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Trainerlevel: 79

Trainerpoints: 10,371/18,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
10319,073 / 40,171

About Me

Ich komme aus Indien aber lerne Deutsch!

Hello there, Saknar here.
You may also know me as Yelping_Nanolife, SimpleNatureLover, Faluonra, MeditatingMonkey, Sak-, or BetweenBinary. o/
I like reading, cycling, running and sketching.

Self Notes
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Tendenne, Vivillon
Royal Tunnel -> 3
Gem Cauldron, Bulletin Board -> 2
Berry Garden, Emera Square, Emera Beach, Game Center -> 1

Selling Pokémon
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If you're looking for Pokémon to fill your Pokédex, I can definitely help you out. All Pokémon in boxes with prefix ">" are for sale/trade. I've sorted my Pokemon by their respective regions, so they're easy to search through. Just have a look at my boxes and tell me which ones you need (along with the box number they're in).

[I can do the searching too, but it'd take some time.]

Prices vary based on the rarity and the frequency of the Pokémon, but the base prices are as follows:
Easy & Medium -> 2.5k - 4k
Hard -> 4k - 6k
Rare -> 6k - 8k
Starters & Fossils -> 8k (Male) / 10k (Female)

-> For large number of Pokemon, it might take a while, since I have to first move the pokemon to a separate box before trading them (in order to preserve the orderliness of my boxes), evaluate the prices and then set up the trades.
(I also have to move the traded Pokemon into their respective regional boxes, but that's a pain only I have to deal with. :'D)

P.S. Whatever Avatar I have, it's my own creation, please don't steal it. If you want to use it, ask me permission before you do so.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #884686073
Registration: 31/10/2013 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 21/Sep/2021
Game Time: 4779:11 Hours
Total interactions: 8,782,861
Money: 223,887
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion



I present the newest addition to the family:
Balloon Babies

> Ignore the 100 Pichus in there, they're babysitting. :')
1 Day ago
By PokéRadar - 21 Minutes and 7 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Slugma hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #200)!

Nice number. o.o
1 Day ago
The offer was bought successfully!
Thanks for your purchase.

I was writing a test, so I could've reactivate it when it expired about 2 hours ago. But none of my eggs hatched in the meanwhile. (One hatched as I'm typing this.)

Huge thanks to Carnivine for messaging me in time. I came online to 2 messages in PP & Feed, and immediately renewed it.

Let's hope this hunt is merciful with its shinies. :D
2 Days ago
Does anyone here regularly go to user pages for whatever reason?
My premium expires sometime today, and it would be really helpful if I could get a notification when it expires, so I can set it back up before a shiny breaks my chain.

I know I can buy it now and renew it, but it's mostly a matter of belief in obscure things affecting my luck in different ways. XD

So if anyone sees the Premium banner vanish from my page, please let me know ASAP.
2 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 4 Hours and 17 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Slugma hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #176)!

Sweet apple sauce! This was one of the 2 eggs I managed to keep in my party before I slept. o.o
Hope more shinies hatch fast.
2 Days ago
Remember when I said one side of my wired earphones stopped working (later my Bluetooth one completely died)?
Well, I'd been using the other working side for the past couple weeks and today I dropped just the speaker part in a pool of water. Steps taken after in hopes of minimizing damage:

- I immediately took it out.
- Spun it around by the wire, in case the centrifugal force expels any loose water particles.
- And now I'm playing 165 Hz on my laptop with the earphone plugged in, hoping any residual water gets vibrated out. Gonna leave that on for a while.

Yay me. \o/
I mean, it works now, but I hope it still works tomorrow morning. I should really get a new headphone, but I can't make up my mind on which one.
2 Days ago
By A-Sinning-Midget - 24 Minutes and 41 Seconds ago.
30 minute giveaway! Everyone gets something. Just share the tag #Sins30mins once. I'll announce when the time's up ( Which is in 30 minutes after this post ) and anyone posting after that unfortunately doesn't get anything. I'm trying my best to give everyone something of value!
2 Days ago
What do you call an electrically charged Seal?

A Sealion.
2 Days ago
By Item Shop - 12 Minutes and 57 Seconds ago.
Alert: Your Premium Account expires in three days!
Go to the Item Shop in order to extend your premium membership.

I hope I remember about this in 3 days. Good night!
5 Days ago
I'm on the lookout for the person (German) who made a feed a few days ago with a gif from a Japanese anime movie saying something on the lines of how they cried everytime they got to that part.

You're a blessed soul and may you find the strength to live a fulfilled life.
Please find me.
I just saw Maquia, and one of the ending parts had me bawling. Thank you for bringing this beautiful movie into my life.
6 Days ago
What should I hunt next? Preferably something with a Gigantamax form, so I can get that dex done.
7 Days ago
Unfortunately, no shinies in the last few eggs.
On the other hand,

"You have traded 4,480 Gems with the Gem Collector so far."

Only 520 more gems until I unlock Galar. \o/
9 Days ago
Just won this Majestic Eon from Shinigamii. 💚

I have no clue what to name him. Any suggestions?
13 Days ago
Egg Dex: 653/686
14 Days ago
14 Days ago
Ask me anything and I'll answer honestly. o/
19 Days ago
P.S. I'm not from Germany. I've set my country setting to Germany so that I can follow German feeds and pick up words/conversations. I've been (passively) learning German for a little over 3 years. Most of you guys probably knew this, but quite a few still didn't know. Apologies for the misunderstanding. o/

On that note, comment your favourite German cartoons/comics, preferably non-dubbed. I really want to put in some more effort in this pandemic to improve my conversation skills. I have no friends.
22 Days ago
It's 7:50 AM and the sun is out. But it's also moderately raining so I'm at my terrace gazing at a breathtaking rainbow. ❤️
22 Days ago
Anyone else hoping for Aliens by the end of this year?
22 Days ago
Since my Daycare egg spawn rate is significantly higher after swapping the pair with those having more compatible OTs,

Check the Love Test pairing your name with mine and comment what you get. o/
28 Days ago


Shiny Hunt

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Hunt started: 15/09/2020

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