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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 226/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Marshall ~
368254,398 / 477,897
Zander ~
31326,393 / 294,847

Warnings about me

Due to current happenings IRL I may not respond as quick on PP or PM due to feeling depressed , please be patient with me <3

- I wont add you back if you friend me if I deem you scary or annoying ( I know I'm childish but I do genuinely get scared sometimes or sometimes I might find you annoying if you post too many feeds a day I'm sorry please don't be offended...)

- I can get stressed when talking about certain topics so if I stopped responding it might be because I'm stressed out

- I tend to ramble about my oc's please stop me if I ramble unless you wanna hear about them x3

-I'm not too active anymore but if you want to chat to me PP/PM me and ask for my discord ^w^

- I'm normally playing animal jam or animal crossing! if you wanna play with me PP/PM me!!



my commissions are currently |Open!| Closed! sorry come back later!|
are these PWYW?: simple answer? no , I will calculate the payment depending on what you want and how long I estimate it will take me x3

what can I draw?: humans/humanoids(better at males!), Anthros, Ferals, Gore (contact me offsite 🖤)

what wont I draw?: NSFW, MLP, Equines, Bovines (not on this list? ask me!)

commissions are probably open to friends ! just ask me ^^

Relative prices :
Headshot: 50k-75k
Ref sheets: 500k-1mil
Pixel pagedolls: 250k
Normal pagedolls:250k-300k (maybe more)

Price ranges vary depending on what i deem to be a complex character

awesome people !

- Zadeon24 My lovely boyfriend! I love him with all my heart 🖤🖤🖤🖤
- ~Miyuki~ She's always been there for me and she's really sweet! thank you for being such a good friend!!
- Godfaking a really cool person, a joy to talk to and has beautiful art!! And they’re really easy to talk to! ^^
- egg16 although he doesn't really come on much anymore we rp on Discord a lot XD and lemme tell ya they are c h a o t i c ! but all good RP's should be !
- LucarioLover99 a really cool person and I love her art style! its really eye pleasing ^^
- ChikoritaMining while we don't talk much I love their art style and the few times we did talk while short! were nice ^^

Relaxing songs <3~

<3 tba

Game Records

Trainer ID: #422770373
Registration: 25/11/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 647:50 Hours
Total interactions: 179,611
Money: 1,038,650
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


* sounds of a heart monitor , a gentle groan then the sound of panic and deep panting*
wh.. I- where... how - I-
"ah you're finally awake hmm?"
how did I-
"sweetie you're in hospital, its all ok"
* sounds of someone trying to sit up then a quiet crack*
"no no lay down, you'll hurt yourself.."
yeah thanks for the warning before-
"you have a visitor by the way, i'll let him in.."
* sounds of heels on the floor and a opening door then someone entering*
"....hey.. i.. i didn't know you'd woken up i- I'm sorry i can go-"
you're chaotic bunny-
* soft laughter*
" I'm sorry i didn't- "
its alright i know shhh..come here-
* footsteps *
"heyy what was that for!"

Yesterday, 22:40

*soft sigh*
I never really cared for myself.. I mean- my mother was always so busy with my younger sister and brother that .. well she didn't really care for me.
* short pause *
that's not even counting my dad.. I don't wanna speak about him..
"its- its alright you- I'm not making you -"
I know , I know .. it'll be good for me to get some stuff off my chest though
*sounds of a bed being laid on*
I kinda wish I did care for myself back when I joined this school. I wish I hadn't of done stupid things, I wish I wasn't friends with Ryan back then. there's I whole long list I have of things I regret.
*deep sigh*
"I know, I know you regret all that stuff.. I regret not telling my dad I loved him enough before.. well.. you know what happened.."
everything will be alright now though, because we have each other, and even if we're dumb- or a bad match, or chaotic .. we're us you know? and we love each other and that's what matters!
Yesterday, 22:08

hey dad? can you tell me a bit more about ... us?
"sure come have a seat.."
* squeaks of a wooden chair*
"once a long long time ago, there was a creator, the creator decided one day there should be a race of humans with a deep corruption that's wolfish in nature and can preform amazing feats of strong magics.."
wow.. that's .. pretty cool! can I do magic??"
* soft and gentle laughter *
"you sure can kid.."
*sounds of rustled hair*
hey dad?
what's my powers?
"you control electric just like me"
wow... electric, that's ... strong..
"it is, there's many different types of powers too.. maybe one day you'll meet others with powers like telekinesis!"
*content happy noise , the sound of rustling clothes and the gentle sound of legs swaying to and fro on a squeaky chair*
Yesterday, 21:58

* soft footstep sounds *
"what are you doing up so late?"
I couldn't sleep.. why are YOU so up late?
".... I'm watching the rain"
* sounds of rustling clothes ,creaking wood and gentle rain *
mind if I join?
"go ahead.. might as well, nobody else is awake are they?"
not that I know of..
"you know... you taught me a lot about myself.."
really? how so?
"well.. I always thought i'd be... you know.. alone forever.. but I'm not now I have you"
*soft chuckle *
you're too sweet!
"yeah , yeah whatever-"
*silence again*
"the rain is really beautiful at night.. isn't it?"
mhm.. it really is..
"you know what the most beautiful thing is though?"
huh? no I-
* silence then the rustling of clothes again*
love you too
*soft giggle*
Yesterday, 21:58
New avi by Godfaking they are amazing go give them love >:3
19 Days ago
that moment when you throw your children into the pool , laugh then fall in yourself-
22 Days ago

welcome <3



Hi! I’m Chey!
I don't exactly play too much anymore but I'm almost always online to talk to friends^^
if you need a friend you can send me a message 🖤
if I'm not online and you need to get a hold of me you can contact me on ChickenSmoothie Via PMs (always open!) ,
Via my Toyhou.se ( pms are always welcome!)
or if I'm close enough with you i'll share my discord 🖤
I'm always looking for art of my Oc's so if you have commissions open or if you have an art shop you can guide me to! please PalPad or Private Message me!

Pixel art of my baby Zander was done by me 🖤🖤🖤



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