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Formerly: ZealotMadScientist
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About Me

My first badge from beating Brittanyrs0419. It was a great battle that I will never forget.

My second badge

An adoptable I bought.

My Pokesona made by BanetteXD

QuoteFinally learned how to do this!


I do not sell/give/trade stuff unless stated otherwise or you are a close friend.

Warning for friends

First time I'll let it slide.

Second time I'll remove you from my friends list.

Third is blocked.

Warning for other users

First time I'll let it slide.

Second is blocked.

As for buying things, I usually don't buy items/Pokemon though sometimes I just might.

Put into effect as of 4:35 9/11/18


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EternalMadScientist is currently hunting Solosis.
Hunt started: 02/10/2022

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Trainer ID: #291584993
Registration: 18/04/2015 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Apr/2023
Game Time: 3693:18 Hours
Total interactions: 1,381,983
Money: 601,130
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


I consider myself a lover of tea. I take notes on the teas I drink.
Today I've had the dishonor of trying one that was just boring. In all honesty I'll probably forget all about it in a day or two.
Some teas are so bad you can tell your friends about it, "Funny story about my cup of tea the other day..."
And if it is good you want more and can order some for later. You can recommend it to people.
I just find it a bit sad that this tea is a bit meh.
20 Days ago
So I am nuzlocking Ultra Sun and Trial Captain Ilima just killed four out of five of my Pokemon.
23 Days ago
I am scared of ghosts.
1 Month ago
So I was playing Fallout 4 and I had a roller coaster of emotions.
"Oh no! Assaultron!"
"Haha! I am ambushed her!"
"Oh no! She got me in her laser beam!"
"I survived! Yes!"
"Oh geez an enemy in power armor has showed up!"
"Yes they are fighting each other! Time to heal!"
"She just killed the man in power armor and is coming after me!"
"I got her twice!"
"The laser is nearly charged! I must hurry!"
"Critical hit head shot!"
"She survived!"
"She is finally dead!"
Just all of that in twenty seconds.
1 Month ago
Sorry for being inactive so long. I was in the hospital and I didn't have access to my phone or wifi.
I am fine now and I don't have any long lasting injuries.
2 Months ago
I am going to be honest. I was rooting for humanity in Avatar.
2 Months ago
To add to my previous post they don't like people mentioning Taiwan being independent on TikTok or the event that never happened at Tianamen Square that didn't involve tanks or death and wasn't in 1989 because it didn't happen according to them.
3 Months ago
As many of you know I hate the Chinese government. And I am feeling especially annoyed at them right now so let's go.

TikTok is used by China to keep track of you. Your location will be updated every thirty seconds even if you turn off the tracking, it monitors all apps you download, delete, and how much time you spend on those apps, and it also looks through all your personal data.

It is so bad that the U.S military doesn't want their military members to have it and they recommend they tell their family members to delete it.

They censor topics not favorable to the CCP and if you search far enough you'll start finding Chinese propoganda.

TikTok is just a way for them to monitor everyone who isn't in China.

But what about Facebook or Twitter? Sure they steal your data but it is like saying I took your sandwich and juice box vs TikTok's taking half of the food in your fridge and then leaving a vegan yogurt.

Remember the CCP is a joke and all great TikTok videos are on Youtube.
3 Months ago
My favorite thing about the new legendary Pokemon are the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds memes they are making.
3 Months ago
Look at all of you feeling young. Older teens, young adults, and adults. Prime of your life.
Anyways Lady Gaga's Poker Face is nearly fourteen years old. There are teenagers younger than Poker Face.
3 Months ago
So after years I started to watch Adventure Time because people kept saying it was good and I am bored.
Bubblegum is not deserving of the title of Princess. She is a mass murdering dictator who manipulates everyone around including her so called friends. She cares little for the lives around her so long as her plans work out.
Most of the times the problems Finn and Jake have to deal with were created by her.
Also Marcie has grown as a person and Dictator Bubblegum is still just as crazy as she always was. This will no doubt be a toxic relationship.
She spies on almost everyone and god forbid you keep a secret from her.
For a woman of science she is often violent or vague about things.
If she were written as an evil character she'd be a great. But she isn't considered evil. She is the princess. I bet the only reason people claim they love her is to avoid her callous actions. If she is fine with killing all her guards why should she care about them?
3 Months ago
They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
I disagree.

It doesn't kill you but that doesn't mean you can beat it again.
Sometimes it leaves weaker physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Sometimes you barely eek out a win by giving it everything you have. Sometimes you barely keep your head above water and cash in every favor people owe you.
You lose bits of yourself in the battle. Some of those you can rebuild and others are gone forever.
Though yes you can become stronger sometimes you just don't. Maybe you will win again the next time and the time after but eventually you won't have the power.

There is nothing wrong with avoiding doing it again. There is nothing wrong with not turning your victory into strengths. There is nothing wrong with any of it.

So ignore those who say you did it before. Ignore those who say you handled worse. And ignore those who say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Sometimes you just survive and that in itself is enough.
3 Months ago
So I am playing Skyrim but I am letting my girlfriend make the decisions for me.
So far I have been over encumbered for twenty minutes. I haven't seen Whiterun.
3 Months ago
I have four thousand nuggets. Six months of premium is four thousand nuggets.
Oh yeah, it's all coming together.
3 Months ago
So I was playing Fallout 4 with the Superman mod. I can fly, use frost breath, am bullet proof, laser eyes, super speed, and what not.
I considered using my powers for peace, justice, and the American way.
And then I realized Homelander was on to something when he just lasers all of his enemies from a distance.
3 Months ago
Well therapy is either the best or worst thing that can happen depending on the day.
On one hand you can discover something new about yourself or see the world in a new perspective allowing you to grow and heal.
On the other hand you can discover the darkest parts of yourself that you have hidden away for fear it will destroy you. While it is the first step to start working on yourself it still is a bit jarring.
3 Months ago
What's old is new. That's right. I chose my second witch avatar.
It went first witch then second. Back to first and now I am using the second again.
3 Months ago
My zealotry mastery has allowed me to transcend into something eternal.
I shall never die thanks to denial.
3 Months ago
On August 6th 1945, seventy seven years ago Hiroshima was the first city in the world to be hit with an atomic bomb.
It is estimated that anywhere from sixty six thousand to eighty thousand people died when it hit and nearly seventy thousand people were injured though we'll never know for sure.
The damage was so great it took hours for anyone to even realize what just happened.
On August 9th 1945, Nagasaki would be hit with the second atomic bomb with nearly forty thousand people losing their lives and around twenty five thousand people were injured. The USSR would declare war on them hours before.
Without much options Japan agreed to surrender on August 15th 1945 and officially surrendered September 2nd of 1945. And with that the war was officially considered over.
Though over the affects are still felt today. The horrors will never be forgotten.
3 Months ago
I got myself a sandwich maker. It gives me grilled cheese sandwiches in less than a minute.
I love it already.
3 Months ago



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