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Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 700/2,053


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Houndour8152 / 271
Houndour19490 / 1,426
261135,852 / 238,431
Houndour7127 / 211

Team Phantom

Team Phantom
Quote from ???So, you’ve come to join Team Phantom? Go ahead, but let me explain who we are.

Team Phantom is a rather simple group. We use -Dark or -Ghost Type Pokémon except for eternatus and love to take any we can get our hands on. If you have a group with the same name, I do apologize for taking it. It's also called "Tea Phanto" by some people. This team was originally started by ~TheDarkPhantom~

We gladly accept anyone who would like to join. We give out Houndour/Houndoom to any new members. I will put roles and add more as more people join since this group is rather fresh. So if you would like to join, just leave me a message and I will gladly add you. There is a Group chat on PalPad, just ask if you wish to join that~

We have a Team Phantom forum thanks to -Kyle!

Welcome To Team Phantom!

Respect The Leaders!
◾ SassyLadybug — Sass
◾ -Kyle — Kyle

Listen To The Admins!
◾ Samyan_MMX
◾ Hipsterpotamus — Hipster or Hippie

Be A Good Member!
◾ TogaLoverBtw — Toga
◾ DavidplayZ — David
◾ Ragiplayz — Ragi
◾ ~Lexi — Lexi
◾ bgreen — Green
◾ Chara_The_Human
◾ LuigaStrike0770 — Lugia
◾ PBear3
◾ UnluckySylveon
◾ Dragonlover
◾ Spyder
◾ ~Rosie~
◾ Yamper
◾ Ash_Katchum11
◾ CamtheMan — Cam
◾ Kraze912 — Kraze/Ashton
◾ DrGrimm

Team Phantom Events

Weekend Battling
Battle Forum by LugiaStrike0770

Team Phantom (Misc.)

A wonderful theme song by Kraze912

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From the darkness to the shadows of dark places
To the Claws of a Haunter
We stalk our prey to deliver the fright
Like a Froslass Icy stare
Don't Fret but better yet scream in fear
We are Team Phantom


Game Records

Trainer ID: #674731477
Registration: 24/11/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 286:17 Hours
Total interactions: 73,476
Money: 366,293
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Another new poll cause I'm bored~
Today, 04:28
Everyone else: There's no berries!

Me who bought berries last week: So what's everyone worried about?
2 Days ago
Guess who got bored again? Me.
Here's a random drawing of a horsea~ Horsea
2 Days ago
Your Mentor Level: 3
Total Mentor Reward Points: 222

Made it to mentor level 3! :D
3 Days ago
I got bored
3 Days ago
To everyone that is in Team Phantom by ~TheDarkPhantom~, There has been a change. I am now the Leader. You can see more information in my Panel on my Profile. I hope everyone has fun and maybe more people will join us!
3 Days ago
I made a snowman with my little brother, his name is King Gilbert. King Gilbert
4 Days ago
Question: Was this poll a waste of time?
5 (18.5 %)
6 (22.2 %)
Nothing is ever a waste of time
5 (18.5 %)
*laughs in wasted time*
6 (22.2 %)
My button Do NOT touch ಠ_ಠ
5 (18.5 %)

Perfectly Balanced as all things should be.
6 Days ago

Proof of winners

Congrats, you made it to Nothing day! Thank you for participating everyone.
7 Days ago
Just wanted to give a
friend a shout-out! ~TheDarkPhantom~ art shop They now do colors!
10 Days ago

This hard. I suppose ghost would win.
12 Days ago

The shinys probably hate you. XDD
12 Days ago
New Avatar again. Somebody *cough cough ~TheDarkPhantom~ cough cough* keeps making me art! I'll probably stick with this one for a bit though. Thanks ~TheDarkPhantom~!
13 Days ago
Hey guys, Guess what? I want to get on the trending feeds, so I'm having a giveaway. It ends on American National Nothing Day (January 16)! So heart this feed and share #SassIsDoingNothing
for a chance to win the prizes below.

First place: 200k pd; 100 electric gems; Ultra saddle; Shiny Ponyta; Mega- able Rapidash; Mega stone;

Second place: 100k pd; 50 electric gems; 50 fire gems; 6 random mystery items; Cosplay Box (Cool); Cosplay Box (Beauty); Cosplay Box (Tough); Shiny Heracross;

Third place: 50k pd; 50 fire gems; 50 steel gems; 3 random mystery items; Shiny Ponyta
16 Days ago
Ok guys, I have a plan. From what I see, in order to get on trending feeds I have to say I might leave. OR I could get the ten year olds to friend me so they like my posts and then I WILL RULE THE TRI-STATE AREA.
19 Days ago
Happy New Year!
22 Days ago
Note for the future: Make sure to have no cuts on your hands before putting them in a bucket of salt.
22 Days ago
Please a moment for my brothers lizard. She died. Goodbye Ally, enjoy being in lizard heaven. The worst part is she died from being burnt. R.I.P
8 Months ago

About Me

SassyLadybug (or Sass)
Pronouns: She/Her
Bday: February 7th
Time: 4 hours behind server time
Favorite Pokes: Absol and Litwick
Favorite Pokemon game: Pokemon Ruby
Hobbies: None at the moment

If I visit your profile, I either forgot who you are or just bored.
I enjoy playing these video games; Moon Hunters, Hollow Knight, Melody's Escape, and Don't Starve Together.
I am on Dappervolk, Pokefarm, and other assorted websites, I'm usually still SassyLadybug on them.
I always welcome "hello" messages.
I am a very comedic person. Please take everything I say with sarcasm. I am not a mean person, or at least I don't try to be. I tend to over-word things, so be careful, to say something simple I'll write a paragraph.

Avatar made by ~TheDarkPhantom~


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