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Trainerlevel: 43

Trainerpoints: 2,711/5,589


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
432255,543 / 448,935
30030,487 / 216,720
Grape juice
312220,116 / 234,375
Spooky Monke
288196,302 / 199,758
Pink lemonade
459493,673 / 506,737

About me

Hiya y’all, Monkey here! She/her please! I’m a 18 year old girl. I enjoy Pokémon, Animal crossing, drawing, watching anime, writing my stories, playing games and animals! I’m very shy, introverted and get anxious so I’m sorry if I don’t respond to messages. I’m autistic as well so I apologize if I seem strange, creepy or weird. Pretty much every day, I watch my fur babies, Tinker and Oliver so I may get busy. I’m mostly on here to collect cute Pokémon and collect lots of plushies! Hope you enjoy my profile and have a lovely day! (✿◠‿◠)

Palpad is only open to friends, if you wish to message me, please PM/DM me, thanks!


Find me on

💜PokeFarm Q: MonkeyBell853
💜Discord: Autistic-Monkey#9698
💜Pinterest: MonkeyBell
💜Deviantart: MonkeyBell998
💜Tumblr: monkeybell
💜Twitter: SMonkeyBell
💜Wattpad: MonkeyBug0716
💜Ao3: MonkeyBell853
💜Quotev: MonkeyBell190
💜NH DA: 9713-7985-4351


Favorite plushie: Aipom
Least favorite: none
I hoard: the monkey plushies
Current amount of plushies: 525
Unique plushies: 308
The most plushie i own is: 19 magikarp
I have spent: 55,530 dream points on plushies

Thank you!

Thank you for:

Any plushies! I love any and all plushies. I’ll take any plushie, even if it’s a magikarp or one worth a couple of dream points. So thanks to everyone who has or may give a plushie!

Interactions. Thank you for training or feeding my Pokémon! And for warming my eggs! I try my very best to interact back and I apologize if I don’t do it before reset.

Messages. I appreciate users who PM or palpad me! I apologize if I don’t respond or if my message back is short. I’m not good at socializing and I have a low reading and writing level. Just know I’m not ignoring you!

Friending me. I honestly get happy when people add me to their friend list, especially since I wasn’t used to friends growing up. So I really appreciate y’all who have me as a friend. I’ll add you back too!

So thank you in advance and I hope y’all have a lovely day! 🐒

Game Records

Trainer ID: #866710410
Registration: 03/04/2019 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 401:16 Hours
Total interactions: 660,279
Money: 743,035
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Back from FanX. Got my photo with Gaten! He was so nice and I was fangirling so hard! Also got a Grookey, East and West Shellos plushie! Although a con is my sister parked my wheelchair by a door which I didn’t know and people opened it. The noise scared the heck out of me and it hit my chair. I’m exhausted and very
hungry, considering all I’ve had today is a strawberry dum dum sucker
1 Day ago
Caught a random shiny female psyduck today! Named her Misty and she’s so adorable. I love Psyduck’s shiny. Also perfected shellos’ dex and I’m attempting to hunt both shinies. I also love shellos, they’re so tiny 🥹
5 Days ago
Before the fair ended, I just bulk bought the starter plushies so now I have more of them XD. I hope it comes back next year!
6 Days ago
Aw I didn’t get the shiny appletun plushie! And appletun is my favorite of the three ;w;
8 Days ago
I’m so excited, I’m getting a beef boss wii remote!! Poofesure makes me laugh a lot and since i found his channel, he’s become one of my favorite YouTubers. the fact that I can get this cool merch is awesome and I can’t wait til it comes!
13 Days ago
For the first time ever, I’ve completed the Pokédex in a official Pokémon game! Legends has given me the honor of that as well as giving me many shinies. Next goal is to get to rank 10 which is only about 1000 points away!
18 Days ago
Completed badge set #2!
21 Days ago
Shiny ducklett only gave me 5 tickets 😭. Why ducky, why?
23 Days ago
Got the three starter plushies from fun fair!! I love them so much!
24 Days ago
First shaymin found at 5,080 interactions! Chose Plushie
25 Days ago
I’m so happy, I found and caught a shiny aipom in Arceus today!! My favorite Pokémon’s shiny! I’ve been dreaming of this shiny and found it out of nowhere. His name is Pinky
25 Days ago
Getting a CT scan on Friday which is fun… not. Also shaymin event? Time to get to clicking!
26 Days ago
Happy heavenly birthday to my dad! Miss you dad 💜
1 Month ago
Yo I caught another shiny in arceus today! It’s a shiny drifloon! Named it Yellow Wisp since I was searching for the last wisp I needed to find in the colbat coastlands
1 Month ago
Found and caught a random shiny gyarados in legends! That’s my fourth one overall and third caught that was random
1 Month ago
Reached level 70 on pecha berries, so close to getting an level 100 pecha berry!
1 Month ago
An update for those who read Cami’s journey, the story is currently on break until I get the motivation to continue the chapters
1 Month ago
Today I successfully caught a shiny male carnivine!!! I’m so happy! I haven’t caught a shiny since I got my first ever caught shiny, a shiny golbat in ultra moon clear back in 2018. His name is Salad :D
1 Month ago
Y‘all, I’m so sad. I found a shiny buneary in legends, the first one I‘ve seen beside the free shiny ponyta but it fled!! R.I.P pink male bunny 😔
1 Month ago
Yes! I got the special egg! All that clicking paid off
2 Months ago


Last Action
At the Berrygarden (3 Hours ago)

Cami’s journey

My main story, previously known as PokeLove but now Pokemon XY, Cami’s journey is based in Kalos during the X&Y series. Cami Belle, a trainer born and raised in Unvoa, started her journey on her 16th birthday. Her dream? Becoming Kalos Queen! With her Pokémon by her side, she joins Ash Ketchum, Serena, Bonnie and Clement on a journey through the Kalos region!

The story includes flashback chapters which explains Cami’s backstory more, An OOC Serena, events different from the anime, aged up characters(minus Bonnie), Ash x Cami aka MasterQueenShipping, no amourshipping moments and more drama, humor and mature themes although it’s pretty safe for younger people to read so no 18+ stuff is included in this story

Interested in reading? The story can be found on these sites! My usernames on said sites
Wattpad: MonkeyBug0716
Deviantart: MonkeyBell998(drawings and other things related can be found here as well)
Ao3: MonkeyBell853
Quotev: MonkeyBell190(quizzes available as well!)

Got any questions? Feel free to ask, I’d be happy to answer :3


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