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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 1,016/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
751,423 / 21,376
Milcery17694 / 919

About me

Hiya y’all, Monkey here! She/her please! I’m a 17 year old girl. I enjoy Pokémon, Animal crossing, drawing, watching anime, writing my story, playing games and animals! I’m very shy, introverted and get anxious so I’m sorry if I don’t respond to messages. I’m autistic as well so I apologize if I seem strange, creepy or weird. Pretty much every day, I watch my fur baby, Tinker so I may get busy since he’s a handful. I’m mostly on here to collect cute Pokémon and collect lots of plushies! Hope you enjoy my profile and have a lovely day! (✿◠‿◠)

Palpad is only open to friends, if you wish to message me, please PM/DM me, thanks!


Find me on

💜PokeFarm Q: MonkeyBell853
💜Discord: Autistic-Monkey#9698(feel free to spend a friend request)
💜Pinterest: MonkeyBell(I pin often)
💜Deviantart: MonkeyBell998(can find drawings, chapters of PokeLove and other things on there)
💜Tumblr: monkeybell(not very active there)
💜Twitter: SMonkeyBell
💜Wattpad: MonkeyBug0716(you can find PokeLove on there!)
💜Ao3: MonkeyBell853
💜NH DA: 9713-7985-4351(come and visit my pretty lame island lol)

Random stuff

Favorite color: Purple!
Favorite food: Pasta/Mac and cheese mainly!
Favorite dessert(s): cookies, donuts, cupcakes, ice cream
Favorite candy(s): Kit Kat’s, nerds, chocolate, lollipops, Swedish fish, gum, etc.
Favorite Gen: probably either 4, 5 or 7!
Favorite game(s)?: SM, USUM, AS, X, SwSh, LGPE
Favorite Anipoke series: Diamond and pearl series!
Least favorite Anipoke series: XY series(sorry!)
Favorite Anipoke character(s): Dawn, Aria, Lillie, May, koharu, misty, DP Ash, SM Ash, OG Ash, BW Ash, Miette, Shauna, Jessie, James
Least favorite Anipoke character(s): Serena, Goh, Lana, XY Ash, Paul
Trainersona?: Cami, a coordinator and performer who aims to be Kalos Queen!
PokeSona?: Callie, a hybrid Aipom!
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff!
Other?: empty for now!

Thank you!

Thank you for:

Any plushies! I love any and all plushies. I’ll take any plushie, even if it’s a magikarp or one worth a couple of dream points. So thanks to everyone who has or may give a plushie!

Interactions. Thank you for training or feeding my Pokémon! And for warming my eggs! I try my very best to interact back and I apologize if I don’t do it before reset.

Messages. I appreciate users who PM or palpad me! I apologize if I don’t respond or if my message back is short. I’m not good at socializing and I have a low reading and writing level. Just know I’m not ignoring you!

Friending me. I honestly get happy when people add me to their friend list, especially since I wasn’t used to friends growing up. So I really appreciate y’all who have me as a friend. I’ll add you back too!

So thank you in advance and I hope y’all have a lovely day! 🐒

Game Records

Trainer ID: #866710410
Registration: 03/04/2019 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 278:41 Hours
Total interactions: 359,317
Money: 416,127
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Gotta help Rowan raise another goshdang magikarp against the big butt cheater oak. I swear whenever I agree to it, I get less motivation to click lmao
3 Days ago
1 level away from trainer level 40! Funny how I only started playing playing PH in October of last year(so I guess it’s my anniversary of actually playing PH now?) and that I already have quite a lot of cool things. Time flies I guess :)
6 Days ago
I just realized something. My first alcremie on PFQ was caramel swirl with strawberry sweet and my first alcremie on her was caramel swirl with a strawberry sweet :0
7 Days ago
My mom just told me that my dad’s mom isn’t doing well, in hospice and she probably won’t survive for longer than a week :(. We can go visit her but idk if I can do it, I don’t handle seeing people dying well anymore, it’s too hard. Plus she has Alzheimer’s so she probably won’t remember me. This is just a hard time…..
8 Days ago
So I may have a berry addiction on here and playing spin the wheel is making it worse cause I get a lot of berries from it! I always tell myself I won’t buy more berries but then I go to the market and buy tons ;-;.

