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Trainerlevel: 96

Trainerpoints: 99/27,743


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
5,52967,725,603 / 114,657,639
Vas Flam
278141,697 / 290,859
261158,192 / 256,434
Suicune13030,917 / 63,864
267183,536 / 268,336
Celebi12517,087 / 53,036

About Me

Samantha, 29, Demi-Ace Poly
Artist, Gamer, Reader, Writer
Writing Projects

Favorite Songs
How Far I'll Go (Auli'i Cravalho)
Let It Go (Idina Menzel)
One Day Too Late (Skillet)
Really Don't Care (Demi Lovato)
Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)
The Climb (Miley Cyrus)
Things Left Unsaid (Disciple)
Try Everything (Shakira)

Shiny Hunt

FireWolf1117 is currently hunting Budew.
Hunt started: 01/04/2020

Chain: 1


Game Records

Trainer ID: #7445771
Registration: 29/07/2016 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 27/Sep/2020
Game Time: 3458:58 Hours
Total interactions: 6,280,405
Money: 2,683,168
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Pokemon Go

*catches Foongus, screen glows and sparkles purple*

Ditto was Caught!

Ohmygosh! Second one!
2 Days ago
Aaand got 'em all! Going to check on my Shadows real quick, and then go back to playing Dragon Quest of the Stars! ^.^
3 Days ago
Oh! Forgot about the Easter Egg Hunt! So had to log in and do it real quick (16/20 in first run through). Don't forget to take a look at Bishop's Site Map.

Note. We do know that Retro Radar and Shadow Radar pages are not listed.

If you find/know of any others, let me know, and I'll see if he can get those added!
3 Days ago
I wish Premium could be put on hold.

Like...I want to take a few weeks break from the game, but my Premium doesn't expire until September. And now I feel kinda forced to log in and do something because if I don't, my brain nags at me, telling me I'm "wasting" my Premium. Which just adds to the stress.

Trying to convince my brain that a few weeks off isn't a waste considering how much usage I've already gotten out of the Premium, and how much more I'll get out of it when I return. But it currently doesn't want to listen.

So with this post, I'm removing the bookmark to keep me from logging in for a while. Hah, brain! You lose!

If you want to contact me, I'm FireWolf1117#1255 on Discord. You can also add me on Facebook or follow my Author/Artist page. I'm Samantha Bishop, and you should be able to find both the page and account just by searching FireWolf1117
5 Days ago
Nice. Got a Dragonite (just 11 more Shadows for Kanto now) and another Entei.

I'll have to think on what to do with the Entei. I already have one, so no need to keep this one. I could sell him, but I don't play this game enough to really need anything. So for now, he just goes into the Shadow Box with all the others.
8 Days ago
Mom came inside the house, and said. "Grr. I hate it when shows end without a continuation."

Before I can open my mouth, she proceeds to tell me the ending plot line of the Anime she is watching. Dad couldn't help but respond somewhat irritably. "What show are you talking about? Do you even know if we've seen it or not? What if it's something we wanted to see?"

Apparently, it was SAO, which I've never had much of an interest in watching. But still...This is the FIFTH time she has spoiled something for us. One of which was the first Mortal Instrument movie that we were watching for my birthday. She swore up and down that she was describing *another* movie until it became clear she wasn't, and I walked off crying.

I know she wants someone to talk to about it, but is it really that difficult to start off with "Hey! Have you seen X" first?
9 Days ago
Making friends is so hard and scary.

On the one hand...I want to have a few people that I can talk to every day, and have the most weirdest and random of conversations with. People that I can share my opinions and strange sense of humor with without judgement.

But on the other hand...The closer I get to someone, the more I start letting myself show. Many people, not capable of handling my uniqueness, end things and walk away.

And so I don't talk to people often. I keep everyone at that safe distance of "You know a little about me, but not enough to hurt me later"

The worst part is, whenever I start thinking about how few people want to stay my friend when they notice the real me, it really drives home how I'll always be alone. I'll be 30 this December, and have never been in a relationship.

I know I don't NEED someone to complete me, but it would be nice knowing someone wanted to spend the rest of their lives with me. Hopefully I'll find everything I want someday.
14 Days ago
Ohmygosh! My Solgaleo's snapshot took 7th place in the Beauty Contest! I'm crying right now. Can't remember ever making it in top 20 before, and definitely never in top 10! I'm sooo happy! ^.^
1 Month ago


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