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Formerly: Tem-
Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 2,790/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Collector
15613,098 / 73,477

About Me

Hello, welcome to my profile, feel free to PP Me!

~ Stuff ~

Genderfluid, Abrosexual, Nerd, Geek, Certified Dumbo

Favorite Region ~ Hoenn

Favorite Pokemon (1) ~ Marshadow

Favorite Food ~ Basically Anything Italian

Favorite Things To Do/Hobbies ~ Drawing, Writing, Video Games, Legos, Swimming, Roller Skating

Favorite Pokemon (1-5) ~ Marshadow, Spheal, Torchic, Blaziken, Gallade

Preferred Messages ~ Palpad

Pronouns ~ It/Its (Full List)

Preferred Book/Movie Genres ~ Mystery, Comedy, Adventure, Action, Horror etc.

Preferred Humor ~ Dark, NSFW

Expect Funny Quotes, Crappy Jokes, Mood Swings, Dumb Things, Wasted Time, and Stupid Rhymes.

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #727137307
Registration: 09/09/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1207:49 Hours
Total interactions: 278,671
Money: 14,855
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


A girl that I thought was Abro said to someone she was straight and I just gave her the look of "X to doubt" until I realised she was being serious
Today, 02:54
What if asexuals are called ace, not because it's short for asexual, but because in card games aces are considered ones?
Today, 00:12
Anxiety is when your parents tell you to get ready and you ask where you're going and they say "You'll find out when we get there" and it turns out you're just visiting a relative for 30 minutes.
Yesterday, 22:13
2 Days ago
3 Days ago
3 Days ago
Let's do one of those comments singing game, but with a song that I doubt any of you know
3 Days ago
Ok, onto that idea. The current (possibly temporary) name is the You Are Valid project (generic, but hear me out). Basically, I'm gonna collect as many queer-supportive songs as I can find and put them in a giant playlist on Spotify. PP if you wanna help, but I do also have a bit of an idea to help with it. A giveaway, share #JunePlaylistProject22 with the name of a queer-supportive song you know (preferably one that hasn't been said already) for the chance to win however many nuggets I acquire by June 1st! Good luck, Spearmint out!
4 Days ago
I'm here, I'm queer, and I dropped what I was doing cuz I got an idea I might regret. More in my next feed.
4 Days ago
How the life of a neurotypical must be, making schedules and actually being able to follow them.
4 Days ago
(Continuation of last feed) And also for ripping MY DAMN HEART OUT BY KILLING LESLIE
5 Days ago
I have an eternal respect for Katherine Paterson for writing a book about a friendship between a teenage male and a teenage female where they spend most of their time together alone in the woods and there is literally no romantic chemistry.
5 Days ago
It feels weird that my existence is acknowledged by tons of people daily, even if it's just by interacting with a pokemon or noticing a feed
6 Days ago
Winner of #Hahaimdumb is... ~Empress~!

11 Days ago
#hahaimdumb officially closed! I'll announce the winner shortly!
11 Days ago
I believe we have 2 minutes left on #hahaimdumb
11 Days ago
Bug Gem 41
Electric Gem 70
Fighting Gem 42
Flying Gem 122
Grass Gem 111
Ground Gem 55
Normal Gem 127
Poison Gem 55
Rock Gem 53
Water Gem 63
Dark Gem 15
Fire Gem 20
Ghost Gem 31
Ice Gem 22
Psychic Gem 18
Steel Gem 24
Dragon Gem 5
Fairy Gem 14

Like this feed for a chance to win all this at reset!

#Hahaimdumb to share!
11 Days ago
The thing I hate about the whole "Family in a circular house" riddle is that the maid is guilty because she's dusting the corners, which implies the house has no rooms. I don't care how circular your house is, if you have rooms then you have perpendicular walls and if you have perpendicular walls then you have corners.
13 Days ago
Tonight's sleep deprivation is sponsored by Colossatron, the game that you'll likely never find in your device's default app store
15 Days ago
My mind's been on the upcoming PJ series on Disney+ for a while, mostly debating which scene will be most traumatising when recreated.

I've narrowed it down to between 3 scenes

[PJ Spoiler Warning]

1. Zoe's death
2. Nico learning about Bianca's death
3. Luke's death
16 Days ago


[Updated] Zuzulocke


1. Usual Nuzlocke Rules (First encounter only, Nickname, Permadeath, Whiteout=Lose)
2. Roll for Roles (More on that below, yoinked from Apocalocke)
3. HM Pokemon Allowed (Unusable in battle)
4. Set Mode
5. Clauses (Shiny, Dupes, and Multi-Floor)
6. Artlocke Rules (Must draw caught Pokemon & how they die)*
7. Random Starter Choice*
8. Russian Roulette (Immediately after each gym is beaten you roll a dice and whichever number you land on, the pokemon in the corresponding party slot dies. Must do instantly after gym, cannot move party slots or put pokemon in PC. Is affected by roles)*

1: Lone Ranger (Bad, Cannot switch out unless in critical condition, meaning red HP or statused)
2: Voodoo Linked (Bad, If another member in the party with this pokemon dies, this pokemon dies)
3: Duo (Balanced, Allows for second encounter but second encounter is a duo with first and if one dies the other dies)
4: Extra (Neutral, Nothing special)
5: Healer (Good, Can revive 1 pokemon who dies while this pokemon is in the party)
6: Survivor (Good, Has 2 lives)