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Trainerlevel: 55

Trainerpoints: 2,205/9,129


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
2,4262,639,268 / 17,663,707
4th OS
(Tapu Lele)
6191,252,597 / 1,439,176
Poochyena8124 / 217
Spearow749 / 169
Shinx227 / 48
Lotad755 / 78


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About Me


I am Vocaloid trash, my favorite one
being Kagamine Rin. Along with Rin my
favorites are Rana, Hatsune Miku, Utatane Piko, Tohoku Zunko and Sato Sasara~

I love anime! Currently obsessing over
BanG dream, Love live, Danganronpa,
Konosuba, Chihayafuru, Wolf children,
Renai boukun and more~

Feel free to PM/PalPad me, I am open to
talk about anything and everything <3
(Previous username was Mintu1)

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #277431618
Registration: 17/04/2014 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1216:02 Hours
Total interactions: 1,438,348
Money: 4,437,111
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Curry on Rice?
10 Days ago
Marnie is precious and I love her~
1 Month ago
Yet another swsh drawing, this time it's of Alcreamie~
2 Months ago
Gyaa, the sword and sheild switch lite looks so clean but I dont know if I can justify buying a lite when I already own a switch.
2 Months ago
Alcremie is baby, fight me~
2 Months ago
Do you ever get that feeling that your art style changes with every single drawing you make?
Because that's me right now.
2 Months ago
It's been a while since I edited myself a new avatar, thought it was time.
2 Months ago
This shiny Pidove plushie is making me want to shiny hunt Pidove. why do I love it so much, It's not even that different?
2 Months ago
I drew this today and i am actualy really happy with it. This is one of my warriors oc's Dustpaw/Dustpelt, yes he is only suppoesd to have three legs.
2 Months ago
Wooloo be like "You cant draw"
Ahaha no but I had to draw this cutie, result was not what I had hoped though
3 Months ago
Not a huge fan of this Dynamax thing tbh...
3 Months ago
When pokémon were jealous of the Morgana meme so they made Pokémon sleep B)

Also healthy sleep shedule who? Never heard of it?
3 Months ago
I just watched detective Pikachu at the cinema and man the CGI is so good~

Story felt a bit rushed and the movie could have worked just fine without Lucy but overall I really enjoyed it.

It doesn’t follow the game detective Pikachu like at all, only core/basic parts which I wont mention so I dont spoil it for you. I think this change was for the better though. As you know if you played detective Pikachu it ends with a cliff hanger so adapting the game’s story would have been pretty hard.

I dont know, I just felt like sharing my opinion on here. Feel free to comment with your opinion on the movie I’d love to see them.

Also just a heads up. There is nothing after the credist, I sat through both of them for nothing~!
4 Months ago
I-I cant believe this ;-;
A shiny mega able Houndour just hatched at chain #394, I think I might cry I am so happy!
1 Year ago
Chain: 200
(1 Shiny hatched so far.)

2,5% is not real
1 Year ago


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Bandori angels

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Shiny hunt log

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Skiddo #68
Pachirisu #257
Gift Sewaddle #62
Blitzle #61
Gift Buneary #33
Buneary #55
Fennekin #37
Fennekin #47
Girafarig #83
Girafarig #203
Houndour #64
Houndour #103
Houndour #228
Houndour #300
Houndour #314
Houndour #331
Houndour #344
Houndour #348
Houndour #361
Mega Houndour #394
Fomantis #191
Fomantis #228
Fomantis #240
Fomantis #253
Fomantis #255
Amaura #50
Amaura #54
Amaura #91
Fennekin #52
Venipede #71
Venipede #362
Venipede #487
Fiesta Larvesta #54
Rokkyu #73
Valenfloon #45
Furfrou #127
Rattata (Alolan) #42