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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 1,779/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
781,443 / 18,487
Spooky Onion
373184,752 / 491,103
(Weezing (Galarian))
7051,220,365 / 1,493,191

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Welcome to my profile! :D

Hey guys, Etty here. Just a person trying to keep their composure lol. My favorite things are drawing, and sleeping. My least favorite things are waking up, and public situations. I can be very social online, but I hate doing anything with people IRL... I live with very bad mental health. My feelings can be hurt easily so please just be gentle XD

I sell art! Please check out my shop or my Deviantart!

Since it seems like everyone gives this info :
22 | Demigirl | Pansexual | INTJ | She/They

If you think my profile is interesting, you just want more people on your friendslist, or you'd like someone to chat with: I enjoy making friends, Im a good listener and pretty good at keeping convos alive :>
-That being said, I won't be hurt if you don't wanna add-

Plushies sent to those who add me


Goals- Help me Achieve These?

2023 PH Goals

>Complete any dex
-buying any trashmons you may have that *I am missing* for 420 PD
✔️ >Complete Unown alphabet
✔️ >Complete Alcremie Flavors
>Complete Floette set
>Complete Florges set
>500,000 Interactions - 44%
>Level 100 Berry - 46%
>Cooking Mama Badge
>Puzzler Badge
>Event Collector Badge
>Hatch 50 Shinies - 14 eevee

Longer term PH goals

✔️>OT shiny eeveelutions
>Complete Vivillon Set
>Shiny From Beach
>Hatch a shiny Mega
>10,000 Normal Gems - 8%

>collect all alcremie variants

Meet my Sonas! (Drawn by me)


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Etty is a shiny Flareon. Always a tired bean. Shes a little ditzy, but open minded and relaxed. :>


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Tupi is a Solar Eevee. She's energetic and maybe a little manic. She can be a bit much for some people :b


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Thanatos is a Shadow Umbreon. It is a reaper of pokemon, and nonbinary. It is incredibly small and enjoys wearing the skull of other eeveelutions, usually a young eevee


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Diest is a shadow vaporeon who's mood ranges from closed off and isolated, to aggressive and hostile. They don't like anyone, and want to avoid being hurt.

Unnamed, Look below on how to help me!

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They're nonbinary and their mood ranges from defeat to depression

My eeveelution sonas are part of a set made to express my extreme moods living with BP. Thanatos is there because, well I ruin things. I basically take all the good and watch it die. The rest of them are self explanatory. Etty is my middle ground and most used sona :>

I could use help naming my leafeon sona. They are non binary and represent defeat and depression. I try to use the letters e-t-u-p-i-s-d-y but if a name really clicks with me it wont be a game changer if Its got other letters. PP me if you've got any recommendations :D (PS I do traditional art, removing the backgrnd was hard xD)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #757518184
Registration: 04/12/2022 (2 Months ago)
Premium member until 28/Feb/2023
Game Time: 166:51 Hours
Total interactions: 234,885
Money: 331,078
Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil


I'm buying any missing mon for 690 pd
This giveaway will end when I complete a dex
If you share my full post today I'll send you a plush
Here are awards

1st place: (only for those who have shared either this full post OR one of my previous #DankDex post) 125 nugs
2nd place: (hashtag shared) 75 nugs
3rd: (hashtag shared) 55k pd
4th: (hashtag shared) 30k pd
5th: (hashtag shared) 10k pd + 10 random gems
Today, 00:03
So they're "sunsetting" pokemon tcg online (meaning, not updating with new cards they come out with March and on. They want people to come over to Pokemon tcg Live, where they have all new cards and updates and a cleaner more modern platform, but completely no trading.
Pokemon Trading Card Game Live!
It's like they're saying "if we make this crap too, will you come play this other crap?? It's a different shade of brown!"
Yesterday, 22:43
I'm working on a custom Etty plush from a tomy flareon. Still need to get some markers for the Leg patterns but doesn't she look dope?
link didn't work last time
Yesterday, 21:44
You ever hear someone upset and even tho you did nothing wrong, you feel like it's all your fault? What's that about?
Yesterday, 12:48
Etty with no hat ;u;
Yesterday, 00:45
guys it happened again!
Whyyy meee
1 Day ago
My 2nd digital art My sona Tupi :D
1 Day ago
Will harvest sprites / raylong quests eventually lead to broken chain? or will i be good to start them now?
1 Day ago
Okay so. Doing hoopa again. Clicked every link on Home, Town, settings, and community tab, and every link that showed up on all of those. only got 4/5 hoops. Any other suggestions?
1 Day ago

Help me complete my dex and share the hashtag
I'm currently giving 95k and 200 nugs in prizes
2 Days ago
2 questions if anyones got answers:
regarding set 4 badges

How many wondercards do you need for event collector badge?
How many puzzles do you need to complete for puzzler?
2 Days ago
this one wasn't fair xD
I mean really ;n;
2 Days ago
Just made my second sale on mercari xD

selling pokemon cards makes me feel like a dealer....but....much cooler

oh yeah and im super lame but I throw a related pokemon drawing in the envelope too xD
2 Days ago
2 Days ago
Wind chill warning where I live the next 2 days.

-35° f
2 Days ago
"You haven't received any cards yet :("
2 Days ago
How long until *SPOILER* Leih's sister shows up? Im almost ready to upgrade my rod
3 Days ago
Sold my Gardenia's vigor error card for $36 on mercari, feelin like a g xD
3 Days ago
My first digital art... It's also my avatar
4 Days ago


My Likes (And dislikes)

Bands / Artists/Genres:
+Sequoyah Prep School
+Blink-182 / Box Car Racer
+Taking Back Sunday
+Jack Kays
+Get Scared
+Billy Talent
+The Wonder Years

-KPop (That genre is beyond screwed up. Please watch this documentary it only gets worse the more you watch.

+Bojack Horseman

-Velma (Why you gotta do my boy Scoob like that?)

+Pokemon ofc
+Fallout 4
+Outer Worlds

+Black and Pastels =u.u=

Foods & Drinks:

-Seafood (The smell is awful :<)
-Pineapple (Idc about on pizza, its bad enough on its own xD)

+I just really enjoy satire
+Art trades :> I love getting art of my pokesonas :D

-Mental Illness. Living with anxiety, BP, Depression, and OCD makes life a challenge.
-People who hold back. Just say what you mean. Don't make me try to read between the lines or come to conclusions on my own, I'm not good at it. Tell me how you feel and we can go from there, I'll be direct with you so it's only fair I get the same.

If you read this I admire your patience :> Have a great day