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2 Days ago
[ Looking for Art ]

I'm feeling awful so I'm looking to buy art to make myself feel better. I have 3 Mil PD and 700 Nuggies to spend on art ~
Please give me examples of your recent works and a price (I'm not comfortable with pwyw stuff so please have a set price ;u; ) Can be any kind of art as long as it's digital ♥

Characters I want art of:
[x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | | [x] | [x]
3 Days ago
No messages today, please.
3 Days ago
Roadwork ahead? Uhh, yeah. I sure hope it does.
3 Days ago
Here is my Art Fight
Feel free to follow or attack me once it starts~
4 Days ago
I picked up Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated and I already love it xD
I love how the original voice actor for Spongebob is actually voicing him now <3

Hhhh- the nostalgia!
6 Days ago
*sends picture of fried chicken to a friend*

Me: I've got a hot chick between my legs :smirk:
Him: ... What the actual heck, Jade.
6 Days ago
*debates wether or not to open her art shop again because she's really bored, got notging to draw and has been replaying through the Spyro Reignited Trilogy twice this week*

So, uh, interested in a new art shop, anyone?
6 Days ago
Click exchange? My daycare is full >.<
7 Days ago
*low voice*
Dear Diary,
I've been out here for an hour. I only have blurry memories of what has brought me in this situation, but it all could have been avoided IF MY CATS DID THEIR ONLY JOB! *ahem*
It started an hour ago. I wanted to take a shower, but there was an intruder, hiding, plotting to ruin my day. A spider in the bathtub! My Flight response was triggered by the sight of that bloodlusting beast and I quickly fled, shutting the monster in the bathroom. I went back into my room to draw. But there awaits the next intruder. Another Spider, hanging right above my trusty and defenseless laptop. I had to abandon it, for my own survival. I'm so sorry, old pal. My brain, once again, switched into panic mode and I buckled out of the apartment, only to be ripped out of that panic by the sound of the door falling into the lock. I didn't grab my keys.

I haven't showered in 3 days, I'm hungry and my phone is running low on battery. I feel like Bear Grylls.
8 Days ago
Me: *asks my mom if she can bring me something from the store and even writes it down*

Mom: *bring me thousand other things but forgets the one thing I asked of her and gives me the money to go get it myself*

Don't worry, Mom. I still love you XD
8 Days ago
So, this is what happens when I try out a new style :eyes:

I hate it lmao
8 Days ago
Okay, I'm gonna jump on!

Q&A, go! Gonna answer as honest as possible :3
10 Days ago
So I just redesigned an old character of mine and the progress I made these past two years is pretty nice xD

Fluffels 2018: [X]
Fluffels 2020: [X]

(yes it's the same character xD)
11 Days ago
Why. Always. The. Carpet.

Cat owners will know what I'm talking about -w-
12 Days ago
I really wanna commission some artists to draw my babies but I also wanna save the money I make from usd commissions to buy my mother a new laptop >_< *sighh*
14 Days ago
Wanna see something cute?

Here you go
I love wolves too much lmao
17 Days ago
Honestly, my mom is adorable when she sleeps. Well, yes she snores but every so often she smiles and I think that's absolutely precious ❤
20 Days ago
So tonight is my 'I watch movies that I last seen when I was a kid' night apparently :3
20 Days ago
Me: *has liquid treat for my cats on my hands and holds it in front of Lilly for her to get it*
Lilly: "Nah, Dawg. I'd rather have it on mah ear than get my mouth close to your fingahs!"
Cherry: gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme
22 Days ago