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Formerly: NikoMaxy
Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 2,724/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Fizzy Frog
16624,026 / 94,905

About Me

Artwork has been moved, you can find it here: Fizzies Artwork

Hey, I'm Fizzarolli, but you can call me Max.

I may be an introvert that hates people but online i'm always up for making friends. I'm not as mean, angry, and scary as people think. I'm just emo/punk and love spooks. I'm sure we'll get along :D

Trans masc (ftm), and aro/ace supposedly. So I'm a member of LGBTQ+, I don't get mad at ya if you misgender me, I couldn't care less lmao. Surprisingly i'm also very empathetic, I will protect all my friends at all costs with my life. 🫡


• Helluva Boss (FIZZ)
• Hazbin Hotel
• Five Night's at Freddy's
• Pokemon
• Undertale
• Horror Games
• Just Shapes & Beats
• Motorcycles
• Guitars & Drums
• Tattoo Art
• Animals

Please help me complete my hoenn dex!


Compare your pokedex with mine! I'm willing to give PD, pokes you don't have, and even some items if I have what you're looking for. Thank you!

Plush Collections, Please Send!

If possible, i'd greatly appreciate if you could send plushies I don't already have, or send one of the ones below to help me with my collection!

Eevee Plushies: 26/100

Sprigatito Plushies: 15/100


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #779559455
Registration: 31/05/2023 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 92:47 Hours
Total interactions: 838,728
Money: 1,741,073
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


raylong egg :>
Today, 12:45
aghh she called me by my deadname :,)

das oke lmao
Today, 12:42
Today, 12:38
Today, 12:38
spent a whole 4 hours editing a video thats so far 48 minutes, and that aint even the full thing lmao fnsjhcksx
Today, 02:34
learning to whistle from the side of my mouth because i have weird teeth that allow a perfect side whistle
Yesterday, 23:41
why does seeing a baby shark jump at someone make me want a pet shark?
Yesterday, 22:49
i feel like a 4 year old again running down the hallway into my room and face diving on the bed 😂
Yesterday, 22:28
my parents keep confusing me with my brother, then when they realize its me they go back to forgetting my existence. man its sucks being the middle child :,)

also me and my brother look nothing alike lmao, he's much taller and has really light blonde hair whereas im midget size and my hair is darker/looks like a hair color rainbow.
Yesterday, 22:05
yeesh im almost at 2 mil o_O
Yesterday, 18:35
you know you're bored when you just sit there watching tiny little bubbles pop in your cereal milk
Yesterday, 18:22
realizing morning for me doesnt start until 2 in the afternoon because thats when my brain starts working an i make breakfast, then 2 in the morning is basically night because thats when i sleep or get ready for sleep 💀
Yesterday, 18:17
good lord i just found a huge chunk of my golden retrievers fur on my blanket lmao
Yesterday, 16:55
i cant wait to move out of my house.... hopefully soon....
Yesterday, 16:31
i finally got food, a chocolate donut :> 🍩
Yesterday, 15:23
kricketune needs 10 more levels! >> #kricketotquest
Yesterday, 15:17
early daily huggos :> 🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂
Yesterday, 15:04
good morning
Yesterday, 15:01
spooky green phone theme with fizzarolli wallpapers👍
Yesterday, 03:55
i so badly wanna practice heavy metal screaming and i dont know why o>o
Yesterday, 01:44

♡ PUPPOS!!! ♡

Feed post hit 10 likes... you know what that means?

💜 Skrimps 💜
Of the dogs I currently have she is the oldest (not by age but by how long ago we had gotten her). Her name orginiates from the food "shrimp", often called skrimp.
She's around 4 yrs old and is very moody/needy.

(Pitbull/Black Lab/Patterdale)

🖤 Raddix 🖤
Raddix was the second of the group, being the omega of the pack (Skrimps the alpha). He is very overprotective and doesn't like other dogs but he is still very loveable and will take time to accept other pups into the pack.
He's around 5 yrs old, our chonky tatertot is a big foodie, he loves pets and scratches.

(Breed unknown, assumed to be a Boxer mix.)

🧡 Mocha 🧡
Mocha is a young puppy, she went from being super tiny and fitting in my hands to very tall and skinny unlike the rest of our dogs that were already big puppies and very chonky. She seems threatening by how much she barks but her barking is just pure excitement as she loves people. She loves having new doggy friends but can be a little anxious around them.
She is 3 years old, we got her when she was a few months old as a new years gift so her birthday is assumed to be around christmas. She is very attention seeking and has severe detachment anxiety

(Pitbull, Redbone-Kunehound)



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