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Formerly: Zukana
Trainerlevel: 48

Trainerpoints: 3,700/6,959


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1stOS - Anunitu
50372,334 / 760,537
176159,159 / 224,297

-- Jackie -- 27 -- formerly Zukana
Icon by Jubadraws on deviant art (ryukotatsuma on tumblr). I'm an independent artist working overnights as direct support for people with mental/physical disabilities.
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~No begging
~Absolutely NO flirting
~Do not randomly send me your personal information
~Please have a parents permission to speak with me if you are under the age of 18, keep it about this game though

Snomwi (kiwi snom) by Tensa
Snomberry Sprite by That_One_Creepy_Weirdo
Dex Goals Normal and Shiny
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Kanto: 151/151 Non-Shiny Completed 2/16/2021. 41/151 Shinies
Johto: 127/127 Non-Shiny Completed 2/18/2021. 11/127 Shinies
Hoenn: 152/155 Non-Shiny. Completed 2/22/2021. 7/155 Shinies
Sinnoh: 109/138 Non-Shiny. 3/138 Shinies
Unova: 143/175 Non-Shiny. 2/175 Shinies
Kalos: 107/117 Non-Shiny. 2/117 Shinies
Alola: 93/140 Non-Shiny. 3/140 Shinies
Galar: 76/104 Non-Shiny. 4/104 Shinies
Emera: 173/270 Non-Shiny. 1/270 Shinies

Strongest Pokemon Medal Rally Victories:
Dofida - February 2021 (1)

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Sinnoh: 425: Drifloon, 439: Mime Jr., 479: Rotom (heat, frost, fan, mixer, moniter), 487: Giratina (altered) 486: Regigigas, 490: Manaphy, 493: Arceus

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Unova: 494: Victini, 496: Servine, 562: Yamask, 585: Deerling(autumn), 586: Sawsbuck(summer), 635: Hydreigon, 638: Cobalion, 639: Terrakion, 640: Virizion, 641: Tornadus(both), 645: Landorus(both)

OG Snomberry!

OG Shiny Snomberry!

Kalos: 666: Vivillion (fancy, pokeball), 676: Furfrou (diamond, pharaoh, og), 683: Aromatisse, 717: Yveltal, 718: Zygarde (cell), 719: Diancie

Alola: 751: Dewpider, 753: Fomantis, 758: Salazzle, 764: Comfey, 772: Type:Null, 773: Silvally (all forms), 774: Minior (all cores), 793: Nihiligo, 794: Buzzwole, 796: Xurkitree, 797: Celesteela, 801: Magearna (all forms), 802: Marshadow (both forms), 803: Poipole, 804: Naganadel, 806: Blacephalon, 808: Meltan, 809: Melmetal

Galar: 83: Farfetch'd, 199: Slowking, 554: Darumaka, 555: Darmanitan (both forms), 811: Thwacky, 817: Drizzile, 838: Carkol, 841: Flapple, 842: Appletun, 845: Cramorant (all alts), 857: Hattrem, 860: Morgrem, 865: Sirfetch'd, 877: Morpeko (hangry), 880: Dracozolt (bird fossil), 882: Dracovish (drake fossil), 888: Zacian (w/sword), 889: Zamazenta (both forms), 894: Regieleki, 895: Regidrago


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Newest gifts
RainRipple 6 Hours ago
Zarkesh 6 Hours ago
Snomberry 6 Hours ago
Blinkle 8 Hours ago

Shiny Hunt

Snomberry is currently hunting Cyndaquil.
Hunt started: 20/02/2021

Chain: 83
0 2 0

Summon Goals & Useful Links

Price Check Thread
Hangman Helper 2
Hangman Helper Chaos Mode
Fancy Poke Codes
All Shinies
All Non Shinies
Snomberry's Shiny Market
14/400 nebula stones
1/200 Frozen Lava

by LaundryBasket (formerly monkeyturts)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #532484474
Registration: 31/07/2016 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 05/Apr/2021
Game Time: 789:46 Hours
Total interactions: 1,677,829
Money: 107,404
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


Interaction exchange please? Berries appreciated ^_^
Today, 00:32
How much is Regigigas cost these days? Is there an up to date price thread?
1 Day ago
Update on the Snomberry design on my page! Linked to the tumblr post with the time-lapse of Ryukotatsuma who unfortunately doesn't have a page here, but is a wonderful artist nonetheless.
2 Days ago
Okay so the new guide says how to properly suggest an event pokemon. This means that, as my snomberry was made public as i made it, it won't be an event pokemon. But fear not! For I will not sleep until I've made a suitable, snom based, event suggestion. But beyond this post I will tell you all absolutely nothing. For the sake of the snom.
3 Days ago
new drawing tablet and it is amazing. best 30$ I've spent this year. I haven't tried drawing with it yet but testing it has gone great so far
3 Days ago
25k interactions made. 10k interactions received. If I don't have work I may try to hit the interaction limit tomorrow after PT
3 Days ago
"Wailord obtained.
Good luck!"
My dude, my sweet professor, i am trying to win the medal rally, this is mean.
Interaction Exchange? Berries for the whale appreciated
3 Days ago
how do i evolve my apple? just wait?
5 Days ago
My Typhlosion mega evolved and it's gorgeous! I love it! Great job PH staff ^_^
6 Days ago
My second ever shiny retro is togepi ^_^
7 Days ago
Oh! My first shiny retro!
9 Days ago
11 Days ago
Every time I open a mystery box and only find berries I picture a little Impidimp sneaking around replacing all the good items and taking them for itself
13 Days ago
14 Days ago
#WurmpleArmy Explanation
I've sent out 50 random Wurmple plushies to see how many sweet hearts I get and compare that amount of sweets to the amount gained from sending higher level plushies. Next will be 10 random 50 point plushies, (maybe followed by 5 100 point plushies, idk if I have time to get points before the event ends), and 1 500 point plushie.
This analysis will show what point range is best to spend to get the most sweet hearts. Ideally I'd have a bigger sample size but I can do this properly for next years event, or whichever similar one pops up.
16 Days ago
A Haiku:
Snom Snom Snom Snom Snom
Snom Snom Snom Snom Snom Snom Snom
Snom Snom Snom Snom Snom
18 Days ago
Your Gem Cauldron is currently boiling the gems!
It will be finished in 23 hours and 56 minutes.
Brewing a Mega Stone is weirdly intense...
18 Days ago
Snomberry evolves into Fruitsmoth
28 Days ago
Zukana--> Snomberry
29 Days ago
Event Snom would just be Dragon fruit or something...
29 Days ago


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