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Trainerlevel: 129

Trainerpoints: 30,025/50,051


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Cutiefly684 / 127
Venipede212 / 48
Sentret210 / 19

About Me

Please don't message me asking to buy my stuff. If I'm selling it, it will be in the GTS or auction house. And please don't message me with just a "Hi." I usually ignore those ;)

I collect Shinx Plushies :D


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Newest gifts
MotherNature 12 Hours ago
Professor Rowan 5 Days ago
JustBananas 9 Days ago
Ghibli 10 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

Ghibli is currently hunting Sentret.
Hunt started: 27/01/2022

Chain: 1

Random Stats

Highest Royal Tunnel level reached: 304
Most PD earned on a 5 minute rumble mission: 1,639
Most PD earned on a 30 minute rumble mission: 4,681
Most PD earned on a 2 hour rumble mission: 5,115
Most PD earned on a 12 hour rumble mission: 7,818
Most Nuggets earned at the golden slots: 38

First random lab ditto hatched on May 17th, 2016
First random lab shiny hatched September 23rd, 2016
Earned first place in the beauty contest on September 24th, 2016

First random lab Articuno received on October 22nd, 2017
First Bug Contest shiny hatched February 7th, 2017
First retro shiny hatched June 1st, 2017
First Shiny Mega hatched December 14th, 2019 on chain 104
Second Shiny Mega hatched December 15th, 2019 on chain 147

First SHINY Ho-oh hatched July 26th, 2018

Shiny retro squirtle hatched on chain 7

My Goals

Buy 100 egg storage boxes: 58/100

Uxie Hatched: 29/50

Azelf Hatched: 28/50

Mesprit Hatched: 27/50

Cobalion Hatched: 0/50

Terrakion Hatched: 4/50

Virizion Hatched: 0/50


Last Action
Visiting Prof. Rowan (3 Hours ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #681905734
Registration: 16/04/2016 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 22/May/2025
Game Time: 5120:30 Hours
Total interactions: 20,013,591
Money: 871,591
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


There is a super talkative owl outside my bedroom window right now!
16 Days ago
Finally a sale! Yay! Now to decide which to buy...🤔
2 Months ago
I accidentally bent my thumb nail back yesterday, and it is all bruised underneath now and hurts so bad 😣
2 Months ago
I just had a muscle spasm in my hand and thought I was having a stroke. I'll be over in the corner trying to calm myself out of a panic attack 😣
3 Months ago
I'm afraid of vampires 🧛🏻‍♂️
3 Months ago
I only have 21 hours of flutes left. I sure hope we get an autumn sale at reset!
3 Months ago
My dog just finished eating dinner, went into the bathroom, pooped, ate her poop, threw up her poop, and attempted to re-eat the vomit-poop 🤢. Yeah, she's a real lady 😂
4 Months ago
Well, I haven't gotten a milcery from the lab yet, but I did get a zapdos egg, so 🤷🏽‍♀️
4 Months ago
My kitten is in her crate, sleeping UNDERNEATH her soft cushy bed. She is special 😂
4 Months ago
I have officially used my last flutes. I hope there is an autumn/end-of-summer sale within the next month!
4 Months ago
TFW you have to go to the bathroom, but the kitten is asleep on your lap! 😝
5 Months ago
My kitten found the secret stash of catnip, and now she is CRAZY! 🥴
5 Months ago
Me: I should watch something calming to help me relax before bed.

Also Me: Oooo, Imma watch Aliens!
5 Months ago
So I accidentally kicked a 10 pound weight (it was on the floor and I didn't see it), and now my toes hurt so bad 😭
5 Months ago
So my neighbor tied a bag of tomatoes from his garden to our fence for us and my dog got so excited thinking it was a gift for him (because he loves tomatoes more than any other treat). He was literally jumping for joy and trying to grab tomatoes out of the bag 😂
5 Months ago
Chain of 269 and only one shiny! I could really use a little luck 🤞🏼
5 Months ago
My kitten found a huge toad in our house! She didn't try to hurt him, just led me to him and was like, "Look at my new friend!" She was sad when I let him go outside 😂
5 Months ago
I want the shaymin event to start so badly my chest hurts 🤪. I am planning on trying to have my first day of max interactions!!
5 Months ago
Well, I was hoping to hatch a shiny before the SCE starts, but it looks like that isn't gonna happen 😔
6 Months ago
Ugh, I'm bored with this hunt! I hope my shiny J gets here soon 😝
7 Months ago


2021 Goals

Reach Trainer level 125 (127/125)
Evolve 5 shiny giga pokemon (10/5)
Shiny hunt 5 unown (4/5)
Shiny hunt 2 rare event pokemon (2/2)


Shiny Dex Completions

Kanto Dex: 75/151 = 49%

Johto Dex: 58/127 = 45%

Hoenn Dex: 88/155 = 56%

Sinnoh Dex: 60/138 = 43%

Unova Dex: 76/175 = 43%

Kalos Dex: 51/117 = 43%

Alola Dex: 63/140 = 45%

Galar Dex: 47/123 = 38%

Emera Dex: 52/291= 17%

Mega Dex: 6/86 = 6%

Giga Dex: 11/32 = 34%

Retro Dex: 15/40= 37%

Badge Showcase

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Set #4

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