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Trainerlevel: 14

Trainerpoints: 373/601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
nebby thy pog
295281,579 / 327,451
o0O Dr. G O0o
41225,995 / 638,086
Aurora301121,984 / 340,884
Raylóng319134,031 / 382,801
Prince Bubblegum
427255,063 / 645,198



On a more human note, I WANT RETRO. I NEED RETRO.
-I collect retros-
Here are my current ones

What's up with me

Oh hey! Thanks for stopping by. While you're here, read this!

I'm just a run-of-the-mill kid. I like Speech & Debate, Soccer(Or football, depends on where you're from), and running. I'm currently dying inside and dealing with bipolar and an identity crisis.

You'd be astonished with how good CERTAIN 10-year-olds are at manipulating. It's, like, insane.

I'm also very poetic :) and kind of crazy

So that's my life right now.

What's up with you!


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Trainer ID: #798001184
Registration: 23/10/2021 (8 Months ago)
Game Time: 128:45 Hours
Total interactions: 26,315
Money: 270,474
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Part 3

-some people's eyes, but no one will remember the White Abolitionists did help too!

But As I said.

This is today's society. And we live in it.

Thank you for reading this. Goodbye.
18 Days ago
Part 2
Now, the government is wondering wether to give it to ALL blacks, just as a reward for being black.

I, personally, am MAD.
But again, that's just me.

And you know what the worst part is? If I just said
"The US is going to give tax money to descendents of slaves"
atleast ~25-30% of you would be fine with it.

Because this is today's society.

And no one seems to see the problem; or do something about it.
And I know for a FACT that I will get at least one comment saying
"There IS no problem, you're just some white kid blah blah blah"
Being WHITE and posting this shouldn't matter. And yet to some many people it does.
And for the record, my ancestors didn't own slaves. Nor did our neighboring countries. So just having the same COLOR skin as some HORRIBLE people who were abusing black people, makes me a bad person.
But no one seems to remember, there were GOOD whites too! How ELSE do ya think slavery ended? JUST by black rebels? NO! Sure, black rebels helped so much, and opened-
18 Days ago
This is Part 1
I am disgusted.
Why won't society treat people the same?

Let me ask you something.
Should YOU be punished for a sin someone else commited?
Even if they're your whatever, great aunt's cousin's nefew's cousin's dad's brother in law?

Should YOU be rewarded if, I don't know, your great great great great grandpa was being blackmailed?


What if I told you white people were being given OTHER PEOPLE'S TAXES, just because of their skin color?
You'd be ENRAGED!
And people say they have the same opinions of all skin colors
Now, what if I told you BLACK people were being given WHITE people's tax money, just because of their [/b]skin color[/b].
Now you might say "That's because black people are still oppressed today" Ok, A, being given free money for you skin color doesn't exactly qualify as oppressed, but that's just my opinion. Feel free to back yours with whatever reasoning. But the USA government is considering giving it to blacks because of their ancestry.
18 Days ago
if ya do,

joining gets u extra entry

if ya dont, pls copy paste this to have a chance at getting any 2 of my pokes free.
ends in 2 weeks
27 Days ago
i am undead.
hey guys
just returned from the dead after a toxic friendship with a girl named Shloka.

Compete for this girls attention
(by now its december)
Best friends
"Omg I HATED the old you"
go back to begging at that girls feet
make friends with my friends
make my friends kinda avoid me
kick me out of a group with all my friends in it
blame me for being a bad friend
avoid me
ignore me
(its may by now)
"Don't commit die on me" and walks away to my almost attempted 'self-delete'
barelysay a word to me daily
try to adress heer toxicity
try to adress the toxicity of the friendship with that girl
-get ignored-
(today, last day of skool)
beg her to be a good friend for one day.
1 Month ago
anyone mind joining? :)
(its not a scam!!I swear on my life)
If u do u can have any 1 of my pokes :)
1 Month ago
ello mates
1 Month ago
Me is existing
Sub to my YT
1 Month ago
Ok, to not spam ur feeds, i will post messages and replys in the comments of this
2 Months ago
"Defeated by who"

(thanks for the message)
2 Months ago
"cute shinx noises"

Gee, cant tell who that might be
(Hi MsLovely)
2 Months ago
so I think it was all one person, but someone sent me "die" repeatedly over 2 messages and then probably every curse word they know in another message. Can u pm me(if it was u)?

I would like to remind you that i never wanted to offend anyone with any of my actions, and that if I did, that I am a stupid little 10 year old child, who is very sorry.
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
yo how do I change the pokemon on the premium nameplate
2 Months ago
This is for my discord server, but anyone is free to join!

ART CONTEST!!!!! Looking for emojis for the server + general server art!
(remember our mascot is a cosmog, especially a pink and red cosmog-(not original colors))

Emojis-must have transparent background, sprite emojis prefered. Any pokemon works/doesnt even need to be pokemon

Server art- drawn, not sprites, decently big (like 1000x1000 at least)

There will be 3-5 emoji winners and 1-2 server art winners!
Prizes(same prizes for both contests):

1st place-any of my pokes
2nd place-any special rarity or less poke that I have
3rd place-2 free retros+any item I have or any item under 50k pd
4th place-free retro+ any item under 25kpd
5th place- free retro+any item under 10kpd

Enter in PP/PM to Nebby

No specified end time, ends when we get enough entries
please PM Nebby if you plan on participating
2 Months ago
Sub to https://youtube.com/channel/UCcPGOJ7Yqm3zXT6kWbF29xw
And pm/pp me that u did to get a free retro!
2 Months ago
Hey guys! remember to sub to my yt! (in a couple posts ago) and ill gib u a retro!
2 Months ago

A Quote from my frienemy

Hierarchy is pathetic. The Queen does nothing except pull strings and make knights or jesters to peasants. She says I am the one, that will bring doom to all. But, as a jester, I only entertain. When the time comes for her judging, she will only lie. Laughter cures lies, but not for evil. The kingdom is distraught and i have been banned.

-Mars 2022

I'm the queen she refers to btw
So here's my OWN quote in response-

A pheonix is born from ashes. A ruler is born from misery. A fighter is born from abuse.
And so an indestructable manipulative queen~is born from heartbreak and pain
Can one truly blame another for fighting for life an a corrupt, corrupt world? Or controlling in a court of vipers?

Shiny Hunt

~*Espeon*~ is currently hunting CosPOG
Hunt started: 69/14/21


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There's always a long line to the gates of hell, but I skip to the front 'cause I dress this well-Call Me Cruella (Disney's Cruella soundtrack)


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