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Ich komme aus Indien aber lerne Deutsch!

Hello there, Saknar here.
You may also know me as Yelping_Nanolife, SimpleNatureLover, Faluonra, or MeditatingMonkey. o/
I like reading, cycling, running and sketching.

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Lugia : Ditto <=> Top Secret

P.S. Whatever Avatar I have, it's my own creation, please don't steal it. If you want to use it, ask me permission before you do so.

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Trainer ID: #884686073
Registration: 31/10/2013 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 3684:16 Hours
Total interactions: 5,572,847
Money: 347,464
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Anyone selling nuggets? I'm 1,014,479 PD short of being able to afford a 10k nugget sale.

Yesterday, 15:21
I had an weird/exciting dream. I saw a flying octopus that kept changing into walruses and other huge animals that definitely wouldn't be able to fly. It was flying so fast, swooping down at times. The sky was magnificent! While I was trying to get in on video, it swooped so close by, I had to get away. Then it suddenly turned dark and me and the person accompanying me (driving the scooter we were traveling on) had to get through a dark realm road, crawling with floating snakes and other unspeakable monstrosities (It was still that octopus I tell you). I was using my phone's torch (which was unusually bright). Then we reached a different part bright enough for me to forget what happened next. :p

Well... It was a blast.
28 Days ago
I just watched the movie 'Your Name'. It was so beautiful that I was on the verge of tears.
We forget a lot of things, a lot of emotions and a lot of visions. Even when we desperately cling, they fade into the oblivion. So here I leave a message for an older me, I wish you a lot of fun. But when you pass by something beautiful, stop, explore, don't run. Don't lead a life of mundanity, every day, you're born anew. Spread love and not vanity, bring more lives into your crew.
Don't be bad, time isn't free, try something new.
When you're sad, think of me... I love you.
1 Month ago
I lost a friend to suicide today. All because he'd never failed in school and yesterday his 1st semester result turned up with 2 failures. He received too much stress from his (single) mom.

Please remember, no issue is worth giving your life for. If you're too stressed, find someone to talk to (parents, friends, 7cups, suicide hotlines). You don't have to deal with it alone.

And parents, I know you love your kids, but don't be hard on them when they can't reach their goals. Everyone has a tipping point. Expectations can't always be met. And life is about dealing with those valleys and growing as people together.
1 Month ago
I feel so overburdened and exhausted. Too much work to do, assignments to get done, stuff to prepare for tests next week. Phew. I wish I could just take a day off to sleep.
1 Month ago
Make a wish.
2 Months ago
*stretches hands and cracks knuckles*

I'm going to organize my Pokedex and event Pokedex. Wish me luck!
2 Months ago
Can we get Relic Crown from Leah? If so, how many items do we need to trade with her?
3 Months ago
Three competitions were held yesterday (Extempore, Story writing & Collage making).
I took part in the first 2 of them. Got selected for the 2nd round in Extempore (and someone else won). Bagged the 2nd place in the 2nd event (Story writing). And today, I had a speech competition. Again got the 2nd place. That's 2 2nd place prizes in 2 days in a row.

That's a lot of 2s. Considering this a cryptic message to me from the Multiverse, I'd like to hunt a Pokemon with 2 evolutionary stages. Comment a Pokemon that evolves only once, which you'd suggest for me to hunt.
4 Months ago
I'm officially 18. That's that I guess.
4 Months ago
Deutsche Fragen :

Gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen "Große" und "Größe"? Und was ist das?
Erklären, bitte. Danke!

Also, zwischen Erklären, bitte. und Bitte Erklären, welches ist besser?

1 Year ago
This feed if for self reference. Feel free to ignore.
1 Year ago
We laugh. We like laughing, don't we?
We laugh for a lot of reasons, but rarely long enough to cause us stomach-aches and bring us to tears. That's actually the best kind of laughter. When I think about it, it's been more than a YEAR since I laughed like that... until today.
Let me share the joy with you all.
Most of us hide our laughter worrying about looking weird or indecent. But after a while, we almost become completely resistant to humour, and totally distant from the kind of happiness that an innocent child has.
Let us not forget the children inside us.
With love, Saknar [N] <3
1 Year ago
I felt like this really needs to be said.
In the past 2 years I've seen people neglecting their compliments, referring to themselves as trash, failure, unable to do anything or even downright useless.
Some are getting depressed/melancholic.

Remember: Nobody is trash. If you currently feel like you cannot do anything, you have time. Put in practice and effort. You're like a flower. Not all flowers bloom at the same time. But when they do, they end up beautiful/accomplishing something big. Feel free to take your time, but try. Don't give up. You're a beautiful soul on this planet where there are millions of other species waiting to be saved by something you do, that might even seem insignificant to you.
Love yourself and be positive. <3
With love,
2 Years ago
I honestly love slow-paced, melodious songs with musical instruments and lyrics that actually mean something.

But the modern trend is fast-paced rap songs with computer-generated music and half of the lyrics of the songs are either filler words or just plain gibberish.

It's really peaceful to just sit back, listen to melodious songs, and put some thought on the meaningful lyrics. |-D
2 Years ago
I'm seeing people talking about PH getting lonely. True enough. But it is a combined effect. I know a lot of my old friends who are inactive now but we're a blast in the past. We all play a big part in the community. Each and every single one.

Let's all share our love when/wherever we can -regardless if we know them or not- and make this one big family happy and lively once again! <3
I believe we can. Do you?
2 Years ago
2 Years ago
I'm not really happy with the photography trends these days. Especially 'Nature photographers'.
I mean yeah sure, nothing wrong with shooting rare and exotic flowers. But when something like this [credits - Calica] pops up, people just want to swat away the bug before taking a pic. The bugs are just doing their thing, and bugs are nature too. Of course not EVERYONE is like that, but seeing a picture of (...)
2 Years ago
I have a bad headache and been quite a bit dull for the past few days.
I was about to type "I haven't been feeling like myself lately", but then that got me thinking. How can I say "I haven't been feeling myself" if I currently am feeling that way? I'm me right?
To much thoughts to put in this feed. Atleast my mind is helping me.
I like thinking
2 Years ago
Do you think it's possible to suppress/eliminate stress through will power and/or mindfulness?

Anger has already been suppressed (and eventually eliminated most of the time).

I believe it can be, and will not stop until I succeed. Give me words of confidence. Thank you if you too believe in me.
2 Years ago

An old Poem: Gratitude

Do someone favours, you will get a thanks.
For life is full of flavours, and people from different ranks.
Help without expecting something back
from them is attitude.
And the urge to appreciate it with lack
of pride and ego is gratitude.
To humans or not, returning a help is humanity
Be it a single one or a lot, one should do it without vanity
What you sow is what you reap, do what is right.
Then whether awake or asleep, your mind will be light as a kite.


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