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Formerly: Teller
Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 2,890/10,149


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Goldie Death (#114)
2,69019,992,191 / 21,716,371
(Zacian (Crowned Sword))
1,6638,755,232 / 10,377,121

Gift Backs

SM Hunt
DarknessTyplo: x58 Fire Gems (or at least something in return)
Mimikyu_Man: x19 Fire Gems Waiting to help in return

Aspen: Gave 5 Dragon Gems
Chungus: Gave 2 Fairy Gems
Torracat: Gave 2 Dragon Gems
LugiaBRE: Gave 30 Grass Gems

Zacian Hunt
James125: x1 Art of Combat

Ditto Gift Gem Count/Ditto Count
Purpleeda: x22 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
Miminite: x16 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
LugiaBRE: x26 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
ShinyMegaLucarioGuy: x5 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
James125: x294 Normal Gems (equivalent)/0 Ditto (yet)
Torracat: x3 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
DarknessTyplo: x379 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
TheUnknownCollector: x65 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
PenguinPowerful: x77 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
~Venus~: x1,000 Normal Gems/1 Ditto
RanbooMyBeloved: x620 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
ChikoritaMining: x300 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
~Techno: x100 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
Aqua_sapphire: x1000 Normal Gems/1 Ditto
Luciel_Hughes: x352 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
FreeHugz: x49 Normal Gems/0 Ditto (yet)
Izure: x50 Normal Gems (Pending)/0 Ditto (yet)

Shiny Hunt

FaithfullyBlindAbs is currently hunting Drampa.
Hunt started: 12/01/2022

Chain: 58

Hunt 4 Normal Gems

I'll be hunting shiny hunting non-event, non-specially received Pokemon for Normal gems as well as regular hunting event Pokemon in my collection!
You can ask for a shiny through my newly opened Union of Shiny Hunters, the steps are laid out and fairly simple!

10 gems - 1 Easy Shiny Pokemon
15 gems - 1 Medium Shiny Pokemon
20 gems - 1 Event Pokemon and Region Variant Pokemon
25 gems - 1 Hard Shiny Pokemon
50 gems - 1 Rare Shiny Pokemon

Similarly, if you just want a regular Pokemon from me, unless otherwise discussed or offered, I would like 1 normal gem (if you'd like you can bargain with me, I won't be unreasonable)

Note that any Normal gems received by me through this exchange will be added to my tally for my Ditto hunt, which means that if you do it enough there's a chance you could somehow end up with a whole Ditto by the end

Buy List: (Pokemon: Buyer)
Axew: RanbooMyBeloved (Hatched)
Drampa: RanbooMyBeloved
x2 Axew: ~Techno
Drampa: ~Techno
Drampa: Izure

Game Records

Trainer ID: #767744757
Registration: 11/02/2014 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Sep/2022
Game Time: 1741:39 Hours
Total interactions: 5,069,988
Money: 269,558
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Look at these nugget gains, it's NUTS
Prize at the Treasure Hunt Game +3 Today, 04:04
Prize at the Golden Slot +52 Today, 03:35
Today, 04:04
My tastebuds: Yummy
My throat: We're not going to swallow this, right? I don't WANNA!
My stomach: FEEED MEEEE!
Today, 01:05
Yesterday, 06:23
Be me:
-Wake up almost too late because it's so cold and you started laundry the previous night but didn't flip it over so you had constant anxiety nightmares you woke up from all night long
-Go to work hungry as all heck and eat pudding for breakfast
-Work a 6 hour shift which lets you spend some of your last hour at work up front instead of at Central Pay in the foodcourt
-Have your favorite manager whom normally gets cursed things said to him say something so cursed you nearly fall down at work from the pure shock
-Buy ingredients for dinner before heading home
-Realize you can't find the recipe suddenly and have to re-search the name of the meal
-Spend the next 4 hours making dinner
-Still be hungry after eating because your body hates you
Anyone else wanna tell me about their day like this? lol I'm open to it!
Yesterday, 02:22
Me: tries to watch more than a single One Piece anime YouTube channel
This channel: pronounces Luffy's name Luh-fee instead of Loo-fee"
My response: Why did I try this again?
2 Days ago
Feels like: -20 degrees Fahrenheit out
School district: No school/2 hour delay
Feels like: -30 degrees Fahrenheit out (today's prediction)
School district: Not even a 2 hour delay

