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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 2,841/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Porygon39 / 37
Porygon713 / 169
Porygon618 / 127
Porygon511 / 91
Porygon674 / 127
Porygon9117 / 271



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Newest gifts
Professor Rowan 2 Days ago
Ribombee 3 Days ago
Lighty 15 Days ago
~Aurum~ 20 Days ago

Acceptable Trade Offers

[center]1.5k PD = 1 Nugget
Vortex of Time Maps/Adamant Orbs: 170k each
Dragon Gems: 50k each
Light Stones: 300k each

Hunt List

Game Records

Trainer ID: #418060580
Registration: 19/08/2013 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 21/Oct/2020
Game Time: 2816:23 Hours
Total interactions: 2,682,726
Money: 1,318,757
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


Buying these:
- Vortex of Time Maps/Adamant Orbs, 170k each
- Fairy Gems, 2k each
- White Stones, 300k each

I’ve also got stuff in my trade box. Don’t feel like going through everything but just off the top of my head:
- Primal Dialga and Seatran are 100k each
- All other events (I think?) are 5k each, except Solastra which are 10k
- Shiny Applin are 300k each
- Shiny Solrock are 450k each
- Also x2 Star Pieces, 50k each
Ask about other Pokemon in the trade box
Yesterday, 03:57
Nothing causes more fear and fright than being chased by a scorpion or tarantula in Animal Crossing. I hope the new game keeps this so that I can experience this horror on the TV.
5 Days ago
Interaction exchange? Mewtwo is behind by 10 levels and lots of apple eggs to hatch
9 Days ago
Applin slots at 300k each, other alternative payment options are on my profile. Also I've got a lot of extra non-shiny Applin again, one per person, comment if you want one!
11 Days ago
Oh yeah also close feeds but if anyone doesn't have an Applin yet and wants one for free just comment and I'll set up a private trade!
15 Days ago
Be careful if you're hunting Applin and are checking the honey tree! The honey tree ended up transforming my Applin egg into an Appletun egg and it hatched as such. Eggdex even says I've hatched Appletun, and I'm now chaining Appletun. It's an interesting turn of events.
15 Days ago
I've hatched 28 Missingno. but number 28 hatched shiny so random shiny I guess???
17 Days ago
Will this finally be the year we get Necrozma and Magearna, who have been in the games since 2016 and still aren't released? Will we ever be able to have a full pokedex or will we continue to constantly, always have Pokemon missing from the dex? The prioritization of shadows over core series Pokemon continues to confuse me.
17 Days ago
2015 - 29
2016 - 46
2017 - 12
2018 - 5
2019 - 99

Got close to those triple digits
17 Days ago
gotta get that door open yup
1 Month ago
Discord is having troubles
What am I supposed to do with my life now
1 Month ago
Shiny Solrock slots for 450k, 300 nuggets, or 9 dragon gems each. Just comment here if you'd like one!
1 Month ago
I wish each Pokemon here had its own egg design, like on GPX+ and PFQ. I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to help out with a project like that. I mean not that it's a necessity, it'd just be cool if they all had egg designs along with the legends, events, etc.
1 Month ago
thankful for snow
when are we getting snow
please weather I really want snow
1 Month ago
Plugging this in here because I think it's the best solution to our broken mega system

But of course if anyone disagrees with my idea and has a different idea of how to fix the mega system, I highly encourage you to make a thread for it because the more discussion we can generate on this issue the better.
1 Month ago
[Selling Pokemon]

From this box

- Retros: Kanto Starters, 25k | Mew, 900k | Tentacool, 20k | Ducklett, 50k | Togepi, 5k
- Shinies: Numel/Camerupt, 50k | Poochyena, 100k | Woopice, 600k
- Events: Primal Dialga, 50k | Seatran, 50k | Unown Flake, 30k | All Others, 5k
- Anniversary Gifts: 50k
- Shaymin / Lake Trio: 50k
- Alolan Raichu / Unown: 5k
- Mega-able Beedrill: 15k

Prices are per one Pokemon. Nuggets and dragon gems are acceptable alternative payments [1 dragon gem = 50k, 1 nugget = 1.5k]. PM/palpad me if interested.
2 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Seatran hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #52)!

hello water friend
2 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Primal Dialga hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #92)!

2 Months ago
Will we ever be able to finish the pokedex or will PH be forever behind in releasing Pokemon? After six years the site is still behind on Pokemon.
2 Months ago
Interaction exchange? This party will hit chain 40!
2 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

KrazyKarp is currently hunting Porygon.
Hunt started: 18/01/2020

Chain: 30

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