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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 6,084/7,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
2,111507,581 / 16,719,121
Treecko10 / 9
Treecko10 / 9

About Me

Jade She/Her 18 Sad
"Brain does a Kaboom."
"Since I don't have a boyfriend I have manymuchs more lov's to give to my friends"

Can you medicate a broken heart?
Make your tragedies a work of art
Medicate a broken heart
Build your walls up just to rip them apart
Is this the way to fix this or is this a quick fix?
I really couldn't say
Can you medicate, medicate, medicate it away?

Avatar by Katakuri

• Don't involve me in Drama.
• Don't ask people to ask me why I blocked you. Or ask me to ask someone why they blocked you. I'm not the person to get into other people businesses.
• Don't stick you nose into my business.
• Don't ask for Money/Pokémon etc. I give them away when I stated so in a feed.
• Don't ask me to join your giveaway or sub to your channel.
• Beggers will be blocked instantly.
• I will ignore simple "hi", "hey", etc. messages. If you want to talk to me, start with a topic >->

Apart from that: I usually don't bite, so don't be afraid to start a conversation ^^

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Shiny Hunt

JadeING is currently hunting Treecko.
Hunt started: 28/01/2019

Chain: 970
24 12 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #188533160
Registration: 24/04/2016 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Jul/2019
Game Time: 1084:32 Hours
Total interactions: 995,294
Money: 812,026
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


I should sleep but I can't because I'm full of caffein QwQ it's 2 a.m and I need to get up at 7:30 a.m ... I'm dead uwu
Yesterday, 00:03
-it's raining from outside into my room through the open window-

Mom: "Well hopefully you don't have any school books under that window!"
Me: "Nah, just electricity"
Mom: "Well, that's good"
1 Day ago
By Anniversary - 10 Hours and 5 Minutes ago.
You've been a member on PokéHeroes
for more than 3 Years now!

Oh my OwO Time sure flies by ♥
2 Days ago
I'll be getting new glasses soon! Finally after almost half of my life wearing these glasses I get new ones x3 My Uncle ordered them today and they said that they might be ready to get picked up next week! They've put me on a priority list because of my "almost-blind" left eye :0 I'm really excited x333
I gotta work more under my uncle to pay him off but that's cool with me .3.
2 Days ago
Feed this Chu a berry? I'll return! :3
3 Days ago
So my cousin is angry at me for not wanting to borrow her a switch game. My reasons:
- she doesn't take care of stuff and Switch Games are heckin expensive
- I never got anything back that I borrowed her. Ex.: a Wii game that I lent her around 8 years ago. I still haven't gotten it back but I know that she still has it because everytime I'm at her place she goes "Wanna play that?" and when I ask her to get it back she says "Yeah, I'll give it back to you" but never does. Now I could care less because I have the same game for switch now but she wants to "borrow" that too!
- She wants to play the games outside im her garden because her parents always tell her to go outside. But they also complain that she's on her phone too often so I don't think that it would be different with the Switch.

And now she's angry because I'm not trusting her with that anymore? Not my problem tbh. I really love her and all but she has to get certain stuff together.
3 Days ago
Happy Easter!
I hope you will have a wonderful day with lots of chocolate! \(^▽^@)ノ
5 Days ago
*balances her stylus on her lips* I'm booored /( 0(Y)0 )\
6 Days ago
Found the last egg, phew! ^^
8 Days ago
Sometimes I wonder how many people actually dislike me on here but are trying to be polite owo makes me kinda insecure...
10 Days ago
I just survived a spider attack 0-0 it wasn't bigger than a Fingernail but I was still being a little scared Jadey and had to get my mom to kill it xD I just finished cleaning the splatter off of my wall ._.
10 Days ago
Guess I'll be playing some good ol' Minecraft for a while until I'm motivated enough to pick up my stylus xD
10 Days ago
smol Chibi Tamu ♥
I can't believe this little boy ate so much of my time but I'm proud I guess?? ;w; Idk Chibis aren't my strengths but I tried (;._.)
11 Days ago
@last feed

I still have no idea what I'm doing xD

I just came back from watching a movie on the TV and was like "Yeah it's not thaaat bad" *looks at sketch* "Nevermind..."
I don't know how to make it woooork, I-I jefnbuaoecappf *panicked screeching*
11 Days ago
*looks at the sketch*
... I seriously have no idea what I'm doing
11 Days ago
So my cousin found my old Nintendogs DS game from 2012. I must have lend it to her when she didn't have it and she never gave it back. Turns out, she earned a heck ton of money, gave away all my dogs and ended the game with an unnamed female Chihuahua as the only dog. Well I named the little pup Chia and will start from the scratch again
12 Days ago
Cousin: "I'm doing a minecraftz"
Me: "And I forgot my minecraft passwort"
12 Days ago
I'm in a bad mood right now.. anyone knows something that could lighten a mood? Like a funny video or something?
13 Days ago
I'm very sorry for the delay! ;W;
I literally just came home xD

Anyway, the randomizer has spoken! The winner of this raffle is....

Quinton! Congratulations!
I will send over the Nuggets shortly~

Thank you all for participating!
14 Days ago

The world's not perfect, but it's not that bad
If we got each other, and that's all we have
I will be your lover, and I'll hold your hand
You should know I'll be there for you
When the world's not perfect
When the world's not kind
If we have each other then we'll both be fine
I will be your lover, and I'll hold your hand
You should know I'll be there for you



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