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Trainerlevel: 91

Trainerpoints: 16,044/24,933


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Summer Ampharos)
5641,054,607 / 1,130,343
`*,. Valentino
(Mega Gengar)
305157,825 / 326,924
7181,891,586 / 1,935,909
Mareep12170 / 288
1689,089 / 85,177

Shiny Hunt

Fartmon is currently hunting Mareep.
Hunt started: 11/02/2021

Chain: 242
3 9 1

Game Records

Trainer ID: #157660118
Registration: 18/07/2014 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 09/Apr/2022
Game Time: 6619:19 Hours
Total interactions: 5,259,404
Money: 41,741
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


I saw peoples on FB saying « why spraying and identifiying your pet?? And why not your childrens lol?? This is a sect! Humans wants to control everything »


Ok ?
Wat da heck???
Yesterday, 07:42
Finally ! Payday ! 😭😍
Yesterday, 07:16
i made " 1,442,263 " interactions on POKEFARM Q since September and didn't got Pokerus once :I
1 Day ago
Gonna cut myself my hair (in front of my face)

Win or fail?? xD
1 Day ago
"WANTED: Nugget thief. Last seen they where rolling to germany.


2 Days ago
Following a Corgi breeder on FB

they got some puppies and the theme was Pokemon so - in french -, they named them ;

Rafflésia (staying at the breeding house)
Ramboum Welly
Riolu Rocket
Rozbouton Boo
Rondoudou Riff

it's so cute ;v;
2 Days ago
Thank mom for reminding me today it’s my bf’s birthday ToT
Last year I didn’t forgot but this year.. oopsie
3 Days ago
But guess who ate too much and, maybe not dick of covid and still having taste but being sick of full belly ! 😅

Well, I’ll be careful cause the one who got covid is working exactly at the same place I am (the retirement house has two differents « house » called B1 and B2. Covid is like at B1 and I’m working here !

Some months ago the B2 got contamined and on ~50 old peoples only 3 didn’t got the covid..!!

So I hope it won’t be the same.. here 1 old people have it and 2 are in « maybe ».. urg..

Just be careful, be careful as the first days, maybe not for you.. but for fragile peoples at least!
4 Days ago
Me eating more food than I should
Bf : be careful
Me: someone at work got covid, if I never had it later I need to profit of the luck I have to still have my tastes :L
4 Days ago
Guess who hatched a random albino Comsog on PokefarmQ?? 😍😍
4 Days ago
Did I hatched a shiny mega mareep?

Y e p.
4 Days ago
I spent a very bad night because a colleague at work - since this we for the first time I’m alone. And she was like « if you’re not faster you won’t do it »

Like yep, sorry to not already not know where every resident are living in which room in which corridor exactly so ofc I’ll be slower than this gaisvfizjdkfj tsk

5 Days ago
/avoid AOT spoilers on every social site etc like a pro

/get spoiled on PH

5 Days ago
So, to not miss the full moon on PH I write « full moon » on my hand.

My bf saw something on my hand and ask me
« why did you write « full macron » on your hand ?? »
7 Days ago
146 hatched, 8 megaable. very lucky !! xD
7 Days ago
A nurse got home to take my blood.

She said she would come btw 8 and 9am, she came exactly at 8am when my phone ringed and I was like, in a hurry

Now she is gone and I just remember my top is like, transparent.
7 Days ago
Also. For dog walking with the group last week.

A young woman (23yo so just 2 years ago less than me), looks at me and is like « hey. Wasn’t you at xx school? You did talk the xx bus right ? You were the one who was still at the first place no?? »

And so, she remember me about a place I was taking everyday like, 8/10 years ago..!! I was like «  wow »
8 Days ago
Also, does any body know a, idk, a site with free to use pic/gif/pixel etc ? ;v;'

to start working on my PP
8 Days ago
Me being so excited to see my art of my new OC Astraia i'm checking every min Akemie's feed ! ;v; so excited to have art of my new baby ♥
8 Days ago
My definition of having a social life on PH ( and making a very great effort) is when ;

I like a feed of an user I don’t talk to.
8 Days ago