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Trainerlevel: 47

Trainerpoints: 2,353/6,673


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Shadow Mewtwo967,740 / 34,921
Shadow Mewtwo81632 / 24,909
14031,765 / 47,376
Gardevoir11216,006 / 47,461
Vivillon (Polar)16630,613 / 83,167
Kricketune10016,908 / 33,446

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #135257548
Registration: 31/08/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 251:24 Hours
Total interactions: 5,253,843
Money: 6,615
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


remember if you want to chat or play anything with me check the links on my profile
keep yourselves safe, some staff give me super weird vibes, and the one who was banned keeps making side accounts. stay safe
1 Year ago
last call for accepting your prizes
1 Year ago
first place: -Loki-
second place: SillySelkie
third place: Chie
fourth place: DavidS
fifth place: Kiro-

sending out the prizes now. please accept them as soon as you can. Kiro- message me please for what uncommon event pokemon you want so i can get the egg.
if you have other trades up with me please accept them as soon as possible
1 Year ago
please check if you have a trade from me. once im gone i wont be able to accept trades
1 Year ago
first two to comment a link to the list of pokemon youre missing will get a random mix of pokemon you need. if ive already done this for you please let someone else get it. you can get the link by going to your pokedex and clicking missing.
1 Year ago
first two to comment a link to the list of pokemon youre missing will get a random mix of pokemon you need. if ive already done this for you please let someone else get it. you can get the link by going to your pokedex and clicking missing.
1 Year ago
alright ill start up my final giveaway. the biggie
first place: ditto
second place: all my nuggets (326)
third place: all my pd
fourth place: all my items (includes a boatload of berries, i was gonna try for the medal)
ill do a few other giveaways while im waiting for art to be finished, but this is the biggie. the one yall been waiting for. just like this feed to enter. no need to comment or anything. rng will decide the winners
1 Year ago
first 5 to comment get a shadow mewtwo. if you already have one, give a few minutes for others to grab one please!
1 Year ago
first three to comment a list of what pokemon theyre missing get a random spam of pokemon theyre missing. i should have enough of a variety to give at least 15 to each of the three :3
1 Year ago
i could use some suggestions. I have very very sensitive skin. like i have scars from bandaid because of the adhesive sensitive. new thing is i have a cut on the back of my ear from wearing a mask. any suggestions on how to prevent that? im currently thinking of getting cotton pads to circle(tape?) around the elastic of the mask where it touches my ear. does anyone have better ideas?
1 Year ago
giveaway! tell me one of your favorite shows or youtubers(do not suggest pewdiepie or dream. just dont)! two winners for a mega-able typhlosion, five more winners for a shadow mewtwo. ends when i wake up!
1 Year ago
once all the trades are accepted ill do another give away~ if you won something, please check your private trades!! i just dont wanna accidently give away things ive already set up a trade for!
1 Year ago
give me your favorite online game that is SAFE. do not say pokeheores, pfq or flight rising (simply because im already on and love the last one)
rng will decide 5 winners for a shadow mewtwo
1 Year ago
tell me your favorite irl animal! random retros, i have 13 so there will be 13 winners. ends when i wake up
1 Year ago
alright giveaway that will end when i wake up! tell me your favorite ghost story (link is fine) or favorite type of creepy creature! please nothing like spiders or that, i wanna keep it to ghost sorta things! rng will chose winners
first place: Shadow magicarp
second place: shadow koffing
third place: shadow marill
keep it spooky scary! creepy pastas are fine, so are scps!
1 Year ago
shiny giveaway! tell me your favorite shiny!! rng will decide the winners
first place: shiny galarian rapidash
second place: shiny altaria
third place: shiny ralts
(also can you gift shadow pokemon? like the ones with the purple stars? checking before i do a giveaway with them, im assuming yes but yaknow)
1 Year ago
Giveaway! If you could change the typing of one pokemon, which one and to what type? winners will be chosen by rng :3
First place: Winter Mareep, Flaafy, and Ampharos
Second place: Crystal Aron and Aggron
Third place: Winter Numel and Camerupt
1 Year ago
first 8 people to tell me their favorite video game get a shadow mewtwo. If youve already gotten one, let other people get one please!
1 Year ago
giveaway ends when i wake up. comment your favorite character design! mines a toss up between cosmog and sylveon
First place: Mega'd Charizard X and Y
Second place: Mega'd Skarmory
Third place: Mega'd Typhlosion
Fourth place: Mega'd Manectric
1 Year ago
alright first 8 comments get a shadow mewtwo :3
1 Year ago

Shiny Hunt

EtherealDeer is currently hunting Shadow Mewtwo.
Hunt started: 11/02/2021

Chain: 105


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