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Formerly: Lesser_Dog
Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 403/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Newton N. Meowth2361,602 / 167,797
Metacream19205 / 1,141

Im Shadow. Ultimate Life Form.

Im the hedgehog everyone thinks is edgy (Im not actually edgy though, edgy is different than my actual personality.). I just hop on the site and do whatever i usually do.

Check out the event pokemon shop! Me and GreenOfTheOwls both run the shop!

Random facts about me
I have 1000+ hours in super smash bros ultimate
I like imagine dragons (the music band)
Im a gamer
Im also a memer

Ill think of more facts soon...

Owie, event hunt

Discord: Shadow The Shapeshifter#5221

Read before contacting!

I dont mean to sound like a rude user, but i am busy half of the day, relaxing for the other half. I dont like being bothered if its not for a valid reason. Please read below before messaging or palpading, thanks!

Do not contact:
Conversation. I am bad at conversation, so dont palpad/pm me for conversation. (Exception: People i have added to friends list. DO NOT friend me just for conversation.)
If i have a certain item, currency, or pokemon. I will state when i have something new for trade. Do not ask about offering for stuff that i dont even have for sale/trade.
If i can give you free stuff. The answer is no. I do not give out free stuff unless i have a giveaway or i state somewhere that i am giving away free pokemon/items/ect.
To offer for something that you have. I offer on what i want to offer, not on what you want me to offer on.
How/where i got something (pokemon, currency, ect).
About what items/pokemon/currency i will accept for one of my trades. Do not contact me about this. I get contacted about this too much and i do not like it. I accept offers that i think is fair AND has stuff i want.

I will ignore any palpads or pms if you contact me for one of the reasons i stated NOT to contact me about.
Please do not contact me regarding my feeds, use the comments on said feed instead unless stated to palpad/private message me. Unless it is a moderator message.

Additional info

I am hosting a crossover rp!

Please use He/Him or They/Them prefixes for me.
I accept plushie spams!
Also, I collect Event Pokemon. Donating is appreciated, and ty if you do donate! It helps a lot!

My goals:
Dex (Completing in order)
Complete kanto dex ✔️
Have a living kanto dex ✔️
Complete Johto dex
Complete Hoenn dex
Complete Sinnoh dex
Complete Unova dex
Complete Kalos dex
Complete Alola dex
Complete Galar dex
Complete Paldea dex (when the rest of the pokemon are released)
Get shiny eevee ✔️
Get ditto ✔️
Get Yveltal egg
Complete catercream shiny hunt
Get premium

Dragon Gem (22/75)
Psychic Gem ✔️
Electric Gem ✔️
Ice Gem ✔️

Shiny Magikarp
Chain #185
July 7th 2022

December 14 2022
SWT Ho-oh egg
By Wonder Trade - 4 Hours and 20 Minutes ago.
You received a secret Pass Code for your last Wonder Trade:

And uh, i guess getting ditto is a achievement?

Notes to self:
Next event hunt: Solar eevee
Next shiny hunt: N/A

Some pictures

What a way to start off a shiny hunt

Lesser Dog
green latios made by Tensa

Shiny Hunt

Shadow_The_Hedgehog is currently hunting Catercream.
Hunt started: 22/09/2022

Chain: 88

Game Records

Trainer ID: #373779359
Registration: 28/11/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 371:05 Hours
Total interactions: 207,636
Money: 1,158,188
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


dies inside
Today, 03:24
Does anyone have the stonks link for SHINY pokemon?
2 Days ago
5 Days ago
You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Vortex of Time (Map) found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
You push the dark blue key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

4x Dragon Gem found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
5 Days ago
A Shadow Tentacool appeared!

Choose a Pokéball:
The Shadow Tentacool has been caught successfully!

Look who got a new shadow pokemon today.
8 Days ago
Why dont i get quests from rowan? How rare is it to get one?
12 Days ago
Why do people want destiny knots?
15 Days ago
me waiting to finally end this shiny hunt: 💀
16 Days ago
16 Days ago
me just watching whats happening around the side while not getting involved at all
17 Days ago
Everyones complaining about having chains of 100+ pokemon and no shiny, and yet im on a event hunt, cant exactly get eggs whenever i want 😔
Also, while looking up the pensive emoji, i saw a description of it say this:
"A pensive, remorseful face. Saddened by life. Quietly considering where things all went wrong."
Calm down, emojipedia 😭
Anyways, after this hunt i am not doing another event hunt for a long while. This is straight up pain.
19 Days ago
You push the green key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Green Orb found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
19 Days ago
Are boss battles limited to map rumble areas only? If not, what are the chances of triggering one?
22 Days ago
#KantoCelebration The wheel has chosen a winner!
I didnt notice that more people entered... RIGHT AFTER I POSTED I WAS PICKING A WINNER
Anyways, adding everyone else...
We have a winner!
VisorWearingNerd! Congrats! Sending your prize in a bit.
If your post counted as a entry, then i would have hearted it. If it didnt get a heart you either:
Already shared the hashtag (I said one entry per person, pay attention next time.)
Posted your feed after i spun the wheel and/or while i was writing this post
Thanks for entering. My next goal is to complete the johto dex.
25 Days ago
Oh shuckle, i forgot about this. Ill be sure to choose a winner in a bit, just hang in there
25 Days ago
Thanks for your order! ... And thanks for the very generous tip!
... Here is your dish!
Oh and before I forget! My boss recently bought new waiter dresses for the employees - unfortunately the sizes were too small! They are so small that they could fit a Pokémon...
You are a Pokémon Trainer, right? Maybe you can make on of your classy Pokémon wear it!

1x Waiter Dress (Red) obtained!
Aaaah, that tastes delicious!
29 Days ago
If i complete this catercream hunt before next week i will touch grass irl
30 Days ago
Well time to host a giveaway i guess
Share #KantoCelebration (hashtag or whole post, either one works.)
As this is to celebrate me finally completing my kanto dex, ill be giving 100k pd. Not a whole lot, but a pretty good amount.
One winner. Ends on saturday
This is NOT a giveaway that you can get multiple entries for. 1 per person.
And just because im bored, THIS IS A OPTIONAL QUESTION! Which fighter do you think is my super smash bros main? Please COMMENT on the ORIGINAL POST if you are going to guess.
Oh, guesses can include DLC fighters by the way :)
Original Poster: Shadow_The_Hedgehog
1 Month ago
Im gonna host a giveaway soon. And its gonna actually be good, not just a event pokemon, dont worry.
Not hosting it yet, though. When i have more time to write a giveaway then ill do it.
1 Month ago
New poll. Also, new plan: Save up enough nuggets to get premium (After i spent all of my nuggets on getting a ditto, no regrets)
1 Month ago


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