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My profile picture and all three animations on my page are of my character Stephen Star. He's like a more outgoing version of myself, so he kinda represents me well.

Don't mind his hands being backwards, I used to intentionally draw them that way in this form.

Please Pet my Good Boys

I'm very allergic to fall leaves!
So I can't snuggle my good boys Striker the Mareep, Hanlith the Flaaffy, and Skygger the Ampharios
Please pet them for me!
(Actually watch out for Hanlith, he's kinda particular about people)

Oh yes, I also have three other friends in this gang. I can pet them, but they might like you too!
This is Chavez the Shiny Mareep, Malark the Summer Mareep, and Acton the Spring Ampharios.


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Trainer ID: #420822705
Registration: 30/03/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 178:21 Hours
Total interactions: 505,523
Money: 65,117
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Bad News: Crush doesn't feel the same about me and would rather not date/go out with me.

Good News: According to crush, why punish someone for feelings? In many cases feeling sneak up on us and we don't ask for it. As long as I didn't treat him badly for not liking me back, of course we can stay friends.
In fact, there's an air of openness that there wasn't before that is relieving. He also technically wants to be a-sexual, and doesn't want to enter a relationship ever if possible.
So I still get to be my sappy friend self by messing with him, the occasional hug and sappy words, because those are part of the Esti close friend package.

I'm not saying it will always turn out like this. But it takes maturity on the part of him to not reject our friendship. And it takes acceptance on my part not to feel entitled like I'm owed a boyfriend or something. Neither is true.
10 Months ago
301 Absols....
Ugh I'm too stubborn and in too deep.

Someone just end it XD
11 Months ago
Hey Sorry guys I haven't been online lately. I've been here and there, but mostly I've been spending my allotted game time playing on a minecraft server.
It was kind of my first public one and I'm having fun so yeah. Still excited for the shadow pokemon here though!
11 Months ago
Sent out a few more Smiling Oddish. Sorry if you've already got one before. I set it to completely random.

*Whispers* Sorry Amber...but I mean you are really awesome. The Oddish just love you.
11 Months ago
Hey Friends, would you mind if I maybe unloaded an Absol or two on you?

Maybe a trade of something you don't need, or if you're feeling generous, something you have extra of that isn't in my pokedex?

Thanks, love, hugs so tightly your rib cage is compressing your lungs and heart and oh okay that fluid is supposed to stay lining the heart...

*Ahem*...Sorry 'bout that.
11 Months ago
Crazy things my Old Lady Cat (15 years) does/has done:

- Catch a mouse, only to hold it in her paws, it shaking, while she licked it clean and nicely groomed. Then proceed to let it go.

- Got stuck in a wall. Fireman had to make a crazy coat hanger, string, flashlight, mirror contraption to pull her out by her collar to avoid breaking the wall.

- Broke into the ventilation system when young to run around in the vents.

- Floy-dyope - (Hard core thud to the ground.)

- Face-couching

- Will seek to lick your toes and fingers. It's...weird.

- Due to her now having a sensitive tummy, we force her to have multiple small snacks. She wants to gorge. She bolts under my bed if I catch her trying to steal the younger cat's food.
11 Months ago
11 Months ago
203 Absols in.... *sigh* Come someday oh Shiny Absol.

Please... I beg of thee.
11 Months ago
Welp, roughly 1800ish Dreampoints Later, a small Army of Nose-booping, eye-shining, grin-wearing Oddish have been unleashed upon the masses.

May they make their mama proud.
11 Months ago
If you get a smiling Oddish, yeah, I'm doing one of my random little message things again. Kind of a new one to shake things up. If I accidentally sent more than one to a friend... yeah I'll try not to do that again. Apologies.

If you're completely confused by what I'm saying...

...I have you exactly where I want you. There is no escape. I'm coming for you next.
11 Months ago
My dad is such a kind and charismatic person. He loves everyone and gives them unconditional kindness from the start.

Okay my Dad is sewing my shirt and whenever he sews I just kinda geek out over how cool it is. Mom and I can't do it to save our lives. He doesn't do it very often so it's always neato.
11 Months ago
Now that your re-education from Thursday is finished, please complete the new poll on my page.

I admit some of you took a bit longer than JUST Thursday. Rest assured everyone has finally been returned to their families, pets, friends, and Pokemon mostly unharmed.
11 Months ago
Life has a lot of rough patches. There are so many times I feel like a failure or worthless, I am so glad there is good too. I know not everyone has loving friends or family, but I am so thankful for mine right now.

I was chatting with my friend/crush. Though I have serious doubts we would be more than friends, I am really glad for his chill company and friendship right now. I am such a sap compared to him, but its nice that he puts effort and win-win attitudes in our dynamic. I feel a calm thankfulness.

Hope you guys find the good little moments too <3
11 Months ago
My Cat's Schedule:

8am - 12pm: Hey hi! Could you open the window please? Please? Please? I wanna watch birds and cars!! YAY thank you!

12pm-6pm: Please let me hide in the closet and sleep. I-I mean I'll come if you call for like a few minutes but after that I want to hide and sleep alone please. A-also please don't pick me up


2am - 8am: *Stares at me sleeping*
11 Months ago
#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak #RowanQuest

Welcome to the weekend!! School is out for many. Time to sleep in and chill

Peachie has the egg hatching quest and would love a few helpful clicks

Let Ravenswing know via PP if you see any quests - including wounded Pokemon - so we can get them on the Rowan Quest Clicklist for the week.

Click to Share It
11 Months ago
Hey guys, I'm kinda literally drowning in Absols from that shiny hunt...

if you need some, I'll trade you any pokemon. Just message me or check the GTS, you'll find some pretty darn quickly.

'Kay thanks, love ya *Hugs*
11 Months ago
Thank you for your participation in the polls.

Re-education will begin Thursday when you least expect it.
11 Months ago
Two new polls on my page. Please answer thoughtfully.
11 Months ago
Don't forget to scream!
Don't forget.
Don't you dare forget...
11 Months ago
Yo guys!
My bestest humanoid person friend that I adore way too much is doing the Rowan mission to level up a Pinsir.
Please hug it but try not to impale yourselves!
Thank you!
11 Months ago

Oh, who are you?

Hey, howdy, ho, hi~

I'm Esti!
I'm a proudly weird, empathetic, and occasionally existential crisis dabbling humanoid.
You'll often see me writing random blurbs on the GTS or on my page.

Likes Drawing and Writing
Going to school to become an OTA (Occupational Therapy Assistant)
Best friends with SilverAruka


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