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Trainerlevel: 52

Trainerpoints: 20/8,163


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
•Pumpkin Spice•
(Witch Vulpix)
1,01560 / 3,093,721

Chat Stuff

Currently on semi-hiatus
I play the game but not really and it's just whenever I feel like it ig

I reject bad offers on my trades! If you think your offer got rejected, offer better

Hiya! Feel free to palpad me if you just wanna say hi, or if you just wanna have a chat! I don't bite, I promise! ♡
PMs work too, though I prefer palpad!

I'm really chill so yeah!

I aim to be enjoyable to everyone I talk to *¤*

You can friend me if you want, I might friend you back if you seem interesting \\\\\\\\*¤*/
I'm always open to new friends!

Have a great day, whoever you are! :D

Outdated but it's too amazing to remove:
Happy Holidays! Hope this was a great year for you! If not, you always have next year! Whether you're spending the holidays alone or with friends and family, I hope you have a good time and amazing memories! Stay safe out there! Reach for the stars! <3

Avatar of Ninetales drawn by me
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About Me!

Hiya! I'm
Also Orca or Nine!

Also TNT, my art signature thingy, which is my old username, ThatNinetalesTrainer

He/him is alright too!

I like to go by no labels!

I am socially nervous haha

Suggestions and Help forum + notifications + notification wall stalker

- Orcas!
- Blue hearts 💙
- Video games
- The color blue
- Ninetales, Vulpix, Mudkip
- Water
- Reading
- Snow on Christmas
- Making and talking to friends
- Staying at home on the couch in front of the TV

- Splinters
- Exercise
- Sports
- Outdoor activities: camping, hiking, biking
- Going outside
- Disturbances while playing video games
- Spelling mistakes
- Wanting to sneeze but you can't sneeze
- Purposely trying to sneeze
- Screaming kids
- Mosquitoes
- Papercuts
- Bad grammar
- Bad groupmates for a project that counts for 50% of your grade
- Tripping
- Tripping on the stairs
- Stubbing my toe
- Tripping while stubbing my toe
- Stubbing my toe while tripping
- Tripping with a stubbed toe
I basically dislike all inconveniences in life.

Feel free to add me to your friendlist! I add random people that seem nice and interesting!

Feel free to message me, about anything! I don't bite, I promise! I prefer palpad by a ton but Private Messages are okay too! ^^

My Literally Impossible Goals

- Complete 4th badge set


- Obtain a Shadow Ninetales

- Gain 500k by selling Shadow Pokemon Done! That was a pain haha


Somehow obtain 30k fighting gems

6,435/30000 - 21% there
For triple joined + 1 hunting with Daycare SM Riolu hunt, 1k chain each

- Shiny Tapu
Haven't chosen which one yet

- Hatch a shiny Meloetta
5k/50k Festival Points

- Obtain my own Shiny Mega [somehow]

Shiny Mewtons
- Unlock all 7 Shiny Mewtons
3/7 Shiny Mewtons Unlocked

- Get 45mill GC for Shiny Entei, Suicide, and Raikou
1mil/45mil GC

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #161120109
Registration: 06/04/2020 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Apr/2023
Game Time: 1401:47 Hours
Total interactions: 1,882,919
Money: 469,517
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Today, 13:54
Shiny Poliwhirl caught!

Shiny Poliwhirl! :o
1 Day ago
Alright, so when I finally hatch another shiny Witch Vulpix (perhaps two, if I'm feeling it) then I'll start my Cottonblu event hunt
I just love that blue fluffy winged shiny 💙
2 Days ago
Oh yeah, premium, let's go
3 Days ago
I've been saving up 5k nuggets, now time to spend
3 Days ago
3 Days ago
My starter names aha
What I'll name my starters
Sprigatito - Spriggy
Quaxly - Quax
Fuecoco - Coco
9 Days ago
I'm resisting the urge to buy nuggets on Item Market after I got 4k nugs and already broke in PD lmao
12 Days ago
Summoning Zarude hah

Sing now, Zarude
We are the strongest
We have no fear
We are the voice of the jungle
Lift up your voices
We are the voice of the jungle
Lift up your voices
The ground catches the water
The water nurtures the trees
The sun shines down the forest
The trees become the jungle
Woo, can you hear it?
Footsteps upon footsteps
Woo, can you hear it?
Voices upon voices
We are the voice of the jungle
Lift up your voices
We are the voice of the jungle
Lift up your voices
Under the Heart Tree
15 Days ago
If I get a Zarude, I'm naming it Dada after the Zarude main character in the movie
16 Days ago
Perhaps we could have a chance to get a Zarude egg by playing a minigame where Zarude are flying past your screen and you move up and down to avoid them
You could get a random jungle pokemon egg at the end
16 Days ago
Pog I just finished watching Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle and Zarude is the main pokemon in it
16 Days ago
If we just don't buy nuggets in Item Market, they'll be forced to become cheaper
17 Days ago
I've been saving up nuggets forever and just bought 800 from Item Market, and now I've got 4.3k nuggets, I'm ready for any sales
18 Days ago
13 eggs in Daycare and not a single event egg ._.
18 Days ago
Your Pinsir made it to Rank #3 in our Bug-Hatching Contest!

You won 2,500 Festival Points.

Woohoo! First time on Ranklist and it's a MA! First MA BHC and first ranklist aha
I definitely improved in the minigame this contest
19 Days ago
By Raffle - 24 Minutes and 30 Seconds ago.
Results of Magearna's Raffle:

★★★ Congratulations, you won!! An egg voucher has been placed in your Item Bag. ★★★
Your chance of winning was 15.63%.

→ Buy tickets for the next raffle

pg I wondered if it was worth it but then I won - for the second time smh lmao
20 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

OrcaNinetales is currently hunting Witch Vulpix.
Hunt started: 16/12/2021

Chain: 113




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Updated the links so it goes to my current username~


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