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Trainerlevel: 17

Trainerpoints: 243/883


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Eternatus1637,402 / 100,246


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Static_Moonshock hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #340921575
Registration: 19/12/2020 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 77:20 Hours
Total interactions: 64,822
Money: 43,977
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Yesterday, 21:22
may the fourth be with you
me: wtf
(yeah i don watch starwars *sad noises*)
1 Day ago
someone threw gum in my hair in class ):(
1 Day ago
it be thunderin outside and my cat is vry scared , im tryin to calm him-
2 Days ago
my cat's gonna eat my ear
4 Days ago
dont you hate it when people insist your their "bestie" when your clearly not because they constantly harass you over liking cats instead of dogs and bark at you in hallways then insist your their bestie after calling cats stupid and saying things like "i killed my cat" then look at your computer screen and start talking about how your drawing furries/dogs (yes they called Cream and Radio poodles)
5 Days ago
i got roasted by a tool tip bar *AAAing intensifies*
5 Days ago
finally fiNIshed doing HeCKling work
now ima play flight rising and listen to music
5 Days ago
I honestly thought today would be great. No homework so I could get on scratch. But, my mom thinks I'm a failure and wants me to do unneeded work. I did it but she wanted more, I walked out and heard my dad talking about moving. I can't deal with that, they always brag about reading all the child growth pamphlets, but if they had, they would have seen that it is unwise to move unless its needed when your child has relationships with others. If we move, I won't see my only friend ever again because I don't have any social media websites, and I can't even tell her because my parents think she's a "bad influence." I was hoping that they were only moving when me and my sister graduate, but they invited a house seller(idk what they called) to help get our house sold this Sunday. I'm trying to do more work so I can get on scratch so I can calm down, but I'm just-
*sobbing intensifies*
6 Days ago
oh god i regret it.
S t a t i c ' s o n l y 3 ` 7
7 Days ago
ima do some character size compairing
7 Days ago
yes just to clear up last post, my sister is being salty af about having to flip the laundry, she insisted i do it, even though i was cooking
7 Days ago
8 Days ago
lol, Cream be like
*intense sad mentally damaged noises*
8 Days ago
ight, i made art, but before you look, gore warning
ight here link https://ibb.co/kKqTXRH
11 Days ago
ight so now this person is calling me names ->- guys im crying now-
12 Days ago
im scared as heck right now
so im walking along in scratch, and i see this user who was being screamed at, i commented nice things on their profile, and i tried to get this one person to stop
i was being really polite, and i made sure to make it clear that i wasn't going to report or anything if they stopped
but then they started saying things like "if you report me i can get 400 people to report you"
I was scared, so i reported them
then the person i was trying to defend straight up reports me
what do i do, i dont want to get banned and im on the edge of crying right now ngl
12 Days ago
ima post my art but just a small warning, it may insult some people, it has some religious symbols, so if your sensitive to that please don look
14 Days ago
i made some art but it may insult some peeps
15 Days ago
lol my allergies are bad
im going to be coughing up cr*p for the next few months-
16 Days ago

Character info

Characters(most used to least used)
1.Static ♀
2.Radio&Overwrite(tie) ♂
3.Cream&Coffee(another tie) ♂
4.Arsenic ♀
5.Other shadow morphs×
6.Gigabyte ♀
7.Gearshift ♂
8.Blade ♂
9.Zinc ♀
10.Cross ♀
11.Mango ♂
13.Mayhem ♀
14.Dragon Glitch(With Linux) ♀
Characters being made
Smoke ♂
Radio 2.0/Turbo ×

Character fusions/combinations
Decimal(Overwrite+Coffee) ♂
XOR(Arsenic+other shadowmorphs)×
??(Radio+Cream) ♂
??(Radio 2.0/Turbo+Smoke)×
Character deaths
Scrapmetal ♀(Suicide)
Frost ♀(Suicide)
Ceramic ♂(Head crushed)

Lore coming soon


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name: static
age: 12 million
gender: technically does not have a gender, presumed female
position in life: searching for vengence for 7 million year
family: older brother(name:storm current position: trapped in time) mother/father both in hidding with the rest of species
species: electrokine
ability: infinite possibilites