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Trainerlevel: 54

Trainerpoints: 5,037/8,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,5111,535,020 / 6,853,897


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #972017336
Registration: 03/02/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 559:06 Hours
Total interactions: 1,087,679
Money: 1,320,605
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


It's just my luck that there would be a special SCS as I'm struggling with tendonitis on my dominant hand. 😅
8 Days ago
I got some major cleaning done today and can I just say this: Dust is a ridiculous concept.

"Ooooh, this thing isn't in use, let's make it dirty AF! Oooooh, this thing IS in use, well let's make it dirty anyways! What, you just cleaned there?! Well, gimme a second to settle down! 😘"

I don't need this attitude in my life.
Utterly outrageous.
14 Days ago
I found the new DLC for Pokemon Shield rather meh so far, but turns out, it allows you to have a Pokemon walk after you later on!
Now my cute Falinks is marching behind me! 😁😍😍😍

10/10, BEST. DLC. EVER!
17 Days ago
You won an auction.

Auction: Zapdos (Your bid: 550,000 ). The Pokémon has been transferred.


Nice! 😁 Now the only thing I miss for the Kanto-Dex is... well, a Ditto. 😫
So back to focusing on the Hoenn- and Galar-Dex it is.
19 Days ago
I just got a Galarian Ponyta sniped from me in the Auction House, even though the auctioneer had a whole load of them inside, all to the same price and most of them without an offer... Why would anyone pay a higher price just to take mine, while letting all those without offer run out? o_O Time could have not been an issue, mine was the one that run out first.
Normally I don't mind being sniped (well, not unduly), its part of the game, but... 😕
...Well, at least I got the other one I offered for. 🙂
25 Days ago
As bad as the circumstances are, I'm kinda gonna miss the time where I was required a face mask when I leave the house. I got used to people not being able to see a substantial part of my face, so I stopped schooling my expressions while listening to Podcasts as I do my shopping and so.

Now without mask other people are able to see me grin to myself like a crazy dumbass for no apparent reason. 😅
27 Days ago
Ok, Greg the gem collector has officially drained me of nearly all my gems like some kind of gem-vampire - a gempire, so to speak (😏).
And I still don't have that map. 😫
28 Days ago
Me: *playing Rune Factory 4* Okay, all fields are planted, the monsters will water them for me, so tomorrow I can focus on furthering the main quest. :)
Game: You asked for a massive storm that rips out most of your plants and turns all your fields into debris riddled wastelands, which will cost you an entire day to clean and replant?
Me: No?!
Game: Oh... Well, this is awkward... :/
1 Month ago
There's a Resolute Stone for 500 million in the Item-GTS-Beta thing. Not sure if its there for the beta-test, a typo or just a genuinely insane seller. o_O
1 Month ago
"You have traded 670 Gems with the Gem Collector so far."

No need to rub it in, Pokeheroes... :'D
1 Month ago
My history of basically never using the gem collector and only the cauldron is really biting me in the hindquarters right now.
1 Month ago
I need to stop clicking on Budew in the Bug Catching minigame.
But for some reason the monkey-part of my brain sees small, green and poisonous and goes "BUG! :D" even als the rational part of my brain screams "NOOOOOOO!" and there we go.
1 Month ago
I think I just accidentally released a Retro Tentacool I won from the Auction House, thinking it was a normal one.

...I also think I might need sleep. -___-
1 Month ago
OMG, I just got a Moltres-egg out of the lab! :D Between that and the random shiny Swellow today seems to be a lucky day for me! ^^
1 Month ago
Oooh, got a random shiny overnight, neat! :D
1 Month ago
Why does Cramorant take up five spaces in the Pokedex? I know, one is for its normal form, two more probably for the Pikachu- and Arrokuda-forms.
But what are the other two spaces for? I didn't even realize there where other forms...
1 Month ago
I finally managed to get one of my villagers off my island in ACNH! Unfortunately he wasn't one of those I absolutely wanted gone but one of those, where I didn't care either way, but I'm not complaining.
Instead I got an adorable pink octopus-lady named Marina! <3
1 Month ago
Poison and dragon gems look nearly exactly the same to me, which has become quite an annoyance when making Mega Stones in the cauldron... :/
2 Months ago
I forgot how much I love shiny Goomy, look at those adorable little vanilla slimes. :D <3
2 Months ago
My Queue-T has reached level 1000, yay! ^^
2 Months ago

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