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Registration: 19/08/2013 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 14/Oct/2019
Game Time: 2662:25 Hours
Total interactions: 2,205,883
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Time to hunt for all the shiny Rotom forms, yay
Today, 00:14
People always are like “ooh calculus is hard” but it’s not? Of course the semester has only just begun but it’s really easy so far, my English literature class is harder and that’s even with an easy teacher.

The wonders of individual strengths and weaknesses, I suppose.
3 Days ago
The first chapter of chemistry and physics, while essential, is completely boring. I always get an A in the class without paying much attention to the first chapter, high school and college classes. A chapter purely on units, uncertainty, etc. has to be the blandest thing that ever existed. Everything afterwards is exciting I want the exciting stuff

Anyway that's my nerd rant
7 Days ago
Random lab shiny! My second one! First one was a Gothita a long time ago
12 Days ago
I made a suggestion about megas, check it out here!
14 Days ago
I don't keep up much with the Pokemon anime anymore, I think Ash is in the Alola league now? I hope he loses, he's reason why I stopped watching the anime. Such an annoying main character.
15 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Winter Numel hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #222)!
That took way too long, had to buy a second event pass for this hunt from hell
By the way, I have two extra megas from this hunt if anyone wants to do a mega event swap, anything except Rokkyu and Autumn Mareep
24 Days ago
Using feeds to talk to this anonymous harasser isn't actually going to do anything. They're fishing for attention and you all are taking the bait.

I know people are just trying to be supportive and that's fine. A feed showing support for someone is great! But feeds with messages directed towards the anonymous harasser aren't going to do anything except give them the attention that they want.

Attention fishing is a huge pet peeve of mine, but people actually taking the bait and giving attention to fishers is an even bigger pet peeve. Don't do that.
25 Days ago
I like how the top three users in the most interactions in 30 days ranklist are permanently locked
26 Days ago
Just some thoughts:
I don't understand why things like events and shadows are prioritized over official Pokemon. SM will soon be three years old and we still don't have Type: Null or Necrozma. Yet new events and the entirely new categorization of shadows are released. I mean maybe there's a rhyme or reason to this that I don't understand but as it is right now, completing the pokedex is just a dream because PH can't keep up with new Pokemon. Not to mention Sw/Sh are coming soon, too.
27 Days ago
I'm pretty neutral on an interaction cap but Riako could've at least told us about it???
29 Days ago
Close feeds but
why are permanently locked people still on the ranklists? I feel like they should be booted off
1 Month ago
Here we go! Interaction exchange?
1 Month ago
Remember to keep Sw/Sh spoilers in comments and not on the feeds themselves. Be respectful and kind to those who don't want to be spoiled.
(why isn't this a rule, anyway? should be a ban-able offense)
1 Month ago
For people playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses:
Is anyone using a magic unit who has reason or faith as a budding talent? There's obvious units like Lysithea for magic, but if budding talents help a lot then I'm looking at maybe Sylvain.
I wish Byleth had better magic growth and was able to get dark magic, as well as a higher magic cap. Oh well.
1 Month ago
People seem kinda salty and upset more than usual?

I have no idea, I'm just over here in the corner hoping for a summer premium sale soon
1 Month ago
I feel like if Rowan doesn't want us setting Hoopa free, he should probably not be putting it in treasure chests that are meant for a game center after each time we find Hoopa
1 Month ago
It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.
1 Month ago
I like when people say stuff like "omg I have 37th OS this!" and "I have 19th OS that!"
Especially in names. "Timmy [78OS]"
The best part is GTS. "For trade: 23rd OS" like "OH BOY I've always wanted a Pokemon that's 23rd OS, what a dream come true"
Anyway I hope everyone has a good day/night!
1 Month ago
Chain 102, no shinies, 5 megas
I think my pokeradar has gotten shinies and megas mixed up, it probably thinks mega chains are a thing but shiny chains are not
1 Month ago

Shiny Hunt

KrazyKarp is currently hunting Rotom.
Hunt started: 18/09/2019

Chain: 1

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