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Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 2,265/4,369


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Cutiefly11 / 8
Cutiefly10 / 8

Shiny Hunt

SillySelkie is currently hunting Cutiefly.
Hunt started: 11/10/2021

Chain: 29

Welcome to my profile! :3

(made by cinnamondogeo 💜)

Hewo! You can call me Selkie! Not 'Silky' or 'Silkie'. I'm kinda new here and so far, this site is really cool! I'm kinda weird. Uhh what else do I put here...oh! Stay safe and hang in there! Wear a mask when needed! Seriously I see so many people not wearing their masks...don't be that person! Also, feel free to message me!

Things I like:
- drawing
- reading
- Primarina's cry and singing ;u;
- horror games
- cherries (not the disgusting bright red ones or any that taste like cough drop medicine)

Things I don't like:
- glitter (the messy kind; once on my hands, it gets everywhere no matter how hard I wash them and I don't like the idea of swallowing it)
- limes, olives, and any foods that are too spicy or bitter
- high heels (they're uncomfortable, hard to walk in, and kinda hurt...but I mean they look good on other people)
- eraser shavings all over the table after I try to draw
- flies and mosquitoes (spiders are ok though; they make beautiful webs and eat the flies and mosquitoes)

Avatar made by Absbor 💙

Things to save up for:
- Premium
- more storage boxes
- tool shed seed makers
- my sanity

(made by ~Yvelette~ 💖)

Pokemon and stuff

(made by JesusBlyadd, a chaotic person that means well)

- Popplio line
- Bulbasaur line
- Litwick line
- Pumpkaboo line
- Milotic
- Tapu Fini
- Swablu line
- Vaporeon and Leafeon
- Mareep line
- Oricorio (Sensu)
(I have a lot more but here are my main favorites)

Shiny Hunts!
- Chatot (current)
- Amaura (saving up Sail Fossils for this one)

For others:
- Makuhita

Meet my OCs!

Meet Atticus the shiny Primarina that (sometimes) appears in my party! He likes wearing fancy clothes and is graceful, elegant, stylish/fashionable, classy, responsible, polite, mature, and serious. But he sometimes makes the best jokes and is friendly! He's a better dancer than singer.

Meet Dahlia the small spring blooms cat who's made by CreamTheCat! She's sleepy, playful, relaxed, calm, and loves bouncing across trees. She's friends with Liana, a daffodil vines cat (ChikoritaMining's oc and made by the same person)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #88175654
Registration: 07/03/2021 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 147:05 Hours
Total interactions: 1,359,136
Money: 94,435
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


Wait so since the kanto retro starters can potentially be mega able, can Chikorita and Cyndaquil be as well?
13 Days ago
By Badges Report - 1 Hour and 51 Minutes ago.
You obtained a new badge (Shiny Chainer)!

Congratulations! Your 50th shiny hatched out of one of your eggs.

Cool! But uhh I only hatched 14 I'm assuming its for obtaining 50 shinies, not hatching them then?
1 Month ago
• Name: SillySelkie
• Species: Butterfly
• Color scheme: Violet
• Markings: Star spots
• Type: Nightmare
• Height: Medium
• Distinguishing feature: Necklace
• Purpose: Execute payments
• Night mechanics: Boop its nose
• Starting room: Back room
• Establishment: Wallflour (Bakery)

I am a demon butterfly...FEAR ME
5 Months ago

This is a site for all ages!...I may not have been on ph for very long but I want you all to be nice to one another and not get into nsfw/inappropriate stuff here...this isn't the place to do this and it's not cool
7 Months ago

🎨♪~Selkie Studio~♫🎤

Welcome to my art shop! I need moneys so here we are-
Depending on how busy I am with school and other things, it'll take a few days to a month to finish your art!

Can draw: (most) Pokemon, (most) animals, anthros, anything similar
Can’t draw very well: humans, some very complex/detailed characters
Won’t draw at all: gore, NSFW, anything not allowed on PH

- Be respectful and patient!
- Send payment in a gift
- Credit me! (If not using on ph, add a link to my ph profile page)
- No form but you must say your favorite Pokemon in your order
- Don't steal/trace/recolor/edit/heavily reference my art!
- Don't ask me to draw characters/designs you don't own
- Exception to rule above is if the art is a gift (in which case show me proof that the other person agreed to it)
- If your character is too complicated/difficult for me to draw, I can't draw it sorry ;w;


(will put more soon)

Prices may change bc idk if I'm pricing my art right
PH Icon (150x150) - 50k pd
Icon (450x450) - 75k pd
Plushie (PH style) - 75k pd
Sketch/Doodle - 100k pd
Headshot or Bust - 100k pd
Halfbody - 120k pd
Fullbody - 150k pd

Payment options: pd, nuggets, electric gems, star pieces, nebula stones, fossils, shinies, megas (may allow shiny/mega/art slots as payment but talk to me first about them)

Extra stuff
Shading and highlights - 10k pd
Background (depending on complexity) - 2k-50k pd
Multiple characters - 50k for every other character for a max of 5 characters in 1 art piece
Specify if you want lineart or lineless - free


Pm me to order! You can also request a specific size for the art! :3



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