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Trainerlevel: 96

Trainerpoints: 12,657/27,743


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Shiny Hunt

Sturmi is currently hunting Hawaiian Cubchoo.
Hunt started: 20/09/2020

Chain: 129

Sturmis Plushie Collection

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73% 43%

13% 15%
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #271790056
Registration: 10/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 21/Oct/2021
Game Time: 6234:48 Hours
Total interactions: 10,127,821
Money: 2,226,505
Starter Pokémon: Charmander


how i imagine all these non-shiny toxels in my chain singing and dancing rn “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”
Yesterday, 09:22
I've got some good news to share about the cat situation :) Mickey is doing fine again. No throwing up anymore, visiting the toilet is going well these days. He's also gained a little weight and is in a very good condition now.
He's now in the mood to play with our other cat (Paul, 13) and that really is a good sign. Mickey is more of an introvert cat and usually gets easily annoyed by Paul who loves to play the entire time. ^^
5 Days ago
Did I start Re-watching the mentalist again in the past few days?
Heck yes. And it's so relaxing to come back to this series. I almost forgot about the toxel chain over here. 👻
5 Days ago
Good morning ☕
❤️ For interaction exchange
I'll put some cat update in the comments
11 Days ago
Btw, if you spot some german posts in my feeds or german feeds in general and want to know the meaning behind, just ask(directly in the feed comments or via palpad). We tend to be lazy sometimes, that's the reason for sticking to our first language. There's no special meaning or super secret private information. öwö but to make sure everyone understands and nobody feels cut out, I will do my best to translate instead of making you look it up. (we all know Google translate still has its problems right?) So let's try to avoid a misunderstanding because of language barriers. There's also no need to be shy or something like that. :D
13 Days ago
good morning ☕🌞
Daycare decided to give me some eggies o:
❤️ For interaction exchange
13 Days ago
I was creating a poll on my profile, because I'd like to know if you think of me as a trustworthy user on site. Usually I don't really like to ask people about rating me in any way (because I don't want to make you share your sympathy/antisympathy in public o^o), but I think in that case an overview is kinda interesting. So, I'd be thankful if you could leave a vote there. (:
15 Days ago
good morning
I think I can accept now, that my DC is broken for the time this hunt lasts. Let's exchange clicks anyways, I feel the click activity on site reduces more and more ;;

❤️ For interaction exchange
15 Days ago
(~°o°)~ ululululu~
~(°0°~) ayayayaaa~
(/^O^)/ gimme eggs!

don't mind me, i get the no-eggs-from-dc-collaps. so instead of hoping for a shiny, i just dance for eggs. EGGS! ö.ö
15 Days ago
Sturmi: On a scale 1-10, how much disturbing is this (*sending picture of a nsfw Manga poster*) if I frame and hang it in my living room?
Best friend: 10. Frame it and put it on the wall.😤
Sturmi: 😂?
Best friend: you know I've got Lego and figurines of Deadpool and bastion in my flat! You can have the weirdest hobbies and display them, people don't care as soon as they've met you in person.

He's just so precious u-u ✨💜
16 Days ago
Good morning ☕
No interaction exchange today, because my DC seems to be broken again. öwö
But instead you could check out this shop, in case you're looking for pokemon to complete your dex(es) :D
17 Days ago
Your coin and the one next to it look alike!
(Increased breeding chance)

Eggs hatched: 3

Last few days without fountain boost at this time:
15+ Eggs hatched.

Flutes are activated, still.
me right now.
19 Days ago
I like buying used books. Not only are they much cheaper, I like to notice people fold pages to read them again and again - and add small notes if it meant something to them. I like the smell of older books that got read multiple times. It kinda gives me the feeling the person who owned that book before was as much in love with books as I am.
20 Days ago
Headache day.. =n=
Don't expect me to be around much here today. Ugh..

Anyways, ❤️ for interaction exchange
21 Days ago
When you meet a new person irl and all they ask first is: Do you dye your hair???

Hello, nice to meet you. No. I'm into black voodoo and like to take long, relaxing baths in goat blood. 🙃
22 Days ago
Good morning ☕
❤️ For interaction exchange
22 Days ago
Today I just got up 30 minutes earlier, to drink 30 minutes more ☕ before my appointment, ha! Good morning! 😂
❤️ For interaction exchange

Here is your reward: Route 102 Upgrade. Ohmygodyes. I'm free.
25 Days ago
Trading with friends
A: do you still need that? What do you want in return?
B: it's free for you, I'll set it up.
A: *has noticed you're saving up stuff for future hunts* *somehow managed to overpay you even if you told its for free* :D thanks!

Trading with strangers
A: u trade this shadow pkmn
B: sure, 15k pd, I'll set it up for you
A: *checks pt* uhm, r u sure its worth that much...

26 Days ago
“From the day we have born we look for love, because it is love that nourishes our soul. And when we’re lucky enough to find it, our lives are changed for ever”

—Stan Lipschitz, Suits
Awww 💕 well said.
27 Days ago
*waiting for coffee in front of the coffee maker* \ö^ö/
Good morning! ☕
❤️ For interaction exchange
27 Days ago


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I'm not apologising for who I am.

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Act in a friendly manner and I will always return the favor.
You may add me. I will add you, if you're actively playing.
I'm sending random plushies; you don't have to return anything. :)
Palpad is always open but it may take a while until i reply.

Donna - Suits.

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