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Trainerlevel: 114

Trainerpoints: 23,674/39,101


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Yella #122
226137,422 / 177,993
Philo #200
9823,002 / 32,073
Nebula #206
9325,065 / 28,767

Shiny Hunt

Elunair is currently hunting Chikorita.
Hunt started: 25/11/2023

Chain: 214
3 3 0

» next hunts: 9x 4x 3x 3x

» hoarding progress:

32% / 68% / 41% / 31%
18% / 30% / 12%
31% / 23%

42: x1 / x1


Game Records

Trainer ID: #271790056
Registration: 10/07/2013 (10 Years ago)
Premium member until 12/Feb/2025
Game Time: 8444:47 Hours
Total interactions: 17,299,240
Money: 1,090,562
Starter Pokémon: Charmander


Csoxi is looking for a female charizard with at least 4 gold Stars. If you have one dont hesitate to contact him. :]
2 Days ago
"Freeze, relax, and hatch some lab or Necrozma eggs!" 👀 So does that mean we can chain something else and return after that to our old chain? Or is it just a freeze? Meaning, hatching something and not chaining? Pls enlight me ✨ (asking because my egg storage is full of arceus)
4 Months ago
When you sit outside for a smoke and get jumpscared by an hedgehog. 🦔 We already know eachother, that little fella comes to me all few days to say hello. But never that close.. Look at that cute tiny face ;w; 💕
5 Months ago
Thank you all for participating in my recent giveaway! :D Because I really enjoyed reading your comments, I decided to spin the wheel 2times more.. >u> the prizes are the following, in that order: #1-1 Enigma Stone, #2-1 Griseous Orb, #3-1x5 Star Piece, #4-1 Ultra Saddle
Thank you! Congrats to the winners! And.. i hope you had as much fun as I had, and maybe we could create a smile on the faces of the people that got mentioned in a nice way! :D Let's do that again, some time soon!

#1 Sylvie~
#2 Kadse
#3 Shadow_Zekrom
#4 Csoxi

Prizes are being sent in a minute.
5 Months ago
You know, it's easy to give in and be greedy - and it's even easier to judge people who show their bad side to us. Instead of focusing on negativity, let's put things in spotlight that have been nice, maybe heartwarming. ✨

Leave a nice comment about another person on PH and have the chance to win a summon item. I will give away 1 Griseous Orb and 1 Enigma Stone, a randomizer will chose the 2 winners. Ends tomorrow before reset.
5 Months ago

you like family-friendly games? Full of cats? And Devs who spread awareness for adoption and rescue? Then, check out that link and tell your friends about it! :]
6 Months ago
Imagine we could reset our found eggs and boost the shiny chance with each 'playthrough' ✨👀 egg search newgame+
8 Months ago
Lost in paradise
Night and day are fading out ~ 🎶
1 Year ago
thank god the baby hatched ♥ //D i just had around 80 summons and got nervous already xd
1 Year ago
other people: meh, PLA is so boring
Elunair: enjoying her best pokemon experience ever 💕
1 Year ago
Congratulations! A shiny Snom hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #972)! <3 hi sm baby 💕
1 Year ago
It's Art, right? :')
2 Years ago
People create beautiful pictures in New pokemon snap.. And then there is me, falling in love with bidoof :')
2 Years ago
;w; chain #28 ❤️
2 Years ago
Yes! ❤️ #1530
3 Years ago
ugh :'x look at this beauty~ thanks nino ;w;
3 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Ralts hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #497)! hello sm baby >u< ♥
3 Years ago
ohmygod ... bye. Congratulations! A shiny Latias hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #15)!
3 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Shinx hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #999)!

hello baby. ♥ shiny-mega : D
3 Years ago
AAAAAAAAAAHshinymega #347 rip me.
3 Years ago


Cats . Plants . Coffee . Videogames . TV Series & Books

Hi, I'm a person switching between intro-and extroversion. I prefer the company of nice and polite people, which is the reason I almost only post friends-only feeds. While I am a friendly individual that likes to help and support friends, I am quickly annoyed by people acting impolite and cheeky. Attentionseeker and/or Dramallamas exhaust me. I keep my circle small; but I frequently comment on public feeds or send random plushies to random members because I find that nice and I enjoy friendly interactions with other people. :) If you want to get in contact, please keep these things in mind:

× Begging & Advertising results in a report
× Don't ask me if I could lend you smth
× I don't reply to requests abt trades
× ignoring friend-requests of users:
who seem very young*

Friendly behaviour opens doors
Plushies are always a nice thing
» palpad status: friends-only

*I am a grown woman; if you're very young we probably have very different interests. That is why I would like to limit our interactions. You can always contact me for gamerelated stuff, like asking how things on ph work; but please do not expect me to open up to you and to talk about personal stuff.

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