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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 4,654/7,251


This Users Party is empty.

Jay’s & Beta’s Stats

Hatred Meter: ???%

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•Name: Beta
•Stats (current, may change over time):
Attk:9 — Def:9 — HP: 9999/9999
•Age: 18
•Gender: Male
•Sexuality: Gay
•Species: outcode Human
•Eye color: Pink/purple
•Likes: fighting, syrup, helping, his stuff animal
•Dislikes: HT, Boredom, his mother, Tetris, Star energy
•Friends: Novana, Lucerne, Avaro, Jay(bf), The Twins, Abby, Sweecky
•Family: Axryn(‘bro’), Calbra(‘sis’), Rayon(father),Cytris(mother), Melvin(step-dad)
•Equip: None
•Emotion/Status: Calm
•Injuries: n/a
•Goals/Objectives: Protect friends at all cost.

DT Meter: 82%

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•Name: Jay
•Stats: Attk:? — Def:? — HP: ??/??
•Age: 19
•Gender: Male
•Sexuality: Gay
•Species: Human
•Eye color: Golden
•Likes: helping, Beta, Fun, coldness, friendliness
•Dislikes:Fighting, hatred, evil, Glich,Tetris (attack on site)
•Friends: Beta(bf), Lucerne?, Avaro, The Deltaners, the Twins, ClaBat
•Summons: DT sword, Digi wings, anything ice/snow, portals
•Emotion/Status: tired and calm
•Injuries: Deep wound on the back
•Objectives: Protect Smol Bean

Shiny Hunt

HT_Beta_Bruh is currently hunting Magikarp.
Hunt started: 04/07/2019

Chain: 381
12 3 1


Howdy, I'm shiny hunting “Attempt SM Magikarp Hunt”

- Shiny Shop (10/?)
-Xtreme_legends (3/4)

PP/PM if you have any questions :I!

Game Records

Trainer ID: #718924741
Registration: 13/03/2018 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 26/Jul/2019
Game Time: 1379:53 Hours
Total interactions: 325,448
Money: 522,025
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Wonder Trade Report:

Tentacruel => Gengar
Gyarados => Gengar
Beedrill => Gengar
Trapinch => Beedrill

Whoa, spoopy ghosts
Today, 22:12
*tired noises*
I been woken up just to deal with someone’s BS.
Its too early in the morning to deal with this type of Cr*p.
But i guess i can start my day...
I just want more sleeeeeep
Today, 12:57
Bob the lobster.
Im forever calling this SM a Bob.
“But its female”
Its name is Bob
“But its not even a guy”
Today, 02:07
The apocalypse is here
Get your shoes, newspapers, bug spray.
The flies are back
*prepares the flamethrower*
>: (
Yesterday, 18:56
*makes brunch by heating up a burrito*
,_, burrito.... y r u burnt?
Yesterday, 15:11
By PokéRadar - 3 Minutes and 9 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Magikarp hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #299)!

2 Days ago
Yall ready to go see dem aliens?
*T-Poses to Area 51*
2 Days ago
“Surgery is just stabbing someone to life”
2 Days ago
My family has this tradition where, when it’s your birthday. They’ll blast loud music in 6 in the morning just for you.
I woke up to music being blasted and i was wondering
“Oh no, not her birthday”
So yea...
Happy birthday Lil Sis! Cant wait to drag myself to the place you wanted to go :,)
3 Days ago
House inspector is coming-
*shoves everything in the closet*
Done :D
4 Days ago
Here is Bat Beta from yesterday uwu
4 Days ago
”You wanted a regular post, too bad its waluigi time.

5 Days ago
Oh god, i can only see my avatar saying
“Found ya, haha. Now die.”
5 Days ago
Heres bat beta with a bowtie, now let me go eat-
*consumes motivation*
5 Days ago
HT giving Beta a comfort hug ;w;...
Even if HT is just hatred, he still cares for his host— i mean... friend.. that he totally isn’t possessing to survive..
6 Days ago
Guys... pssst... guys....
I touched the thermostat-
6 Days ago
HT... for once you act so nice to Beta...
why cant you be this nice to him all the time and not be a jerk?
6 Days ago
*melts ice cream before succing it up like a vacuum*
7 Days ago
Hmm... i met alot of friendly ph users...
Dorkfish, ~OyStar~, TommyGunz
Those are the ones i can think of ;w;
Yet i count everyone as my friend, even if we never met or talk to each other ;-;
7 Days ago
Back from the grocery
I got uhhh...
Souls, oj, motivation and uh.....
A peanut ;w;
7 Days ago

Info about Me!

Beta/TK’s Journal Posts
Beta’s Art Shop(CLOSE for remodeling)

Howdy, My name is HT_Beta_Bruh!

but you can call me TK, Beta, or Abby.
I am a Undertale fan as you can see. But don’t worry, I’m not mean, nor nice.. I’m neutral to most things. But here, have some facts about me!

•Im 15 yrs old
•Currently a freshman in high school
•My real name is Abigail but I prefer Abby/Beta
•My bday is Oct/22
•I’m Bi
•I like to help others the best way I can
•I like to create new things while I still have motivation :3
•I’m not that social.. but I try to be!

PP/PMs are closed atm. Please, only message if it’s important. Saying “Hi” or “Hello” will be ignored or block. Just get to the point, ok?
”Depression isn’t a joke, cry if you’re in pain. Cry when you get hit, don’t cry for happiness. Stay quiet or they will hit me. Fear everything around, I am alone, I am scared. I am gone.”

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