Wish PH had a money safe like on PFQ so I could save up my money for something cool like a shiny legendary or save up for a hunt.
9 Days ago
My g-max Eevee spun the wheel and I only got one PokeBall but…..I can’t be mad at that face and the hearts.
10 Days ago
Horrible lag part 2! Can PH just like, not lag? Please? XD
11 Days ago
Omg omg omg I adopted a ditto egg from the lab!!! I wasn’t even trying to get it, it was random :0
12 Days ago
I’m skipping Halloween like always and going Christmas mode. I’m actually having hot chocolate right now, no joke. Bring on Christmas and the cold! I don’t like this heat anymore!
12 Days ago
Today my baby turned 11!! My baby! He’s our old man. We’re going to celebrate tonight. Right now he is napping on my chair leg rest.

Happy birthday Tinker! You are forever my baby!
14 Days ago
Sorry for close feeds

Anyway I cleared out my friend list for I think the first time. Removed only people who were inactive.

Also GN! I should probably already be asleep but I had to watch tinker again and I don’t sleep until everyone gets home so I waited.
14 Days ago
It’s lagging so badly on here today lmao.
14 Days ago
I tried McDonald’s chicken nuggets again after years of not having them and literally after one bite, I felt like I was seven again. Like I remember my grandma would pick me and my cousin up from school, got us McDonald’s before our dance class and my cousin and I would sometimes swap toys. I miss those days, they were the best. I actually don’t know why I stopped eating the nuggets, they taste good and I ate them all.

getting nostalgia from food is enough to make me cry, no joke lmao
17 Days ago
I went to the zoo today but it didn’t go as I planned. It was very crowded(although tbf it’s a Saturday), there was a LOT of bugs and a bee was on my face and glasses which made me cry and breakdown and because I was so overwhelmed and scared, we had to leave early so I feel bad that I ruined my mom and her partner’s fun. Although we did get to see a baby monkey and a polar bear eat, swim and jump into the water.
I’m just glad to be home
20 Days ago
Got a sweet this time! A strawberry sweet! I hope I get a ribbon one soon, it’s my favorite one. Honestly though, the sweets are so cute and tiny!

I hope everyone has a great rest of their day! Hang in there, almost Friday! You can do it!
22 Days ago
Wheel, stop giving me stuff I don’t need! I already have so many GC and I don’t need any more, I would like some sweets please! ;w;.

I also got a gengar from WT!
23 Days ago
Does milcery also have to have a certain level to evolve? I gave it a sweet and nothing happened? I’m confused
24 Days ago
Oh, I missed someone spamming empty feeds. That must have been annoying.

Also I’d like to say…..9-1-1 season premiere tonight and I’m so hyped!
25 Days ago
Poor tinker. he had a bath today and since his heat blanket isn’t clean yet, he doesn’t have his heat source. I tried having the heat dish on for him but he was still shivering and I was getting way too hot. I’m trying to warm him myself the best I can. my poor Doggo ;w;
26 Days ago


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My Pokémon fanfiction

Currently writing a Pokémon story set during the X&Y series! Here’s some info:

After arriving in Kalos, ash and pikachu find some new friends. Including a girl with her partner Olive the oshawott who dreams of becoming Kalos Queen, A gym leader who makes inventions, a little girl who tags along while finding someone to marry her big brother and a girl who started her journey for Ash and is figuring out her own dream. Join them on their adventures through the kalos region!

Just a heads up, Serena will be OOC as she isn't my favorite character. I may also add some parts that aren't in the anime but will be in this story. I will sometimes do special chapters that aren't part of the series. Flashback chapters related to Cami will also be in this book.

I dislike amourshipping so sorry amourshipping fans, no moments with them in this book
Ash x Cami AKA MasterQueenshipping

All characters except Cami, Megan, Ray and Sarah belong to their rightful owners! I don't own Pokémon :)

You can find it on Wattpad @Monkeybug0716, on DA @MonkeyBell998 and on Ao3 @MonkeyBell853. My DA, Wattpad and Ao3 account can be found on my contact list! Hope you enjoy the story!


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