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Trainerlevel: 121

Trainerpoints: 40,009/44,043


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
351211,394 / 463,321
363206,367 / 317,118
34817,610 / 364,357
348100,471 / 364,357
(Mega Luxray)
331104,621 / 385,767

About Me

Please don't message me asking to buy my stuff. If I'm selling it, it will be in the GTS or auction house. And please don't message me with just a "Hi." I usually ignore those ;)

I collect Shinx Plushies :D


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Ghibli 23 Hours ago
Ghibli 2 Days ago
Ghibli 2 Days ago
Carbonhydrates 3 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

Ghibli is currently hunting Swampras.
Hunt started: 28/02/2021

Chain: 65

Random Stats

Highest Royal Tunnel level reached: 304
Most PD earned on a 5 minute rumble mission: 1,639
Most PD earned on a 30 minute rumble mission: 4,681
Most PD earned on a 2 hour rumble mission: 5,115
Most PD earned on a 12 hour rumble mission: 7,818
Most Nuggets earned at the golden slots: 38

First random lab ditto hatched on May 17th, 2016
First random lab shiny hatched September 23rd, 2016
Earned first place in the beauty contest on September 24th, 2016

First random lab Articuno received on October 22nd, 2017
First Bug Contest shiny hatched February 7th, 2017
First retro shiny hatched June 1st, 2017
First Shiny Mega hatched December 14th, 2019 on chain 104
Second Shiny Mega hatched December 15th, 2019 on chain 147

First SHINY Ho-oh hatched July 26th, 2018

Shiny retro squirtle hatched on chain 7

My Goals

Buy 100 egg storage boxes: 56/100

Horde 50 Uxie Vouchers: 14/50

Horde 50 Azelf Vouchers: 15/50

Horde 50 Mesprit Vouchers: 15/50

Horde 250 White Powders: 13/250


Last Action
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #681905734
Registration: 16/04/2016 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/May/2022
Game Time: 4534:54 Hours
Total interactions: 15,557,865
Money: 743,623
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


Yay! 64% was enough!
18 Days ago
Just found out my grandpa died ☹️
1 Month ago
We are in the middle of a blizzard here; a literal blizzard! I don't think there has been a true blizzard here since I was six! 🌨🌬❄️☃️
2 Months ago
#MyFavoriteMemory is my first puppy!
2 Months ago
#MyBestExperience has definitely been watching my pup, Erik, grow up. He is such a sweet, empathic, funny boy and he has really helped me make it through this year!
3 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Pumple hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #8)!

Well that was unexpected. And kinda a waste of an event pass...
3 Months ago

#704 and #1 so a normal type goomy. Wow, I'm boring 🤣
3 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 23 Minutes and 36 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Mimikyu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #10)

Well that was a welcome surprise!!
3 Months ago
Eternal Rock caught!

Sweet! It used up all my beach energy though, so I guess you can only get one at a time, lol 😄
4 Months ago
For the record, I have been watching way too much of The Walking Dead, so I am afraid of Zombies this year 💀
4 Months ago
#TenFacts (Share this and 10 facts about you!)
1. Favorite Anime: Fruits Basket
2. Favorite Show: The Good Place
3. Favorite Color: Periwinkle
4. Favorite Food: Vegan Cheese Pizza
5. Favorite Activity: Snuggling puppies
6. Favorite Animal: Pygmy Marmosets
7. Favorite Soda/Other Drink: Lemonade
8. Favorite Song: Trampoline by SHAED
9. Favorite Book: Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card
10. Favorite Dessert: Pumpkin Pie
4 Months ago
145 patrats hatched and no shinies. I'm starting to wonder if the pokemon gods require a sacrifice...
4 Months ago
I just died a little. RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You will forever be a legend to the world 😭
5 Months ago
Question, does golbat mega-evolve, or do evolve to crobat first to get mega crobat? Got my shiny mega, but golbat didn't mega-evolve at level 50...
5 Months ago
I'm trying to decide between a shiny aurora pass or 4 common event mystery packs...Thoughts anyone?
5 Months ago
So I decided on names for the kittens. The two solid black ones are Salem and Morgan, the tortie is Mackenzie, and the two calicos are Rhiannon and Nimue. I suspect Nimue may have CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia), because she is very clumsy and unsteady on her feet compared to her siblings, but it is possible she is just a clumsy kitten in general. I'll have to watch and see if she gets more coordinated as she gets older 😊
6 Months ago
I just got 5 new foster kittens today. They are about 3 weeks old and orphaned. They were living in a barn loft, and oh my goodness are they skinny! They were filthy too, but we got them all cleaned up and fed, and now they are asleep in a pile together. There are two calicos, a tortie, and two solid black ones. So cute!
6 Months ago
Oh yay, we are in a tornado warning. This storm has already produced 5+ tornados, so if I'm not on again for a while, I might be in Oz...
6 Months ago
Can anyone fill me in on what is going on? All I can figure out is that there is some kind of drama...
9 Months ago
20/20 for the first time ever!!
11 Months ago


2021 Goals

Reach Trainer level 225 (117/225)
Evolve 5 shiny giga pokemon (0/5)
Shiny hunt Rotom (0/9)
Shiny hunt 2 rare event pokemon (0/2)


Shiny Dex Completions

Kanto Dex: 64/151 = 42%

Johto Dex: 52/127 = 40%

Hoenn Dex: 88/155 = 56%

Sinnoh Dex: 58/138 = 42%

Unova Dex: 70/175 = 40%

Kalos Dex: 50/117 = 42%

Alola Dex: 57/140 = 40%

Galar Dex: 37/95 = 38%

Emera Dex: 40/265= 15%

Mega Dex: 5/72 = 6%

Giga Dex: 0/35 = 0%

Retro Dex: 15/39= 38%

Badge Showcase

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