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Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 1,904/2,729


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
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7917,734 / 18,961

About me

💜Monkey💜16💜She/her💜disabled💜proud dog owner💜

Hiya, I’m monkey! Im a 16 year old girl. I love playing games, some favorites include Pokémon, animal crossing and among us! I also love watching anime and other shows! I also have Autism(sensory processing disorder), anxiety, depression and learning disabilities so I apologize if I seem weird. I love animals and I have my own fur baby, Tinker(shih tzu). Thank you and enjoy my profile!

💜 ’Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me;Fight song 💜

Special Pokémon

My starter:
First mega:
First giga:
First retro:
First event:
First harvest sprite:
First shiny:

Favorite Pokémon

-all Monkey Pokémon
-all Baby Pokémon
-all Eevee and the eeveelutions
-any purple ones(in honor of dad and his fight against pancreatic cancer)
-Legends: Mew, Latias, kyogre, mesprit, shaymin, meloetta, xerneas, diancie, cosmog and evolves, poipole, meltan
-starters: chikorita, torchic, oshawott, fennekin and evolves, popplio and evolves
-other: alolan raichu, diglett, galar ponyta, horsea, omanyte, cherubi, lopunny, audino, foongus, frillish, dedenne, klefki, morelull, pyukumuku, mimikyu, yamper, appletun, sinistea, Galar corsla, milcery, falinks, pincurchin, snom, morpeko

Might be forgetting some


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #866710410
Registration: 03/04/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 142:37 Hours
Total interactions: 178,749
Money: 28,019
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


How much do mystery boxes and keys go for? I set up GTS trades for them often and i don’t know if the offers I get are too high or too low cause I don’t want to get lowballed
1 Day ago
Welp it’s March now, that means my surgery for wisdom teeth is in 14 days! Aaa I’m nervous. It’s been a while since I’ve had work done in my mouth and they always put me to sleep a different way.

On the bright side mario items are on ACNH today!!
3 Days ago
Today i pedaled for 5 minutes, going slow, then I took a water break and then I pedaled for 2 minutes, going fast. I’m going to try and that a daily routine.

In other news, I had a terrible sleep and I’m really tired. My poor eyes hurt real bad from lack of sleep and these annoying allergies.
5 Days ago
My mom assembled my exercise thing that I use for my legs/feet and arms/hands today. I tried it out and I like it. Right now our goal is to pedal 5 minutes a day. To build up core muscles and stuff.

So here’s to a hopefully more fit future for this Monkey!
6 Days ago
I’m very excited for DP remakes! I plan on getting diamond :3
6 Days ago
Me: *hoping bold with appear from [redacted]*

Bold: nope not today, just like the other day!
8 Days ago
Consultation was today, it went ok. Blood pressure had some trouble because the lady put it on wrong so we had to do it twice and my anxiety was screaming so you know. But we have a day, in March so you know, yay death day for me. It’s so close and imma be dreading it as it gets closer and closer. Like all of my appointments lol
10 Days ago

Allergies: hey let’s have the kind of allergies that make you sniff and make you sound like you’re crying!

Please help, my nose is dying. Also my appointment is tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it ;w;
11 Days ago
Manaphy plushie! Imma aim for one!
12 Days ago
My doggo Tinker got a bath! He needed it cause he was stinky.
12 Days ago
Hope y’all have a lovely night! Goodnight(it’s night for me)
13 Days ago
Retro squirtle! Yay I found one and won it from an auction! His name is baby bubble and I love him
14 Days ago
Hope everyone is having a good day so far
14 Days ago
Praise arceus, orange minior core plushie! Finally!
14 Days ago
I have a box for my eevee and it’s evolves(I have all of the eeveelutions and giga eevee!) and one for my Monkey Pokémon
14 Days ago
I’m watching CyberChase! Aaaa the nostalgia! This show taught me more about math than any of my teachers ever did.

Also we have a lot of snow outside. It’s crazy.
15 Days ago
Good night y’all!
16 Days ago
Me: ok orange minior! Come on!

Green minior: haha you wish.

I have 14 green core minior plushies! Please just one orange one! ;w;
16 Days ago
I finally found nappy, now to find bold and staid
16 Days ago
Hey remember how I said my sister and her boyfriend broke up? Well apparently it wasn’t a break up, just ‘taking a break’. What a load of trubbish. So they might get back together! But after him saying those mean things, why does my sister want to try again?! I’m definitely not forgiving him, he needs to mature first imo.

So if they do, then I’m stuck hearing about his immature self and his weird family :/. Why is life so confusing
16 Days ago


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Thank you!

Thank you for:

Any plushies! I love any and all plushies. I’ll take any plushie, even if it’s a magikarp or one worth a couple of dream points. So thanks to everyone who has or may give a plushie!

Interactions. Thank you for training or feeding my Pokémon! And for warming my eggs! I try my very best to interact back and I apologize if I don’t do it before reset.

Messages. I appreciate users who PM or palpad me! I apologize if I don’t respond or if my message back is short. I’m not good at socializing and I have a low reading and writing level. Just know I’m not ignoring you!

Friending me. I honestly get happy when people add me to their friend list, especially since I wasn’t used to friends growing up. So I really appreciate y’all who have me as a friend. I’ll add you back too!

So thank you in advance and I hope y’all have a lovely day! 🐒

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