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Formerly: Spyder
Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 1,414/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
292138,097 / 320,836
1,1942,506,300 / 5,100,855
8862,183,338 / 2,357,647

Spyder’s Web

Hello there! Not sure how you found my profile, but welcome! Make yourself comfy, just don’t mind the spiders and plushies. The spiders don’t bite and the plushies are soft.

- Damien/Spyder/Cesar/Zipper
- He/Him/They/Them
- 16 y.o.
- Artist
- Taken :D
- Cookie Run, Pokémon, Marvel, Kirby, and Spooky Month
- Currently hyperfixating on two OCs and Red Velvet Cookie from Cookie Run

Find me here

Email: [email protected]

POGO: 3379 5613 7546

ACPC: 63912474685

TikTok: @bloodsunartz

YT: StaticSpyder

Roblox: SatireSCP

Switch Friend Code: SW-1259-5650-5319

Minecraft: StaticSpyder27

Discord: Speedkore_Piñata#2386

Game Records

Trainer ID: #578018291
Registration: 28/04/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1832:02 Hours
Total interactions: 194,020
Money: 30,726
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Today’s weather is the perfect weather and the indoors just makes it better
- it’s raining, but not too hard
- there’s distant thundering, so it’s not too loud
- it’s cold out and warm in
- I have a cup of my favorite coffee
- I have a fluffy blanket wrapped around me
- I’m in some comfy clothes
These are the types of days that help me forget my fear of storms
22 Days ago
“Whoa, is that…*rubs eyes, squints, puts on glasses, shield eyes from sun*
Is that Spyder?!?!”

Yes! Hello! I am not dead and am halfway back!
I say halfway cuz I don’t plan to be on here as often as I used to be, but I do plan to be on here more often than the previous months.
I will be updating my profile too, so watch out for that!

Aaaanywayyyy, how’ve y’all been doing? Were there any updates I should know of? Please do tell me
22 Days ago
Gender Dysphoria makes me wanna impulse buy a suit and/or a binder
3 Months ago
A proud Pansexual Demiboy!
3 Months ago
Here he is
The boy himself
4 Months ago
Hey all!
So…I’ve been doing some thinking again
Had another gender crisis or two
And I think I’ve got it
I’m Damien, a pansexual demiboy
I prefer male over enby pronouns but if ya wanna call me they/them, I’ve got no problem with it
And you can call me Damien, Morgan, Spyder, or Caramel
That’s all for now lmfao
4 Months ago
Hey all!
I made a Discord server!
Make sure to message me your roles (they’re in the “order-here” chat) cuz I don’t yet have the bot where you can select your own roles
4 Months ago
B E E S -
4 Months ago
PokeHeroes: Twitter for Kids!
4 Months ago
I have drank an entire two bottles of sparkling grape juice-
With my kimono and flag on-
I feel ✨fancy✨
4 Months ago
My Christmas gift to all of y’all is-
My dog sitting on tissue paper and watching is wrap gifts
4 Months ago
Don’t let me do it-
Someone stop me-
Don’t let me shiny hunt aga-

“You are currently hunting Goomy!
Good luck!”
4 Months ago
Well damn-
Random egg storage egg I got ages ago for the win I guess-
4 Months ago
Fave ‘mons of each type
I’m bored and I wanted to do this
Thanks, NekoScrub, for giving me an aneurysm trying to remember what dragon types there were
Im joking lmfao, thanks for giving me a time killer-
4 Months ago
After wAY too freaking long…
I finally got the shiny male for #QueenCloraifill1000
Now I just need him and the female leveled up for the shiny Leavanny pair and I believe it’ll be done
*sigh* almost there, folks!
4 Months ago
*crashes in from the ceiling, falls down the stairs, probably breaks several bones* greetings from Chicago, I’m cold *ascends back to god knows where*
4 Months ago
Hey, y’know what you should do?
follow this boi on Deviantart-
Like, right now too-
6 Months ago


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