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Trainerlevel: 48

Trainerpoints: 905/6,959


This Users Party is empty.

My Goals

To collect all of shiny pokemons is my biggest dream.
Yep, you read it right, all of shiny pokemons, from gyarados to raylong to mega winter camerupt, zapdos and the harvest sprites.


Hatch a shiny mega event pokemon.

Acquire a pokemon which never been acquired before. check

Current Activities

Collect 43,700 DP.

Shiny Collector's Notes

I'm a big shiny collector.

My Shiny Collection


Btw, if you have shinies that I don't have or have not been ordered in the shop, and want it to trade with me, please feel free to contact me. ^^
But note, i'm not selling ANY pokemon in my second box.

Future Legend Hunts

trading dragon gems for bottled messages.

Most Priced Shinies

Personal Achievements

Oct. 12, 2018- Rank 50; "Most Shinydex Entries".
Dec. 14, 2018- Rank 25; "Most Shinydex Entries".
Dec. 24, 2018- 500 Shinies Collected (without buying nuggets or premium membership).
Dec. 8, 2019-.Rank 9; "Most Shinydex Entries".

The longer you ferment a wine,
The richer the taste is;
But one might find beauty in a glass of water,
However, I'm not thirsty.

Shiny Hunt

RAZPberry is currently hunting Wingull.
Hunt started: 21/01/2020

Chain: 67

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #23126382
Registration: 16/02/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1717:27 Hours
Total interactions: 298,351
Money: 759,015
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Looking for someone who can draw icons (like u see in pkedex [ex. [pkmn]1[/pkmn]) of the ff. characters except hoowt, shaklink, and berlibug. pls pp/pm me if interested.
Today, 03:07
Its ironic that I already got a shiny suicune, a shiny retro koffing, and a number of normal shinies (such as spinda) in wondertrade but never even in my almost two years stay here got a passcode.
5 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Wingull hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #201)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

It finally hatched. T_T
6 Days ago
Heres a paradox on one of the reason why i never had a girlfriend :

1. When i like someone, im not the type to confess.
2. But when a girl confess (or i known to like me), i easily got turned off.

And the cycle goes on.
7 Days ago
t e n
10 Days ago
RAZPberry is currently hunting Wingull.
Hunt started: 28/12/2019

Chain: 169
Shiny: 0
10 Days ago
Disgusting greedy hypocrites.
10 Days ago
Me when hungry: eat.
Me when bored: eat.
Me when depressed: eat.
Me when angry: eat.
Me when anxious: eat.

Yet, I still cant understand why Im still thin. Its like if Im full today, I will be hungry the next two-three hours.
10 Days ago
To certain someone who offered on my trade: sorry, i accidentally rejected it.
11 Days ago
Me after buying different shiny events: BROKE

T_T im planning to save them for premium, but carpe diem.
11 Days ago
U probably already know this, but check out Dirty_S0AP's new giveaway.
11 Days ago
Having an good anime airs its last episode is sad, but whats more depressing is when a good anime's turn of events becomes "different". It feels just like a break-up. though ive always been single; but now i can empathize with them.
11 Days ago
You push the gold key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Volcano Cave (Map) found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
11 Days ago
Me: wants a shiny kyurem.
Also me: "interacting is a pain in the finger. "
Me: "guess ill just try nxt year. "
15 Days ago
If applin visits the honeytree just to evolve not to steal honey, then wouldn't that mean that ur honey will not be gone as long as applin is the pkmn in the honeytree? Or will it be lost since applin will going to eat it out of boredom because surely waiting for an apple to turn up takes a lot of time?!
23 Days ago
them: looking for tart apples.
me; i still have look for an apple.
23 Days ago
Someone already answered it! TheRockers got the correct answer. There is roughly 5% chance of getting a shiny hooh from a shiny wondertrade code (we believe). Tnk u for everyone who participated, i hope we can do this again. :3
23 Days ago
lets play a game: price to whoever can anser and give solution is a shiny darumaka.

so the question is, what is the rough chance that a shiny will appear on a shiny wondertrade code? (ends in a day)

if someone can guess it, but without the solution and none can give the correct solution when it ends, that person will get two starpieces instead.
if noone still cannot get the answer, a random commenter will get a starpiece. Have fun!
23 Days ago
Its official. Applin is now one of my favorite pokemon. <3
24 Days ago
Where do u get the apple for applin?
24 Days ago

Hi! I'm RAZPberry

Pokemon Go ID: 8429 3629 8197

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So, you've decided to learn more about me. Well,

I'm 20.
My birthday is on September 10.
I'm a he.
I've just graduated. (Goodbye allowance. T_T)

Btw, I love blue and anything rare. <3

I hope that we'll be good friends. ^^

Note: Im sorry but I dont like begging both in ph and irl.
I also am not fond of small conversations, sorry.

I am a tunnel,
Where one side facing the sun;
At both ends are visible crystals,
One bright, one dark.

aVe0910 ---> snORly ---> RAZPberry