Also, the bus takes about 10 extra minutes to reach my stop due to how icy the roads are. Luckily it goes on one of the busiest roads in the city but I'm sure there's plenty of near icy parts. I live a block away from said street and the streets are just sheets of ice, literally. You have to be extra careful crossing them because it's jagged, freezing, slippery, and thick sheets of ice the whole way across.
3 Days ago
I slept for 8-8.5 hours last night and I could probably sleep for a few more hours, ngl
3 Days ago
Finished reading my most important updated Webtoons, so g'night everyone!
3 Days ago
I am absolutely exhausted.
1) Didn't fall asleep until after 3am because my body hates me.
2) It was Wednesday and on Wednesdays I seem to attract all the weirdos/crazies in the store.
3) After my 6 hour shift of nonsense I got home only to start preparing for dinner.
4) It took me about 3 hours to prepare and cook dinner (last part only took about 15 minutes).
5) Knew I wouldn't eat as I prepared dinner because one of the most potent smelling ingredients smelled like ranch to me, something which the thought of it alone makes me gag.
6) Helped my mom find Golden Walnuts on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.
7) Finally took a shower.
8) I've been told that tomorrow is possibly gonna be a right dumpster fire for a few work related reasons.
9) My mom asked me to make breakfast for her tomorrow, I told her to wake me up at 7:30am if she wants me to, so we'll see.
3 Days ago
As of right now I have the 28th off! They miraculously didn't schedule me on another Pokemon release date!
3 Days ago
Our Starbucks gave free drink orders to each of us employees in the store today. Yummy, didn't get coffee or tea but essentially a smoothie.
3 Days ago
Didn't see a manager up front when I went to buy something to eat for breakfast. Hoping for anyone except female Manager D!
4 Days ago
I want to play Orcish Inn on my laptop to see if anything has updated, but I know deep down that the creator has stopped updating it for the last few years for whatever reason and thus the pigeons and unbalanced alcohol and plants systems are basically finalized and they'll never add the freeplay sandbox mode, oooof
4 Days ago
I want pantsless pockets.
4 Days ago
I've had a struggle all day: I woke up and wasn't hungry, then I made food for my mom, dad, sister's boyfriend, and I (only my brother was left and he eats other stuff for breakfast), and I wasn't hungry when I ate and I was still sleepy enough that I literally didn't taste my food. One of those things that happens when you're super exhausted, y'know? Anyway, then I was asked if I wanted a potpie for lunch which presumably my dad was doing since it was easy freezer stuff but took an hour to make in the oven, so I said yes despite not being hungry still but an hour later I was SUPER hungry and I ate the whole thing. These weren't small potpies, though, so I was surprised when I was still hungry enough to note afterward, and then I ate dinner a few hours later but had the same problem as with lunch and now I'm absolutely starving and I'm gonna go make some popcorn. Oof Enjoy the paragraph?
4 Days ago
Also, connected to my last, close, feed; I love this quote, one of my favorite in all of existence. "It's too good, I don't like it; please give me more trash"
4 Days ago
I can't even...! This is SO dumb, I don't know if I love or hate it! Watching a video from the YouTube channel GrandLineReview and it's one of those ones where he goes and grabs strange theories/"theories" from the comment sections of previous videos and reads them off and this one is just so FRIGGIN WILD! He said it and I straight up paused playing MC, looked at the TV screen for a second, then started laughing so hard I had to struggle to find my remote to pause it so I could hear it after I finished laughing. What. The. Heck. I can't even SAY what the theory is or at least his initial description of it due to it potentially in some strange way not being acceptable for certain ages, although I don't see why I just don't feel like it's something I should say in front of, say, a 5 year old, so I'm not gonna say what it is on here, lol
4 Days ago
tmw you remember that your cute shiny Caterpie (who doubles as an OC) has an edgelord last name, lol
4 Days ago
Devil fruit users in One Piece be like: I HAVE INVINCIBILITY AGAINST EVERYTHING!
But also: Oh No! NoT a HaNd CuFf! DoN't ToSs Me In ThE wAtEr, I'm A cAt!
Their world: Like, 99% water
4 Days ago
Thinking of commissioning some Teller art, if you're interested feel free to PP/PM an example of your art since Teller requires a touch of spooky but cute looks, lol
5 Days ago


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