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Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 416/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Jirachi12020,409 / 54,451
Ho-Oh14828,005 / 82,696
Heatran10721,166 / 43,336
Lugia13317,033 / 66,834
(Mega Absol)
16173,420 / 89,151


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #160046622
Registration: 24/12/2019 (6 Months ago)
Game Time: 359:16 Hours
Total interactions: 35,203
Money: 118,032
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Saw a scatter bug in the lab for 25 minutes so I adopted them
Today, 10:28
im now 14....
Today, 00:00

sorry mate
Yesterday, 18:53
fact about my birth:

i was a sea section baby
Yesterday, 15:33
<—- new advi and thanks to BillRockz for getting to its size

Also does it make look scary 0w0
Yesterday, 12:13
Happy birthday to me I’m now turning 14
Man I can’t believe I’ve lived this long 😅
Yesterday, 11:03
The biggest lie

The most common lie

The most believed lie

“I’m fine”
1 Day ago
i got something to say now

i made a lesbain couple on gacha life
1 Day ago
Isabella is that type of person that will always be there for you. She is truly beautiful inside and out. Her personality is beyond perfect. She can be mean and rude at most times, but nice and sweet the rest of the times. She is very funny. When your around Isabella, you'll never be frowning. She's always laughing and smiling. You'll never find her truly sad or mad. Her looks are just perfect. She has that look in her eyes that makes you feel comfortable. She is very pretty. Her laugh makes you smile. She isn't a huge dude magnet, but many fall head over heels for her. If you ever meet her, never let her go.

jeez so this is the real me

but i lost feeling so what is the point....
2 Days ago
They Judge you for being "pretty"
They Judge you for being "Ugly"
They Judge you for being "Fat"
They Judge you for being "Skinny"
They judge you for being "confident"
They judge you for being "shy"
They judge you for being "popular"
They judge you for being "lonely"
They judge you for being "mean"
They judge you for being "nice"
They judge you for being "someone else"
They judge you for being "you"...
They judge you for being "tall"
They judge you for being "short"
You live they judge you for "living"
But... When you die "oh I loved them so much they were like a Bff to me"
But don't let them get to you your life isn't a movie soo... Don't end it...
2 Days ago
So just got out of the heat from Colonial Williamsburg, boi it was fun 0wo

Jellyfish sticks still hurt like hell
2 Days ago
By Cherryz - 3 Minutes and 57 Seconds ago.
So i'm thinking of doing a giveaway of 55k PD since I don't know what else to do with it and this is also gonna be my first giveaway...

To enter the Giveaway share this post and share this Hashtag #CherryGiveAway

Be quick! because when I see that 20 or more people have entered the Giveaway, ill choose someone to give the reward to. (It will be random) Good Luck! <3
3 Days ago
Went to York River you swim around for a bit and got stung by a freakin jellyfish 😓
3 Days ago
Birthday in: 5 days!!!!!
5 Days ago
I looked up Shoto on google

I regret nothing!!
7 Days ago
<— new advi

Mlp forever!!!
7 Days ago
You slowly raised the Magma Stone and it starts to glow brightly.
The lightning increases and the Magma Stone transforms into a cold egg.
8 Days ago
By Rumble Report - 12 Minutes and 17 Seconds ago.
Your Ninetales challenged a legendary Pokémon (Boss Battle)!

→ Rumble OverviewMm

9 Days ago
I would: Do this for all my friends
9 Days ago
It is Wednesday my dudes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
9 Days ago

About me

I am generally a friendly person; however, if I have blocked you, please respect my decision. I was probably annoyed or uncomfortable at some point, or I may have seen your behavior elsewhere on the site.
Hi there I’m Scoli and I’m a Furry so you know if you hate them then don’t talk to me. I’m 13 years old turning 14 on July 9. I love anime , cats , sweets , drawing, my friends, my boyfriend. I hate mean people, rascal stuff, bullying , My life , my anxiety. My flaws is my depression and it sucks And I apologize for stupid things Also I hate talking about myself it makes me feel guilty for some . It's not always the tears that measure the pain sometimes it's the smile we fake" it's a quote that I really like it represents my depression another one I like is "The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes had cried the most tears, and the kindest heart's have felt the most pain" I really like this one it represents my life. Anyways I'm a depressed teenager, I love drawing,creepypastas,creepy things, anime,roleplaying, and hearing music, I love animal's especially wolfs my favorite kind of wolves are brown wolfs, there cute, my favorite song I'll have to say "fireflies nightcore" but that's just one of my favorites, my favorite food is umm idk I dont eat alot I eat like idk like 1 or 2 times a day, so I'll have to say umm burritos, I also like taco's, my favorite color is red and black even if people say its a shade. Anyways let's get moving on since I'm depressed I never eat or leave my room I like just laying there I walk around my house sometimes but I stay in the dark most of my days, and with coronavirus I have to stay home but I kinda hate it because sometimes when I start cry I want some company when I feel down and worthless.Well that's me and I'm a very lovable,caring, trustful and loyal person and I love making freinds.

Things I want to do

1. Clean out friend list
2. Save my money
3. Get premium
4. Become a staff member
5. Clean up feeds

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