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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 2,080/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
10th O.S!!!
(Giga Butterfree)
27217,039 / 222,769
Giga Charizard17764,128 / 108,198
Ponyta (Galarian)215 / 19
Ponyta (Galarian)218 / 19
Ponyta (Galarian)13533 / 547

All about Me!


Hi there! I’m Sophie. Let’s see, I’m a Panromantic Agender, I’m in Middle School (so under 18 ) and I find that I commonly break out into song. I’m also a writer! Well, I write for fun anyways. I have so many interests I wanna pursue, and why am I telling this to you? I have that really random sense of humor to. (or at least I think so) I’ve tried making a lot of shiny shops here but they all died because no one ordered, expect for the first one. I got to overwhelmed with the amount of times I had to update the thread and people weren’t communicating with me. >:[ It was really for though, don’t get me wrong. I’m almost always open to talk, so just hit me up whenever! Though warning: I have found myself over sharing a lot especially whenever talking about something I really like so sorry if it takes me a while to respond. Either I’m busy or constantly looking my response over to make sure I don’t over share. >-> Other than that, have a great day!

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☆Be More Chill
☆Hamilton: An American Musical
☆Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
☆Steven Universe
☆ Alec Benjamin
☆Six: The Musical
☆Sander Sides
☆Kipo And The Age Of The Wonderbeasts
☆Food Fantasy

☆Dear Evan Hansen
☆Mean Girls
☆Gravity Falls
☆ Invader Zim

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #288221074
Registration: 06/04/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 851:15 Hours
Total interactions: 78,514
Money: 123,963
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Tried a casual Patton Sanders cosplay today, think I did well. 👍

How can you get more casual than Patton’s normal clothes? 🤔
2 Days ago
I noticed I haven’t made a bracelet in a while (like since 1st grade) so I decided to make one today. I think I’ve been working on it for an hour or two and I’m only half way done. ;w;

Maybe that’s why I stopped making them...
2 Days ago
Jdkshdk I’m on S1 E19 Dreamscapers of Gravity Falls and woAh, things be gettin’ intEnSE!
3 Days ago
Why won’t YouTube recommend me anything good?

No, I don’t like Undertale anymore.
No, I don’t like Cuphead anymore.
I’ve never even heard of that Zelda game.
I’ve never even watched PewdiePie.
Since when did I like 5-MinuteCrafts?
You’re acting like I haven’t watched the Hamilton trailers 20,000,000 times before.

Step up your game YouTube.
5 Days ago
So I got bored and decided to search my name in the urban dictionary. So, I searched up urban dictionary and put Sophie in the urban dictionary’s search bar.

All I can say if that I’m flattered. 👀
5 Days ago
Ok, forget what I just said 5 min. and 26 sec. ago.

529,946/250,000 interactions

Now that’s impressive.
8 Days ago

👀 Woah
8 Days ago
Me: Man I’m bored, I should really find something to do.
My Brain: Watch Hamilton.
Me: But I’ve alread-
My Brain: Again.
8 Days ago

And the winner of #Hamilfilm is... *insert drumroll here* Grietine! The gift has been sent up, please accept in the next 7 hours or the prize will go to another user.
8 Days ago

LAST SAY TO ENTER. If you still haven’t entered yet make sure to do so, the winner’s going to be announced later today!
9 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 1 Hour and 6 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Phantump hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #283)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

Time to hunt a lemon lime horse. (Guess which shiny that is >:3)
10 Days ago

Hope I’m doin’ this right. XD

I'ma get a scholarship to King's College, I prob'ly shouldn't brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish. The problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish... I gotta holler just to be heard! With every word, I drop knowledge.
10 Days ago
#Hamilfilm ends tomorrow! Don’t throw away your shot at getting 100 nuggets!

hA I’m hilarious.
10 Days ago
Whoever makes hot chocolate with water like the instructions say instead of milk needs to reevaluate their life choices.
10 Days ago
Me: I wonder what I should do to wait out until July 3rd so i can watch Hamilton. :/

Disney+: We have Newsies: The Broadway Musical.

Me: Ok then.
10 Days ago
Just got Disney+

*kazoo noises*
10 Days ago
Game: Please enter a name for you.
Person: So what’s your name?

My instincts in any situation: Alexander Hamilton, my name is Alexander Hamilton. There’s a million things I haven’t done but just you wait, just you wait!
11 Days ago
Remember only 2 more days to enter #Hamilfilm ! If you haven’t already shared the hashtags make sure to do so!
11 Days ago
I live for Giga Butterfree.
11 Days ago
Everyone: Gigamaxing Pokémon

Me: *still not sure which Pokémon can do that*
11 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

ListensToMusic is currently hunting Ponyta (Galarian).
Hunt started: 02/07/2020

Chain: 25
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My P.H Family!

The Bunny Lord | Gay Witchcraft Cousin | Genius Uncle | The Dust That Gathers On The Shelf | That One Cat You Think Is Actually Human That Your Not 100% Sure It Exists | Milk Man | Pet Absol | Cat Sized Reshiram

I’m always open for more people! P.P/P.M me if you want to be apart of it! If so please tell me what you want to be!

A list of all my food souls.

Because yes. Updated as of July 5th 11:34 pm
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