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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 793/5,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,0792,741,136 / 3,495,961
Stantler11100 / 496
Flabébé (Orange)9119 / 271
Shuppet742 / 135
Skarmory54 / 114
Gumshoos29979 / 2,611

the story about orphan

On my first playing pokemon i had went through the first gym heading towards Cyllage City Gym for my second badge, it was my first time using any feature in the game and i stumbled upon wondertrade. i sent up a fletchling that i hadn't used sense route one and to my delight and surprise i was given a cubone. cubone has been my favorite pokemon from the anime and card so seeing it in game was a happy surprise. . it wasn't shiny or anything special but it struck me as odd. its name it had been given was orphan, knowing the pokedex story of cubone and the rumors behind lavender town i felt sad for it. thinking of all the times if would have been given up, passed around, given away, and then even before having its trainer it was alone, another thing that hinted to its past was because it was far ahead of my other pokemon in account of levels a level sixty compared to my level tens. i kept it and decided i would never let anything happen to it. even to this day i keep it in my party in games, any game i can i get a cubone and name it after my first. even on here. i vowed never putting it in a pc because i don't want it to feel alone anymore.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #786972135
Registration: 16/03/2018 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 265:11 Hours
Total interactions: 3,531,284
Money: 1,541,301
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


New poll up might help me with some things if you vote. (^-^)
14 Days ago
I adopted the wrong egg at the daycare special pokemon are a pain to hatch"(TT-TT)
4 Months ago
I might do a new type of rafle sell to boost breeding sales. Buy an egg from a pair and when it hatches you get it, no matter the actual value or shiny. Donno yet have to see if the idea is popular.
5 Months ago
restocking will happen every weekend and don't be scared to ask for anything if you need it
11 Months ago
I will be adding snoms to the store for 100pd
11 Months ago
miltank; 700 pd
combee; 500 pd
regular pokemon; 600 pd
event/special pokemon; 1000 pd
these off course can be negotiated if it is too much and fair pokemon trades are welcome
1 Year ago


Im selling some pokemon

Depending on whats voted above I will list prices and what each category means.

Farm pokemon- Sheep, dog, cattle, goats, horse, bug an a few bird based pokemon.
such as--- wooloo, herdier, miltank, skiddo, rappidash, combee, torchick--- (not the only ones)

Dragon pokemon- Dragons of all types shapes and sizes! including some not so dragon dragons.
such as--- charazard , salandit, dragonite --- (not the only ones)

Cute pokemon- What ever the internet says the top ten cute pokemon are.
such as---- sobble, snom, togekiss ---- (not the only ones)

Eggs- just setting eggs for maybe 500 pd each an it'll be radon eggs you pick a number and you get what ever hatches out. Shiny, megable, rare, or just plane old trashmons. Might do monthly polls to see what types of pokemon you people want.

Pet like pokemon- dog, cat, fish, birds, rodent, and fox based pokemon.
such as--- furfroo, purugly, magicarp, pikachu, zorua ---(not the only ones)

Weird pokemon- house hold items or bizzar pokemon.
such as--- trubbish, rotom, castform, ---(not the only ones)

Ghost pokemon- Straight from the graveyard, form haunted dolls to possessed tombstones.
such as--- haunter, shuppet, pumkaboo, duskull--- (not the only ones)

Plant pokemon- Garden and forest visitors for you to keep at home.
such as--- oddish, seedot, fomantis, shroomish, turtwig--- (not the only ones)

Shiny pokemon- Shiny versions of your favorite, most likely going to be like the eggs I will do a monthly poll you all choose numbers and see who gets the lucky eggs.

Hope you vote!

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