hunt of your choice (non event and legendary, and it won't be SM either)
Will spread in between 3 winners
1st: shiny hunting slot and either the map, the mega stone or the keys
2nd: the two options left in between the map, stone and keys of your choice
3rd: whatever is left in between map, stone and keys
Please help since I might add more prizes for the winners, and only happens if I got a medal (3rd is ok too)
Original post by Swampygon120
22 Days ago
Soooooo after hatching this party of mudkipz, I will be starting my next hunt.
So after my previous post I think I am gonna hunt pawmi, but here comes the question:
Should I buy a month premium so I can hunt all its evo? After the hunt I can hunt extra shinies for sell or hunt other shines as I already planned to
Just hunt one pawmi?
27 Days ago

About me

Name: Swampygon
Age: more than 0
gender: genderless
home country: see the flag next to game records
Best buddy ever in the world : Agent_Inteleon!!!!!

Feel free to send friend requests :)

Profile picture made by Swampygon120! (myself)
Its a Swampert x Flygon fusion, my username tells the name of it.
also this artwork is made by me, owned by me, so don't use it without my permission.

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Self notes: hunt tailow


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Swampygon120 is currently hunting Taillow.
Hunt started: 01/12/2023

Chain: 50

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