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Trainerlevel: 64

Trainerpoints: 10,855/12,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
20k PD + 1 PKMN
763,754 / 18,873
Skarmory548 / 114
9323,640 / 28,767


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animedemon01 3 Hours ago
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Overcast's Bio:

Animu Nerds Gather Here!!

Abrasive, Stubborn, Generous, Worrywart, Introverted, and a Tsandere.

1. NEVER CONTACT ME WITH 3 LETTERS OR LESS (I consider it rude and uncaring. Upon repeated deliberate provoking you will be blocked, NO exceptions)!!!

2. NEVER ASK FOR POKEMON OR ITEMS/PD (Including borrowing/giving things for free)!!!

3. RESPECT ME AND I WILL RESPECT YOU (Self-explanatory)!!!


Game Records

Trainer ID: #200355559
Registration: 06/07/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 2180:15 Hours
Total interactions: 497,002
Money: 163,048
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


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You obtained a new badge (Cooking Mama)!

Woot Woot ◕‿◕
Yesterday, 19:18
User: Blocking is silly *Does it anyway*

Me: Whatever floats your boat, I suppose O_o

Enough of me wasting time. There are 4 New Food Souls.


Soft Serve Cone


Hetalia's Germany in another universe
Yesterday, 14:15
Young U. Doma's Song:

♪ When I leave (my house) my colors fade to gray
Uma Uma hey, Uma Uma Umaa-hey
Every video game I used to play
Now I laze around all day... ♫

My Older Brother: ಠ_ಠ (lol)
1 Day ago
Petition for Food Fantasy to be a 3ds game.

And before I forget to say this, I'm sorry to everyone else I didn't choose, but the way it works is you can only "pick one" offer
2 Days ago
Spoilers for the new event in the comments: PROCEED AT OWN RISK!
3 Days ago
Oh jeepers. Good luck everyone, I know I won't get enough jk
3 Days ago
Huh... I wouldn't say we copy the art style directly from the movie itself, but this would be a cool style if PH ever needs a new banner. I assume people would pick that for their banner? IDK, just a thought.
3 Days ago

Litleo/Pryroar, considering (lion's) pride, pickiness in some aspects and being stubborn... but is also loving inside.
3 Days ago
Headin' to the beach! Peace out~!
4 Days ago
Change is hard. I'm still trying to get used to that myself.
5 Days ago
PH friendly parody which was inspired by the one me and RastaPastaPanda were working on (Plz don't talk about the original song, thanks)


Wherever you are
Are you bidding on an auction
Wait I bet you are
Today we make more friends
And maybe fly to mars
Because I'm on chain 3(rd)
'Cause that's just who we are

I'm so done, "bye"
5 Days ago
Once again, I struggle to find a decent quality video for my next topic. It shouldn't be this hard, smh.
6 Days ago
Sorry for posting so much, Kyouma. I don't mean to annoy you.

However, I would like an answer to this question below.

This made me heartbroken to see. Why does it seem like everyone hates on the left cannon in the Haikyuu Fandom? Because they all think he's overpowered? All he did was train to get the skills he has now. Is there anyone else out there that likes him as a character other than me? No? Alright then... o(╥﹏╥)o

[s]And no, it's not just because I have a crush on him. That's a different story[s].

6 Days ago
Talk about skill. Despite living in a country with super cold winters, I was the kid in middle school who had a cotton candy ice cream bar every day (from December to February) for two years straight. Those two years were freezing and full of snowstorms and such, but I devoured them all.
8 Days ago
Guess who just got a new home? Me and my brother!

If you're wondering why it's so blurry, I couldn't get a good picture of the boys. They wouldn't stay still! #lel
9 Days ago
After watching some scenes including Eraser Head Shota Aizawa and learning about the nickname "Green Naruto" given to Deku... but that's beside the point, I've come to the conclusion that he is the Kakashi Hatake of My Hero Academia. Yet another mystery has been solved.
11 Days ago
I'll be honest with you. I specifically go to the "online" clicklist just to see the nicknames... but mostly the anime-related ones.

I already saw Gajeel And Bambi, Riakoette And a second Bambi, and Kacchan And yet another Bambi. Bambis... Bambis everywhere.

When you all said that wasn't the nickname given to your event, I knew better xD
13 Days ago
Got two new Gerbils: both male. Their names are Chocolate (White Chocolate Apricot with Some Blue) and Coffee (Common Brown).

Hehehe... Yes, I just went there.
13 Days ago
♡♡♡ Those comedians... how could you not love them? ♡♡♡
15 Days ago

Sorry for yelling, but I can die happy now.
16 Days ago

Send Me My Favorite Plushoos!


1. Super Passionate Anime Nerd

2. Mysophobic

3. Future Script Writer

4. Occasional Box Blowout Seller

5. Meme/Anime Creator in the Making


1. #EventPokeProtectionSquad Leader

2. Hero Chat Movement's Founder

3. #SocialOutcasts Founder