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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 1,376/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Charizard511,077 / 8,103
Twilight Sparkle 64
(Mega Cursed Rapidash)
21320,432 / 136,747

next shiny hunts

this is so outdated lol

(x = have breeding pair already)

for qpp uwu:
x eevee

after that:
x bulbas
x alolan sandslash (can you breed alolans lol)
x witch vulpix
x alolan vulpix
x growlithe
x dark ponyta
x galarian ponyta
x ponyta
x obsidianix
x treecko
x torchic
x poochyena
x galarian zigzagoon
x trasla
x tropius
x starly
x shinx
x combee
x chatot
x gible
x lumineon
x lumiday
x snivy ^^
x munna
x venipede
x galarian yamask
x vanillite
x honedge
x violedge
x tyrunt
x amaura
x pikipek
x rockruff
x sobble
x rockidee
x lilifleur
x cramorant
x eiscue
x morpeko

and then, for all eternity:
char ^^

random stuff

black shiny reshiram and white shiny zekrom:

yo given im slightly colourblind and see the shiny of the event as entirely grey,
my partner told me it's purple tho,
i made my own purple sprite that i can actually see as purple xD

Name: Char
Adoptiere auch eins! @Pokémon Waisenhaus

about me

tl;dr: silver, they/them, gimme chars

yo, im silver, im 22, im a uni student in europe, and an utter and complete pokémon nerd
i've loved pokemon ever since i live /li /srs
(oh i use tone tags every now and then, you can always ask me what one stands for, the /li stands for 'literally', and the /srs stands for 'serious', i.e. i meant what i said in the sentence/line/word before the tone tag literally and seriously)
im a bit colourblind and i have several thousands of tabs open usually (or like 500 to 1800 mostly /srs) so if i don't reply to your palpad i just didn't see it yet xD (i mostly have trouble with yellows and adjacent sooo xD )
i prefer pms because of that but as long as i see the palpad i don't mind it, just keep in mind the higher response time xD
i haven't been here for a while and im not sure yet how regularly i'll come back here again, but if i pmed you saying im your newbie mentor i decided i'd regularly and steadily check in so lmk i forgot to change my about me xD
what else?
oh yeah im utterly obsessed with chars!!!
like seriously, gimme all the chars :D
oh also i ramble a lot and character limits are my enemy xD
but i also have an awful memory so i don't remember what about xD
oh also do not use it/its, he/him, or she/her pronouns for me!
just use they/them

thanks to my partner, i own every single available plushie as of right now (<- this was written on the 31st march 2021)
really, check it, you'll see this
QuoteThis user already owns all available plushies.

uwu Whovi 💜

Game Records

Trainer ID: #894738807
Registration: 05/02/2021 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 325:38 Hours
Total interactions: 2,282,748
Money: 40,466
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


the hardest game of whack-a-diglett is trying to find the charmanders and charmeleons in my char box that don't have everstones on them from the item bag 'select a pokemon to give the everstone to' field
1 Day ago
By Daycare owner - 3 Hours and 33 Minutes ago.
5Hey, Silver13! We recently found some eggs in our daycare. We're sure that those eggs belong to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take them as soon as possible, or I'll release them to the wild!

i lowkey don't wanna start the hunt yet tho
whelp, if anyone's hunting south shellos, or wants to but is discouraged from this:
Searching for: Shellos (South).
There are currently 0 Pokémon eggs of this species in the Tall Grass.

The search will automatically continue once new eggs appear.

