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Trainerlevel: 83

Trainerpoints: 8,040/20,749


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Giga Gengar)
581147,962 / 1,199,967


the person responsible forthis is todd hurwitch

1 dont send me a magikarp plushie shiny or otherwise
2 if i tell you no on a trade dont keep begging
3 say something dif then hello if you want something from me
4 be respectful
5 if you send me a plushie then thank you and if you wish a plushie in return then pm me the plushie you want
5.5 i hate grammar nazi if your a grammar nazi im not a person you'd want to add as a friend because my grammar sucks
6 breaking any of these rules will likely get you blocked if not warned the first time you do them except the karp plushie rule that will auto block you no matter what if you cant afford the plushies on my profile nor in dw shop that i marked as my favs then that s no problem you dont actually have to send me a plushie for any reason especially if all the dp you have is for karp save more dp and then send if your still a mind to
shinies/mega ables already spoken for
7. if you want a battle ill battle you but no auto level battles for a challenge

Shiny Hunt

La~Shuppet is currently hunting Zomppet.
Hunt started: 09/08/2020

Chain: 19
0 1 0

plushies i m collecting

more plushies i want

goals for 2020

get female sm bannettenstein
get shiny entei
complete galar dex
continue my ultimate goal of total shinies of all things breedable on this site besides events
continue to collect for the legendary shinies i want to hunt

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #257754977
Registration: 07/10/2015 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Sep/2020
Game Time: 8322:57 Hours
Total interactions: 9,727,811
Money: 2,233,031
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


well not only am i gonna have boss fight with one of the birds but im also getting a dynamax crystal too. :) now if itd just increase the amount dragons it sends me.
Today, 20:40
reminder the swt is today and on saturday will be the scs
Today, 20:15
griseous orbs-150k
terra caves-225k
sky pillars-250k
matching boxes and keys 20k per match
Today, 16:31
to illustrate what i said earlier notice the difference between the regular rumbles and galar and spooky manor map.
Today, 08:34
Dear Ecco i know you miss ph. i know you can see this [or so you claim] but please stop signing into ph i need closure with you being gone and seeing you log on day after day after day after day in memorium is frustrating and i cant get closure because seeing your tropius in the online user list is driving me insane as i remember some quip or post you made in the past. sign frustrated user.
Today, 07:39
ok cracks knuckles im doing this i am going to see if i can hatch all the shelter eggs available to the star pass with the bonus we have today on pfq only visiting ph to adopt eggs and check rumbles. tonight i dine in hell.
Today, 03:31
hmm it seems i was seriously underpricing nuggets today. fyi the nuggets are all gone that i sold.
Today, 03:25
if i knew id definitely get a melan id have completely ignored ph and concentrate on pfq and hatch as many shelter eggs as possible to get it which would mean me staying up tonight and get no sleep; but knowing me id stay up all night hatch as many eggs as possible and all id get is a headache. sigh i just want this hunt over 9k plus melan chains are a B****.
Today, 01:48
Im loving this computer for so many reasons its just that today i was able to bond with my familiars on flightrising in months. because my other computer would just be too frigging slow to load them no matter what i did to speed it up. but today i got done with bonding with my familiars in 7 minutes where the fastest i ever done on a previous computer was thirty minutes. and also even though pfq is lagging its still doing faster then what it did on previous computers.
Today, 00:28
finally hatched the first mega able of the hunt. one order down and few more to go.
Today, 00:14
Yesterday, 23:02
for the next few days it will look like i purchased an event pass. because i remembered i had over 2k nuggets just setting all alone and i converted them to event points and now i can speed up this hunt a bit
Yesterday, 22:22
offer willing to break up but only for matching pairs
Yesterday, 22:07
now lets see if i can turn this shiny bonus day into something interaction exchange?
Yesterday, 21:48
more keldeos in auction house and one i made mistake on and it will be gone in an hour.
Yesterday, 20:23
yes i just got a new computer and wow is it faster
Yesterday, 18:53
marapet rant: dear drew i know you have to make these quests hard. i get that. i respect that. but could you for once have 10-20 quests in a row where its not clothing i dont have and is almost impossible to get???
Yesterday, 17:24
is offering 4k nuggets for 4k zc
Yesterday, 16:30
is buying
terra cave maps for 225k per map
sky pillar maps for 250k per map
griseous orbs 150k per orb
Yesterday, 15:30
Id laugh if riako ever did latias/latios hunt.
Yesterday, 14:39

just info

I will help you evolve applin into flapple if you dont have time to wait on the tree to trigger the event

38 old woman
no i dont have discord
no im not willing to trade anything outside my uft box
i have one son on here called Road_Ceasar plus a younger son who joined but only plays about once a month if any at all on here
my favorite legend: mew
my favorite ghost:giratina
my favorite type: ghost
please think of something else besides hi if you want something from me
backwater gospel


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