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Trainerlevel: 16

Trainerpoints: 590/783


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Sableye301,914 / 2,534
422,663 / 5,419


Reading Books
Taking care of my garden
Talking to friends
Cracking 'orrible Jokes


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Riuk 5 Months ago
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Sito hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #127365306
Registration: 13/02/2022 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 39:12 Hours
Total interactions: 14,976
Money: 230,477
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


I just got diagnosed cancer. Between second and first stage. Need theraps now. I feel like sh*t.(Camos hurt)
1 Year ago
I just witnessed a quaxly being sold for 2 mil.
1 Year ago
1 Year ago
Omg i got a black mystery box! Anyone wanna offer smh?
1 Year ago
Got a regirock egg :)

1 Year ago
Is there anything in this game to help with box management? If there isn't riako should.
1 Year ago
Can you shiny hunt without the thingy which counts your chain?
1 Year ago
By -Lifeblood-

What Pokemon are you going to catch as soon as possible in SV?

Share your answer with the hashtag #PrioritiesPeople

Ze only answer is going to be.......... sussy worm(wiglett)
1 Year ago
People complaining: Day not give us eggs :(
Me: Damn good daycare giving me eggs Everytime im online.
1 Year ago
My journy starts as a obsidianix breeder. :)
1 Year ago
Guys Imma change my pokeheroes name. Everyone suggest some pwease.
1 Year ago
Having fun outbidding silver :)
1 Year ago
Anyone have a male obsidianix for like in between 20k?
1 Year ago
Pwease check it out. *Baby face

1 Year ago
1 Year ago
Anyone wanna lend some berries? I'll pay the money later.
1 Year ago
Demm i fell short on berries
1 Year ago


In Pokemon Farm Q, there's something called "Albino" and "Melan" (if you don't know go search :))

Would you like that system in ph? Like our OWN Albino and Melan? If so, we can even have melanistic mega pokemon! Which will be a very special colloection!

Share #MelanPokemoninPokeheroes, Heart This Feed, and Comment Your Idea to Enter :)

Every 10 People Who Enters, I'll Add 10k PD to the Prize Pool! And Every mod I'll add another 5k! :D

Have a Nice Day and Good Luck :)
1 Year ago
What made the Squid laugh?

The ten-tickles
1 Year ago
Poliwag x12
Poliwhirl x13
Tentacool x84
Tentacruel x6
Shellder x1
Cloyster x9
Horsea x4
Goldeen x39
Seaking x14
Staryu x2
Magikarp x67
Gyarados x21
Totodile x1
Chinchou x13
Lanturn x15
Marill x11
Remoraid x26
Mantine x3
Mudkip x1
Azurill x36
Carvanha x7
Wailmer x3
Corphish x7
Feebas x1
Clamperl x5
Huntail x1
Piplup x3
Finneon x1
Gloweon x1
Lumineon x4
Mantyke x6
Phione x5
Oshawott x2
Tympole x2
Frillish x14
Tynamo x22
Inkay x7
Skrelp x12
Clauncher x8
Crabrawler x9
Wishiwashi x10
Bruxish x10
Arrokuda x1
Barraskewda x4

Lol I am a serious fisherman. Awesome sauce!
1 Year ago


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