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Trainerlevel: 52

Trainerpoints: 4,856/8,163


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
2,4567,567,814 / 22,628,971
1,8007,024,743 / 9,725,401
Azalea Priya
(Ninetales (Alolan))
1,7935,114,054 / 9,649,927
(Ninetales (Alolan))
1,3382,395,375 / 5,374,747

About Me

Jade She/Her 18 Sad
"Brain does a Kaboom."
"Since I don't have a boyfriend I have manymuchs more lov's to give to my friends"

Can you medicate a broken heart?
Make your tragedies a work of art
Medicate a broken heart
Build your walls up just to rip them apart
Is this the way to fix this or is this a quick fix?
I really couldn't say
Can you medicate, medicate, medicate it away?

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Shiny Hunt

JadeING is currently hunting Treecko.
Hunt started: 28/01/2019

Chain: 1,733
51 24 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #188533160
Registration: 24/04/2016 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Jul/2019
Game Time: 1209:06 Hours
Total interactions: 1,073,011
Money: 681,682
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


So my cat has been lying in front of the air conditioner for some time now and every time I try to touch her she kicks my hand away like "No, hooman! No touchy! 2 warm 4 meh"
Yeah, we're all melting over here xd and I'm kinda running out of water already?? send help...
1 Day ago
I feel like I improved in Art a lot lately. I started a picture maybe three or four weeks ago and I just reopened it to work on it again and in the first five minutes of staring at the sketch I had so many ideas of how to make it look better, because I thought some parts looked weird. Feels good to know that I am indeed making progress ^-^ (but this picture... I'm working on... is so frustrating right nooooooow (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ )
3 Days ago
*wants to befriend some people*
*searches up some people's name in the PalPad*
*rememberes that she's socially super awkward especially with people she doesn't know and is bad at starting meaningful conversations*
*clicks off and returns to her dark corner in her room*
5 Days ago
Oh, Well Hello PFQ! Been a rough time for the staff, hu? TwT Well, I'm glad it's back online!
7 Days ago
[ Looking for Art ]

I'm looking for Art of him and cutesy Art of her possibly together with him
Anything that is digital is fine ^-^
I can pay in PD and Nuggies.
If you're interested in drawing them, hmu with your price, pleasee~ ♥
7 Days ago
Ticks I have / Weird stuff I do (Volume 1)

1. When I show my appreciation for someone/something someone did I lay an Arm around their shoulders and press my forehead against their head xD I don't know why I do this. I've been spending too much time with my cats, I guess.
2. I love dipping cookies in Milk but I hate drinking the Milk afterwards. The same goes for cereal.
3. When I close my eyes to sleep and I move them they feel weird. I have to reopen my eyes, recenter them and then close them again xD (I also feel a weird pressure on my upper eyelid recently... maybe I should let that get checked)
4. I have a weird habit of talking to digital pixels, like my dogs on Nintendogs or my Pokémon Team. xd
5. Crazy Shipper alert xD

Call me a weirdo xD
8 Days ago
Huggles? \(,, QwQ ,,)/ i'm lonely....
8 Days ago
I'm looking for Links/Friends/potential Partners for Beast and Natiya qwq
Just request a Link for them I'll accept for sure! ;w; ♥

Also, I'm looking for art of them too! I can pay in PD and Nuggets! Digital only, please ;-; if you wanna draw them hmu with a price ♥
10 Days ago
Finally got it done! Had to re-do it completely but I guess it was worth it... [X]
12 Days ago
Sorry if I haven't replied to your messages at all. (Neither on PH nor on Discord)
I'm just not fine right now and it's one of those problems which is hard to talk about, let alone put into words. I feel selfish and ignorant for feeling like this and I need to cope with that before I feel able to engage in conversations again.
I read your messages and I appreciate your concern and support ♥
Gosh, I love you all so much ♥
15 Days ago
So Lilly found out what cardboard boxes are and is addicted now. Somebody help.

17 Days ago
It's my mom's birthday today and I'm gonna bake a cake for her when she's at work >:3c Then I can see if the fire alarm works xD
22 Days ago
Jade: *makes fart noises with her hand*
Cherry: *freaks out because she doesn't know that noise and where it's coming from*
Mom: "... You're so immature sometimes. Right, Cherry?"
Brother: *starts making fart noises with his armpits*
Mom: "Nooo! gosh stooop!"

I love moments like these :'D
28 Days ago
I wasn't feeling well yesterday and Cherry refused to leave my side and and tried to make me feel better ;w;

I don't deserve this cat
1 Month ago
You know what Mega would be amazing? Reuniclus owo
Just a huge blob of power xD
1 Month ago
you know what I'm looking forward to? Summer Thunderstorms ^-^
I love the sound of Thunder and the smell when it rains >w< especially at night it helps me fall asleep :3
1 Month ago
Me: *sneezes* "Yeeaucha!"
Mom: "... Gesundheit?"
Me: "thanks :3"
Mom: "That was an actual sneeze??"
Me: "yeee but it's better than the "pikachu" one xD"
1 Month ago
that moment when your 6kg, fluffy cat falls asleep on your face...
1 Month ago
Matching avis with my bby (aka Shindai) (,,*7*,,) ♥♥♥
1 Month ago
Uncle: *gives me a milkshake* "Take a good sip I coming right back!"
Me: *drinks whole cup in one big sip*
Uncle: *comes back and looks shocked at my glass*
Me: *grins*
Uncle: *starts laughing*
1 Month ago

Are we all the same?
Looking for love, looking for love
Are we all in chains?
Trying to be enough, be enough
If I looked you in the eye
And showed the broken things inside
Would you run away?
Would you run away?
If you saw my darkest parts
The wicked things inside my heart
Would you run away?
Or are you the same?



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