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Trainerlevel: 98

Trainerpoints: 6,099/28,909


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Sirya 16.06.21
4,1608,453,618 / 41,543,424

Shiny Hunt

Fartmon is currently hunting Riolu.
Hunt started: 25/11/2022

Chain: 161
1 11 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #157660118
Registration: 18/07/2014 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 10/Apr/2023
Game Time: 7487:11 Hours
Total interactions: 6,657,585
Money: 705,517
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Fartmon is currently hunting Riolu.
Hunt started: 25/11/2022

Chain: 146
1 shiny 11 mega able 0 shiny mega able

Well I won’t complain owo
Yesterday, 22:29
Well. My friend got an answer from that guy on YT. He appologies and said peoples told him that yes it wasn’t good etc.

Not sure he would answer me but at least I hope he is sincere and won’t do it again..
Yesterday, 20:33
Popular French on YT making video of her dog alone in the house

the dog is having a pretty hard anxiety of separation and so, is in distress, and the guy and his communauty is like " oh lol she is scared she barks she does idiot things "

while the dog is already in stres ++++ one of his friend is in thief and so the thief "plays" with the dog and the poor dog is scared as heck and like

23kk views and everyone is " lol haha " ?

what is wrong with you guys ?
Yesterday, 18:31
People coming into terracristal raid to show their shiny lol

but ur shiny sucks and dies everytime so ur just useless :'>
1 Day ago
Me watching an horror movie : yeah !
The horror movie is also a feminist movie : DOUBLE YEAH
1 Day ago
Girl on her scooter with her two dogs without leash, dogs that run directly on Sirya

random idiot girl : don't worry they are not bad !

Well lol yes, the two was on Sirya, who was afraid to get 2 bigger dogs on her, and so tried to "bite" one to make it go away and the girl didn't even stopped lol, she was almost at the end of the street while " beeping " on her freakin' stupid e-collar ??

I was too concentrated on Sirya to shout at her, i was ready to jump on the dogs if never one of them was starting to bite Sirya for x reason.

Dude, please, even if your dogs is " kind " or not, lol, maybe other dogs are reactive, don't like dogs and just, would you like some kind people to just run at you to say hi ?
Take your freaking responsabilities and take your dog in leash if they don't listen you.
1 Day ago
Hm or i was lucky ?
or it wasn't a shiny crow cause i found a shiny medidite on Scarlet ! xD
1 Day ago
Pretty sure i met a shiny Corknight in Scarlet but it was the first of the day

i met another crow and i was like " wait, this one looks darker but the shiny is lighter so......??!! "
1 Day ago
A French bank is modifying gender/name on bank card and use right proununciation for transgender people and i'm just like " wow ;v; ♥ "
1 Day ago
I have a kinda pretty good IV mega able riolu ouo


Someone wants to buy it for fighting gems ?
1 Day ago
Peoples who are okay with the fact you mutilate the tail/ears of their dogs : blabla you should accept different opinions

them when i say i'm totally not ok with it : blabla but it's stupid i do what i want blabla idc about youuu

ok ouo
Do what i said, not what i do.
1 Day ago
RIP Vanessa.

It’s 10km away from my home.. I feel so sorry for her.
2 Days ago
Anyone has a dusk stone i could have for my Diamond remake game ?

To evovle my sh. Murkrow ♥ I can offer PD.
2 Days ago
well poop it.
Gonna hatch my eggies in storage room and, like every time, i'll restart this hunt in some weeks xDDD
2 Days ago
Guess, like always, who is bored and want to spend gems at collector gem and do random hunt :l
2 Days ago
Yep so i read more about thanksgiving and i'm like " .. Really ? :v "
3 Days ago

I never was so implicated in a pokemon game since years.

Scarlet / Violet is a very good game. I was very " Ok what will it be ? " before but

It's a very good game.
4 Days ago
Men in S/V are .. androgyne ? Why are they so
h a n d s o m e

Like, the ice champion is miam miam.
4 Days ago
W h a t
Found my shiny Murkrow ! 1140 encouters on Brillant Diamond **
4 Days ago


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