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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 4,264/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
5531,012,259 / 1,148,859
(Mega Pidgeot)
350293,013 / 431,846

About Me

*Previously known as HarmonySong

Favorite Region(s): Unova and Kalos

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Pokémon: Swellow, and most other birds

Favorite Legendary: Virizion

I can also be found on Aura Kingdom for PC as well as AK Mobile, Summoners War, and Soccer Spirits on mobile!

Bird plushies are greatly appreciated!

Shiny Hunt

Lenndine is currently hunting Fletchling.
Hunt started: 25/09/2019

Chain: 141


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Newest gifts
Lenndine 12 Days ago
Lenndine 25 Days ago
Luxio 29 Days ago
Lenndine 1 Month ago

Past Hunts

Forgotten or unrecorded: Cyndaquil, Bulbasaur, Lilipup, Riolu, Treecko

Cubone - #72

Rufflet - #44

Deerling (Autumn) - #94

Houndour - #92

Feebas - #88

Taillow - #44

Pidgey - #40, #41, #50, #83, #118, #156, #250, #262, #286, #311, #338, #353, #354, #442, #447, #455, #471, #489, #511, #531, #548, #561, #590, #611, #613, #632, #635, #645, #735, #737, #836, #859, #878, #933, #949, #981, #1016, #1069, #1091, #1129, #1143, #1186 (MEGA)

Purrloin - #139, #206

Game Records

Trainer ID: #696178919
Registration: 19/05/2014 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1030:48 Hours
Total interactions: 195,212
Money: 302,092
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


You received a secret Pass Code for your last Wonder Trade
Finally xD
22 Days ago
Wonder Trade Report:

Gyarados => Gyarados
Absol => Gyarados
Riolu => Gyarados

... end me xD
25 Days ago
14 dragon gems for trade/sale ~!
27 Days ago
10 dragon gems for trade/sale~
1 Month ago
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Purrloin in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!
1 Month ago
Well with my gorgeous bird having finally hatched, I can finally start tackling my future hunts list ;u;
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Pidgey hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #1186)!
1 Month ago
Blacked out today. That was fun. Terrifying, but fun.
1 Month ago
They just canceled school because it’s dangerously hot and the AC is out..... welp xD
1 Month ago
I have returned to drowning in endless Pidgeys o3o
1 Month ago
Finally got enough nuggets to renew my premium... the hunt resumes!!
1 Month ago
Just opened up to someone about one of my deepest secrets that only one or two people know about and I’m not sure how to feel... it’s helping me come to terms with it but it also brought back the memories...
1 Month ago
6 dragon gems for sale! Message me if interested <3
1 Month ago
Asked for tonight off work to go to a musical that I got tickets for months ago.... turns out my boss is going to that same musical tonight. What are the odds that he chose the same night? Dx
2 Months ago
Oh my chain hit 1,000 already.... fun lol
2 Months ago
So I work at a local diner and let me just say..... no. Luckily I quit on Wednesday lol there’s really nice people n customers there don’t get me wrong but gah some people need to learn to be kind >.> gonna miss the regulars n my coworkers though~ just remember to be nice to those serving you or assisting you when you go out for food
2 Months ago
Well it’s been like 4 years since I last did a role play and tonight I found myself teaching a friend how to do one. Ah this brings back memories lol
2 Months ago
Well this shiny mega Pidgey hunt is nearing 1,000.... but anything is worth it for the beautiful bird and I ain’t letting go! Tbh this is gonna probs take me a year but heck, who cares, at least I like Pidgey lol
2 Months ago
Finally got around to watching A Silent Voice...... excuse me while I go cry. Why didn’t I watch this sooner? Holy wow... Okay, yeah, I’m fine. Definitely a new fav <3
2 Months ago
Don’t forget about #VirizionHorizon! May have to cancel if there isn’t enough entries ...
2 Months ago

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