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R.J 31/Fiance'/Mom/Gamer

Welcome! If you are interested in an adoptable, please visit my Art for Tips shop! You can also visit my other links in the contacts section. Need berries? Be sure to visit my Berry Booth! I sell a variety of berries at all times!
me if you need a berry not up in booth, I just might have it!

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Avatar done by me!
Raichu Fuber done by Silhh
Me and Gil couple picture done by Silhh
Eggitar done by Argentis

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Fuber64 is currently hunting Maneki Espurr.
Hunt started: 10/02/2019

Chain: 41


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Gilthunder 8 Days ago
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Trainer ID: #634608004
Registration: 01/08/2016 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 24/Feb/2020
Game Time: 694:30 Hours
Total interactions: 456,417
Money: 1,893,996
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


When you are so bored that you start making the Rune Factory 4 town in Minecraft.

-gathers screenshots of the town and gets to work-
1 Day ago
Final Art piece for today Lurantis for Nymphrasis.
3 Days ago

Congratulations! A shiny Maneki Espurr hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #41)!

thank goodness!
3 Days ago
Nothing beats a kidney stone. Awesome...
3 Days ago
and I ruin another evening...great, depression kicking in and I'm alone.
4 Days ago
So I just finished drawing this. Couldn't help it that this came to mind when playing Kingdom Hearts 3.
4 Days ago
Fuber's Busy Angry Bee (Careful I might sting accidentally)

To anyone who has requested art from my shop, please bare with me as I have been very busy working on a big art project for someone as well as juggling home life.

(Dirt and sweat covered Rambo thumbs up meme inserted here)

Also, I think I am about done and ready to just cut ties with my own Mother. I am very grateful for all she has done in my life, but her ways of forced suggestions, rude opinions, just...too much to detail here has caused me to have too many mental breakdowns and is probably the highest ranking cause of my depression. Today she has topped it off and frankly, I am too worn thin to keep up with things because of it. I have spent too much time trying to please everyone else, to keep everyone else happy, to gain the "I am proud of you" from my family, so forget it. I'll take my time today and try to push through my depression now and hope I am back on my feet tomorrow.
6 Days ago
When you're highly offended by something someone said about your artwork and suddenly depressed about it to where you've lost motivation to keep drawing for the day.

wow...just wow...
8 Days ago
4 1/2 hrs of sleep...man why do I feel like a truck hit me ._. ngh..time to start the day.
18 Days ago
Everyone is getting event egg from clicking and I'm over here like

-100 clicks in- OMG IM TIRED! ._.
24 Days ago
I am wondering if this is idea is even worth sharing but here goes:

Okay so I was sitting here thinking about the times I've accidentally grabbed an egg from daycare that I didn't mean to grab and thought that it would be neat to give that egg back but for a fee and once it's gone, that's it. The egg would only be taken back if it came only from the daycare and only allowed 1 egg to be given back a day.

Thoughts? I know we have forums for this too but I wanna test the waters a bit before I go into the unknown world of the forums (sci-fi music here)
24 Days ago
So, after watching the trailer for Pokemon Sword/Shield, I am just not sure I am even gonna bother buying. Not downing the games already, I guess I just lost my interest in buying and playing them in general.
25 Days ago
-Fishes at the beach-

You know...when it's nighttime on PH, it should be nighttime at the beach too...

Just saying/suggesting..
1 Month ago
-Goes to Fountain and tosses coin-

Fountain: Where did it go?
(Nothing happened)

Me: DON'T START! I've already had this conversation with you Fountain! Again! Where can the coin go?! Some abyss? -kicks fountain- You are just as bad as Shelders at the beach!

Fountain: (ノ´д`)-gasps- Well no one asked you to throw a coin!

Me: No, you're right Fountain, but you also made yourself open to the public to get coins.

Fountain: (;¬д¬)Touché.
1 Month ago

-cries and throws Good Rod into the water-


-shakes fist at Leah-

You demand too much! 。゜(`Д´)゜。
1 Month ago
When you check your news on your switch and see rune factory 4 coming to switch and a new rune factory 5 in development confirmed in news.

Oooohhhhh mmmmmyyyyy gaaaawwwdddd YES
1 Month ago
I really wish GTS posts from over a week ago were still active Every Poke'mon I look into that I am missing for Dex work are covered in dust in GTS.
1 Month ago
That moment you look at the giant Palpad icon on the home page for the update and suddenly think of the book icon in Minecraft.

Well then o.O Obviously I should play some Minecraft later...-has music going in her head- Oh god...
1 Month ago
Everybody's over here playing KH3 and I'm just sitting here quietly waiting for Medievil remaster to post a release date and waiting for Animal Crossing for Switch.

1 Month ago
Ty to everyone who helped berry my ghostly friend, untill next time

-ponders her golden pokeball-
1 Month ago


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