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Formerly: Luck-
Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 1,721/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Minato Namikaze
(Tapu Koko)
1,83312,520,329 / 12,606,459
Luxray30652 / 2,534
Pidgeotto341,066 / 3,351
Throh28620 / 2,437
Palpitoad31596 / 2,727
Duskull2737 / 1,815

quit dming me with questions i dont play anymore i quit

A gift from Yamper

Luck Voltia x Pikachu

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #514856139
Registration: 26/08/2020 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1167:35 Hours
Total interactions: 15,387,880
Money: 470,180
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


was offline for 7 months but I wouldn't miss the Halloween event for the world 😋
8 Months ago
it’s so fun to just sit back and watch stuff unfold for once because neither the update nor the deletion of the update affects me 😭 ive got like a whole google document on stuff that could be fixed and updated, but maybe attacking the man for an interesting dex twist was a LITTLE far.

it also prevents cheaters and alt accounts from finishing the dex instantly, that way you can’t just transfer pokémon for dex completion! it also makes users work a little which is a good thing? think about the positives 😔
1 Year ago
riako should let me put 1.3 mil gamechips into a single coinflip so I can truly go all in
1 Year ago
after 3 months of practice in my backyard, I made the soccer team. ^^

not top 11 yet but I'll get there, my main spot so far is mid-fielder, usually right :)
1 Year ago
man why do my tapu koko's IVs gotta be so bad xP
1 Year ago
Shiny Zarude plushiee, finally!
difference went almost unnoticed at first xD
1 Year ago
I have to write a book, print it and bind it, and then read it out to 2nd graders. Project (meaning the whole book, art and all) is due tomorrow :,) plenty of timeeee.
1 Year ago
-Kyle -> Luck-

:D Regular Luck was taken okay xP
1 Year ago
To the guy named Luck who was reading the news THREE YEARS GO can you please get back online and change your name so I can have it ^^ im filled with rage
1 Year ago
1 Year ago
palms are quite sweaty now that 2 os have confirmed hatchings and 2 eggs are also on the line :,)
1 Year ago

im coming for you Zarudee
1 Year ago
to the random guy in my health class who let me copy four whole assignments that I missed in my absence and got my grade back to a 98, you're a hero
1 Year ago
As you all know i've been deeply in love with Black Clover recently, so Yamper combined my favorite character with one of my favorite Pokemon!

I present to you, Luck Voltia fused with Pikachu!
it's nice how they both relate to lightning

With Grimoire(zoom to 500%) & without Grimoire

made by your favorite doggo Yamper
1 Year ago
Just my thoughts on the whole leak situation..

"iT's IlLeGaL tO lEaK thINgS AnD iT vIoLAteS Ph RuLEs"

Firstly, it is not illegal. Leaking things such as company secrets or maybe even an entire unreleased game (with a copyright) is illegal, but sharing a tiny game leak such as the new Pokemon evolutions is nowhere near illegal.

Sure, maybe some of you didn't wanna see the leaks, but everyone that I've seen so far who shared a leak has given you warning. So you clicked on their links or opened their feed comments knowing what you were about to see/read. That's on you.

It's the choice of people if they want to share something like that, you could have a counterclaim to that saying it violated the "sharing illegal content" rule but considering it's not exactly "illegal content", there is no rule violation.

Argue with me, I dare you. But if you have actual documented proof of such a claim that it's illegal I'd be more than happy to admit I'm wrong, but I've done my research too. (1/2)
1 Year ago
i need to get christmas presents ready for everyone but I gave out my entire inventory before I left and my biggest source of value is about 38k pd worth of moomoo milk

what have I done
1 Year ago
what is game freak doinggg 💀💀
1 Year ago
Okay so I've been here like an hour I know just listen to me okay

I've got an idea. But first listen, I’ve dumbed it all down and shortened it but I've got a lot more detail to this that's much more clearer. I just need the “Ok” to start typing into the forums. Basically I'm reworking PMS and palpad and this feed explains a short version of reworking PMS.

While talking with m'lady here about some newbie mentoring related things I've got an idea to better help new members, involving the reworking of PMs and palpad.

Trip me if this is stupid or has been said before but,

The PM button is very small and non significant in the hotbar up there. Meaning it's very unnoticeable, along with the glow the PalPad has when you get a new message there.

A mentor is required to PM a newbie with offers to help them, the thing is that the newbie in my opinion (and knowledge)

continued in comments
1 Year ago
i'm back.
1 Year ago
Just an update on my whereabouts, i’ve been studying a bit and my relationship is surprisingly still going incredibly strong.

I’ve begun writing a manga! Unsure of the name and the goal but i’m currently working on a backstory and design for the main character as well as the use of mana and power ranking system which is still in complete bc mana can be confusing to rank.

Planning to major in mechanical engineering even tho that’s probably going to give me the most stress of my life!! took my first real act and nearly aced everything except science because my adhd wouldn’t let me focus at all :,) calculus is confusing man

anyways add my discord xk_sevrn#8997 i had to remove everyone 🥲
1 Year ago




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