have my daycare, i hope you get a shiny from them, good luck anyways
1 Day ago
#SupremeMMX (just putting it in one feed so i can delete the other one)
1 Day ago
guys be honest with me, the 'Advent Calender' bit in the Home menu dropdown was not there a minute ago, was it???
also i misclicked going on it and
The next Speed Click Saturday takes place tomorrow.
what???? already?????? did i miss a whole month???????
2 Days ago
SDFKLHDSFKLJ literally as i was typing that if i don't hatch a shiny or get a single turzai egg by the time the chain's a month old i'll break it and do something else, a shiny hatched xD
the only reason i didn't post that is cause i accidentally reload before hitting send like 5/9 long feeds i do xD
maybe my shiny hunting luck isn't that bad
(but still, how did this take nearly a month with the sinnoh boost and how have i not gotten a single event egg like genuinely ???)
2 Days ago
with the shiny charm on my side now, there is no way my 165 chain will turn into another 235-until-the-only-shiny chain!
also i've actually been breeding turzais and not turtwigs and i haven't gotten a single turzai egg during this entire chain of nearly a month
i'm not even checking the eggs in daycare before adopting anymore i just adopt them and if i end up hatching a turzai then at least i'm free of this chain
2 Days ago
i just went into a random cave in brilliant diamond beneath the bike road and when i went out, my torterra was on the bike road
how did he get up there?!?
seriously tho what kinda glitch is this
3 Days ago
the bag value thingy is severely overvaluing mega stones
3x Mega Stone 552,000 - 599,997
or did i miss anything and they got thrice as expensive xD
3 Days ago
if anyone ever wondered what it looks like in my head
i love this song and video so much
i legit used to play this at work for six hours at once, somehow never got a complaint about it xD
5 Days ago
Your coin is shining much brighter than all the other coins!
(Increased shiny chance)

come on shiny, i don't want another 235er chain for one single shiny
i even happened to start hunting for a turtwig right before the sinnoh boost came out
8 Days ago
By ~Kaka~ - 14 Hours and 9 Minutes ago.
When Kaka reach[es] 250 LV, I will giveaway 10 dragon gems!!!
Share it (Copy the whole feed)and train and feed kaka to enter!
Train it and share every day to get more chance to win
10 Days ago
it's moving day lads!
10 Days ago
By Raffle - 8 Hours and 56 Minutes ago.
Results of Magearna's Raffle:

★★★ Congratulations, you won!! An egg voucher has been placed in your Item Bag. ★★★
Your chance of winning was 24.92%.

→ Buy tickets for the next raffle

wooooo darling i won you a pokeball preddy metal lady!!!
the one with the red skirt!!!
the even preddier one!!!
11 Days ago
chaaaaaaaaars :D :D :D
12 Days ago
By Raffle - 8 Hours and 7 Minutes ago.
Results of Magearna's Raffle:

★★★ Congratulations, you won!! An egg voucher has been placed in your Item Bag. ★★★
Your chance of winning was 26.38%.

→ Buy tickets for the next raffle

huh??? i have no memory of buying tickets yesterday???
darling do you want another or should i hatch it or should i sell it or what? lol
12 Days ago
entei, raikou, and suicune are legendary CATS
they're the legendary CAT trio
they're not DOGS they're CATS
they're a LION, a TIGER, and a CHEETAH (which is apparently the english name of the gepard, huh) respectively
those are big CATS
they're not DOGS
they're CATS
for heaven's sake!
proof in german literally the first sentence is 'The legendary beasts, often also legendary big cats or wrongly legendary dogs, are the legendary Pokémon Raikou, Entei, and Suicune.'
they've been cats for twenty years and they're still cats and they'll always be cats will everyone stop calling them dogs now?!?
13 Days ago
also may have impluse-bought an adorable af charmander plush
also they did a surprise sale so i got 14 euros back (already paid them when i preordered) and the char plush was 20 euro so i only paid 6 euro for this adorable little guy
16 Days ago
Solved Hangmen in a row: 100
given i positively suck at english language hangman and don't know 60% of pokemon stuff in english at all that's nice
thanks hangman helper
17 Days ago
wow i have like the worst internet i couldn't go on here for like a couple Days cause NOTHING loaded xD
17 Days ago


it is my dream to one day have one million chars

1,400/8000 nuggets for a year of premium for my shiny char hunt ^^

100(0) of each char ^^

4/100 (with 0/100 )

21/100 (with 1/100 )

60/100 (with 1/100 and 1/100 )

287/1000 (with 3/100 )

1/100 (with 0/100 )

1/100 (with 0/100 )

1/? egg storages bought to start turzai hunt

1/44 shiny hunts of different pokemon before i hunt chars for all eternity ^^

2/77 additional shiny hunts of their evolutions/other forms (not me just casually counting the shiny mega cursed rapidash lmao)

train my bebies?

i obviously do unreturned favours

my couple ^^

Dracula! thank you whovi ^^ ^^ ^^

first shiny mega! ^^ (my partner and i share custody lol, so dw if it says 'Trainer: Whovi')

some maybe battle mates ^^


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