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Formerly: KingCobalion
Trainerlevel: 59

Trainerpoints: 4,274/10,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

Milla, also known as KingCobalion
18, genderfluid, game developer and player.
Current pronouns: she/her

Please don't ask where everything on my profile went. I've decided I want to distance myself from the social features of this site for the time being.
If I wasn't friends with you before, don't PalPad or PM me or you will be met with a swift block if I happen to be in a sour mood. (An exception will be granted to those who wish to rent out monthly Mr. Bagon slots.)

Shiny Hunt

Milla is currently hunting Mr. Bagon.
Hunt started: 06/09/2022

Chain: 779
21 21 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #249229349
Registration: 13/07/2017 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Jan/2023
Game Time: 914:11 Hours
Total interactions: 1,513,112
Money: 1,795,036
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


This chain is definitely trolling me
3 Days ago
I am very tempted to make some VERY irresponsible financial decisions
3 Days ago
Holy hell the Black Friday sale is HUGE
3 Days ago
Shiny and mega-able in same party again man
4 Days ago
Oh yeah, since Mega Arcanine is a thing, does that mean Mega Arcaddly will be a thing soon too
5 Days ago
Please give me an SM so I can move on to Raylong, game @[email protected]

I need to come back and get 10 more anyway
8 Days ago

they completely surprised me lmao
8 Days ago
AAAAAAA I can't play Pokemon Violet because I don't have any MONEY and I was really looking forward to having it on launch ;-;

I also can't play PLA until December... it's complicated
9 Days ago
Well, I felt bad that I was holding onto that much money after I lost the Virizion auction, so I decided to buy two shiny Eternatus for ImperialHound so she didn't have to save up for the hunt

Surprised? This is just what I do LOL, nice to meet you
9 Days ago
Sorry for close feeds lmao but uh 18 Eternal Rocks in GTS Item Market for 125k PD each, super cheap

Get 'em while you can, gonna insta-buy the other shiny Eternatus on AH for a friend
10 Days ago
However, on the other hand, I made someone happy today
10 Days ago
Dreams were crushed today
10 Days ago
I sure am glad I kept this Tympole around (3 gold, 2 silver)
10 Days ago
The Truth Never Spoken is so beautiful ;-;

Go play Rabi-Ribi, it is a fantastic game!
11 Days ago
Oh god, I have a feeling that this new feature is gonna cause some drama
12 Days ago
Still 450 Nebula Stones on GTS for 9500 PD a piece
12 Days ago
Cheap shiny Regirock and Regice on AH! (They have not been used for the Royal Quest yet!)
14 Days ago
25% of the Nebula Stones are gone, 449 remain! Get 'em while you still can!
14 Days ago
Flash sale on 600 Nebula Stones for 10k PD each on GTS Item Market, get them before they're gone
14 Days ago
I have my faults. I am impulsive and overly sensitive, which is what led to the events that happened today.

Nothing can take away the emotional stress that they endured, and for that I am ashamed of myself for letting my emotions take control of me yet again.

I've talked about everything with them and because the accusations were circumstantial at best I am dropping them all. (Google Doc will be private ASAP as well.)

I'm sorry to them and to all of you, but I don't expect your forgiveness. I will attempt to distance myself from feeds for a long time. I'd distance myself from PH completely for a while, but it would be unfair to the person currently renting a monthly Mr. Bagon slot from me. (If this situation leads to me being temp or permbanned, I'm okay with that too; I want to learn to control myself.)
14 Days ago


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