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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 2,810/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Winter Mareep
62489 / 12,288
Winter Ampharos813,502 / 21,567


random stuff

i'm slightly colourblind, i usually can't see palpads, please pm me instead!
Silver13 -> SilverShinyCharizard (23/03/2022)

commissioned InkayLovesTwixBars212!!!
you can commission him here

(it me)
commissioned SuperDucky100!!!
you can commission them here

black shiny reshiram and white shiny zekrom:

also fixed absol's shiny
(in my opinion all black and all white pokemon should have their shinies be the other one)

yo given im slightly colourblind and see the shiny of the event as entirely grey,
i got told it's purple tho,
i made my own purple sprite that i can actually see as purple xD

Name: Char
Adoptiere auch eins! @Pokémon Waisenhaus

Shiny Hunt

SilverShinyCharizard is currently hunting Winter Mareep.
Hunt started: 06/10/2022

Chain: 95
1 1 0

next shiny hunts

some of these can be for sale, except for my shiny mega cursed rapidash, honestly feel free to just ask lol

(x = have breeding pair)

2/2 x vulpix
0/2 x growlithe
2/3 x dark ponyta
1/3 x galarian ponyta
3/3 x ponyta
0/3 x obsidianix
2/10 x eevee
0/2 x dratini
0/4 x treecko
0/2 x poochyena
0/3 x galarian zigzagoon
0/6 x trasla
1/3 x turtwig
0/3 x turzai
0/3 x starly
1/4 x shinx
6/6 x combee
0/1 x chatot
0/2 x lumineon
0/2 x lumiday
0/2 x cosmoneon
0/3 x snivy
0/2 x munna
2/2 x venipede
0/2 x galarian yamask
0/3 zorua
3/3 litwick
0/3 x fennekin
0/3 x honedge
0/3 x violedge
0/2 x tyrunt
0/2 x amaura
0/3 popplio
0/3 x pikipek
0/4 x rockruff
0/4 x sobble
0/4 x rockidee

5/40 egg storages bought for event hunts

23/115 shiny hunts

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #894738807
Registration: 05/02/2021 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 05/Aug/2023
Game Time: 662:40 Hours
Total interactions: 4,211,069
Money: 630,808
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


eyy first shiny did decide to be pre-chain 100 too! awesome!
2 Days ago
eyy first mega-able was below chain 100 after all
let's hope first shiny decides to show up pre-100 too
2 Days ago
You successfully bought 1 Black Friday Boxes!
Let's open them...

10x Cheri Berry found!

well that was the worst waste ever on ph
3 Days ago
please be female last dog
12 Days ago
eyy zarude finally
13 Days ago
can anyone make a dark mode style for pokeheroes on stylus?
i don't even understand what i don't understand in order to make a style, but i would pay nuggets for a pretty dark mode style or even just any dark mode style on stylus and i'm sure others would too
14 Days ago
what is going on, less than 13 eggs and five are winter mareep
i mean i ain't complaining, love the enthusiasm, hope a shiny or mega-able decides to show up too
15 Days ago
did anyone notice that in the last trailer the pikachu had the old cry and didn't say pikachu
18 Days ago
Which version did you pick? Sword or shield?
both but i main sword
Did you buy the DLCs? Was it fun?
yeah and yeah
Starter pokemon? (SWSH)
Which version did you pick? Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl?
both but i main diamond
Starter pokemon? (BDSP)
tutel :)
Which version will you pick? Scarlet or Violet?
both but i main violet
Which starter pokemon will you pick? (SV)
i'll base it off of the end evos since those are the ones we'll have the longest, but if i had to choose rn i'd choose the weed cat
What pokemon do you want to see in SV?
i don't mind any either way tbh
and what pokemon do you not want to see in SV?
20 Days ago
wie gewonnen so zeronnen
hab grade nuggets verkauft und dann n egg storage gekauft, geld war natürlich sofort völlig weg mit freunden xD
why are egg storages so expensive, this cost me more than i got
26 Days ago
does anyone want 1300 dp of plushies?
26 Days ago
should i hunt raylong?
27 Days ago
first person to comment what they want can spend my 11,721 halloween candy
28 Days ago
the only good thing about today is my fren SocksDee9's birthday today
28 Days ago
My new number was 1 - so it was lower than 3!

You made it to round 49. You won 8240 Game Chips - congratulations!

sorry for close feeds but new personal best
almost 50
29 Days ago
still looking for a 700 or 800dp plushie exchange
just tell me what plushie or plushies you want in the comments and i'll send em as soon as i see
i want one of my two missing mons (shiny scorbunny and shiny ursaluna) in exchange
29 Days ago
Total interactions: 4,000,000
small milestone ^^
29 Days ago
700 dp plushie exchange?
i still need two plushies, one of which is 700 dp, i have 700 dp and will buy you any plushie(s) you want in exchange
1 Month ago
what should i do with my halloween candy?
i don't really like either of the new missingno forms and there's no 100k candy goal this year
should i just use them on the older mons? go for the forme change items to sell? can you save up halloween candy cause i saw it in my bag the whole year, but i didn't see if i still had it the beginning of this event
1 Month ago
buy storage boxes for more space for more chars, buy more chars, and buy nuggets for more premium for more chars
or save up for these things
or give it to a random friend in need of money
idk i do all of these things often enough
1 Month ago

train my bebies?

i obviously do unreturned favours

my couple ^^

first and second shiny mega! ^^
(they're not for sale. for anything. thanks.)

some maybe battle mates ^^


it is my dream to one day have one million chars

2,140/8000 nuggets for a year of premium for my shiny char hunt ^^

100(0) of each char ^^


21/100 (with 0/100 )

72/100 (with 7/100 )

177/1000 (with 1/100 and 1/100 )

595/1000 (with 4/100 )

2/100 (with 0/100 and 8 prevos)

1/100 (with 0/100 and 4 prevos)

2/100 (with 1/100


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