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Formerly: Sturmi
Trainerlevel: 101

Trainerpoints: 10,106/30,703


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Winter Mareep)
11033,769 / 40,742
(Winter Flaaffy)
10021,173 / 33,446
(Winter Ampharos)
11212,561 / 42,288
(Mega Winter Ampharos)
10913,990 / 39,981

Plushie Collection

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #271790056
Registration: 10/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 11/Nov/2021
Game Time: 6749:47 Hours
Total interactions: 10,974,725
Money: 4,015,656
Starter Pokémon: Charmander


When you finished watching a series but you have to wait until next year to watch the final season. And then 3 more years to watch the spin-off.
Aaaargh the pain...
9 Days ago
People acting just naturally cute are my kryptonite. 😖💕 aww
15 Days ago
the new backgrounds are adorable. thanks for creating them. ♥
19 Days ago
Imagine riako would implement that everything you do at the auction house was anonymously.
A1 sets up an auction. Shiny mega ralts. Lvl 222 nature: calm item: rare candy.
A2 bids 2 mil
A3 bids 3 mi
A7 bids 5 mil in the last 2 seconds and wins.
The pokemon gets transfered, but since you couldn't look up the pokemons page, A7 only finds out Sturmi was the ot of the pokemon they received.

Poof. ✨
From one day to another, people wouldn't have a reason to take sniping personal anymore.
Discussions would die down, people would drastically reduce visiting profiles or messaging other people about auctions. Then there would only be discussions about the ah from people who don't understand/or like the use of it. Aahh.... Imagine those peaceful moments of silence. Just a moment.
1 Month ago
Some resist the future,
some refuse the past,
either way it’s messed up
if we can’t unplug the fact
that a world covered in cables
was never wired to last.

~ ♪ ♫
1 Month ago
'Cause we're a long way from home...
♪ ♫

Death Stranding is soo good. I can't stop listening to this song
1 Month ago
;w; chain #28 ❤️
1 Month ago
I'm freeeeeee #2776 🎊
1 Month ago
Shoutout to the people who are giving away the new released pokes for nearly nothing or exactly nothing in return: you're precious. Thanks for being so kind instead of making profit. We notice and are thankful. 💖
1 Month ago
Happy new year 🎉💖
1 Month ago
Blah blah obligatory complain about this chain blah blah shiny mega blah.
Mimimi. Fününününü~ ~(o^o~)

I'm not even annoyed about this chain yet, but let's pretend. to get it done soon™.
1 Month ago
Most of the time I write down incredibly long texts to post them as feeds. And then I feel relieved, because I'm done with the topic. And I post nothing at all and it feels great. 🙃
1 Month ago
Thalia: eyyy dear customer, here you have a great 15% 20% 30% whatever% coupon! We love you! ❤️

Also Thalia: weeeeell, you can't use that coupon on books that have a fixed price, even if we're a bookstore. Sorry:^)

Me rn
2 Months ago
Aaaa- thank you for all the Christmas gifts. ❤️🤗 Sadly I can't return a gift to everyone on first day. But be sure, if you have sent one my way, you'll get one back in return in the following days. 💕
2 Months ago
our cat Mickey finally has recovered. =u= over all it took 3 months after he took medication. He's developed some weird attitude (when ever he's unhappy with something, for example he gets food too late for his liking, he starts to regurgitate hairballs >u>; kinda smart, isn't it? He understood we were so worried about his condition, that he got everything he wanted.. *cough*) and gaining weight with just healthy food is still a challenge. Also... We're fed up with chickenbreast because for some time that was the only thing he didn't refuse to eat, so we were cooking chicken meat every single day =u=; but... He's fine again. :D
2 Months ago
Man, seeing more and more games being unable to get released at the announced release date is so annoying.
Would you please not play with your customers expectations? I mean, that's a basic thing you learn first, when getting in touch with customers: set proper expectations! 🤦🏼‍♀️ and if we're already talking about it: don't treat your devs like slaves! Human rights also count for them geez 😤
2 Months ago
Self-Confidence. Some of us struggle their entire life earning self-confidence in their own eyes, while other people seem to have it at the very beginning, no matter how much they play with their own integrity. Fascinating, how a picture in our head can make us pick different decisions in life. A picture only we can see, and honestly rate.

If you see yourself in those sentences, be a little nicer to yourself. Allow yourself not to match your inner perfect point of view. 💖
2 Months ago
Been watching a stream about medieval dynasty yesterday and fell asleep twice because it's so relaxing... Now I feel the urge to get and play it myself. :')
2 Months ago
Aaaa- 💕 cross cult got the license for volume 4 and 5 of 'twittering birds never fly' and will release them next year in german translation ;U; *jumps into pre-purchase* gosh, I'm so happy, even if the german translation is a bit weird to read ><
2 Months ago
If you play a game, which areas do you like the most? Beautiful created areas with lots of fauna and flora (example) or.. dead places(example)?
I want to know. ö3ö to me such dead places are a real pain, because even if the story is okayish, the whole surroundings keep demotivating me to move forward.
2 Months ago

There's a bunch of sweet people on this site which i treasure dearly. Those know who they are and they can contact me for everything that comes to their mind; but for everyone else who's contacting me the rules below apply.

 ⛔️ Begging & Advertising results in a report.
 ⛔️ Don't ask me if I could lend you smth.
 ⛔️ Don't contact me for trades in general.

 🌐 Friendly behaviour opens doors.
 🌐 Plushies are always a nice thing.
 📙 current palpad status: friends-only

The paths we walk become roads.

How do I form a connection when we can't even shake hands.