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Trainerlevel: 18

Trainerpoints: 293/989


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Feebas452,411 / 4,885
Sprigatito471,984 / 6,798
Pichu12231,416 / 45,019

Credits to avatar

In case I'm doing something wrong...

Credits for avatar/profile picture to ChikoritaMoon

Legendary Goals

No one can resist legendary pokemon. Not only do they stand out from normal pokemon, they are unique and powerful each in their own ways. So, I've made a list of legendary pokemon that are available on PH AND are my favorite. It's my goal to get them all!

Articuno - 0/1
Zapdos - 0/1
Moltres - 0/1
Raikou - 0/1
Suicune - 0/1
Lugia - 1/1
Latias - 0/1
Latios - 0/1
Kyogre - 0/1
Rayquaza - 0/1
Groudon - 0/1
Jirachi - 0/1
Arceus - 0/1
Heatran - 0/1
Manaphy - 0/1
Reshiram - 0/1
Zekrom - 0/1
Eternatus - 0/1
Zacian - 0/1
Zamazenta - 0/1

Welp, the list turned out sorta long. So good luck to me!

My Pokemon Clans

Warrior cats are literally the BEST book series ever!!
So, I've decided to, over time, create pokemon clans based on the books. They are not an EXACT copy of how clans are structured in Warrior cats, but close.

Liepard Clan 1 -
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Leader(female) - SpottedMoon
Leader(male) - ShaedMoon
Deputy(female) - DarkStar

Eevee! Eevee - e - eevee!


Hi! I'm EeveeCat, but I accept many different nicknames. Welcome!

Accepted nicknames - EeveeCat, Eevee, Kat, & Luna
Fave pokemon: Umbreon, Espeon, Liepard, and Suicune.
Fave colors: Purple, pink, and blue
Personality: Bold, Protective, Shy

I apologize for the somewhat-rude side of me. It's my way of saying that I'm used to you, and that you're not a stranger to me anymore.


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AthenaLuminiaLediana 15 Hours ago
Furret 1 Day ago
Pikachow 7 Days ago
Pikachow 7 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

EeveeCat is currently hunting Rookidee.
Hunt started: 06/10/2022

Chain: 114

Badge Showcase

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EeveeCat hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #10061323
Registration: 07/07/2022 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 105:02 Hours
Total interactions: 30,263
Money: 10,867
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


By Domodoco - 53 Minutes and 18 Seconds ago.
Like this for a chance to win 5 Ultra Saddles!
Yesterday, 21:10
Torterra defeated Groudon!
Groudon escaped, but left a rare item.
Your Pokémon put it into the Explorer Bag and embarks on the way back.

YESSSSSSSSSS! Finally!!!!!!!!
1 Day ago
Plz plz PLZ put liepards into the auction house because I want to stock up so I can get breeding after my shiny hunt is done!

Lower prices are appreciated. I will TRY to give at least something to the people who do so. Just comment, and I'll send something over! :)
2 Days ago
2 Days ago
Remember, #JunkForFree is still going, and will end in 11 days (at least for me)!
3 Days ago
Anybody got any extra Kanto pokemon? I'm looking to complete my Kanto dex.
3 Days ago

I am finally done. And so, Cora, her parents, and 18 of her best siblings are in a half-permanent box now!
3 Days ago

OH MY GOD. 108 siblings. WOW. I am totally saving that bird.
3 Days ago
Plz release rookidee eggs! I will give 50 pd for every egg.

May seem like a small amount, but hey, rookidees are easy pokemon.
3 Days ago
You know what, I feel sorry. I don't usually have a "looking back" moment after I do something, but I just feel sorry for Cora and her 57 siblings, so #Savethefamily is no more.

Ah, well. Today I won't be active much on other things, because I have a WHOLE STOCK FULL BOX filled with Cora's family to go over, decide, name, and move.

3 Days ago

Egg #1 - You are warming the egg a bit.
It becomes warmer the longer you stroke it.

The egg raised by 64 EHP.

Egg #2 - You are warming the egg a bit.
It becomes warmer the longer you stroke it.

The egg raised by 57 EHP.

Egg #3 - You are warming the egg a bit.
It becomes warmer the longer you stroke it.

The egg raised by 60 EHP.
4 Days ago
Wonder Trade Report:

Liepard => Oricorio (Sensu)

Not bad...
Now what is an Oricorio (Sensu)?
4 Days ago
Comment #Savethefamily if you want me to save *half* of Cora's family. I will only do so if there will be 10+ comments by december 1st! Hurry!
4 Days ago
Wow. While I was on my shiny hunt, one of my corviknights, Cora, gained:

57 siblings
2 parents
4 grandparents

A complete family. Now I feel bad for putting them up in #JunkForFree box....
4 Days ago
Can you breed two lugias?
4 Days ago
OMG. I never noticed the family tree! Turns out one of my Liepards had five children! Awww
4 Days ago
Please interact with the Torterra in my party! After minutes of research, I think he will finally beat the groudon.

Maybe. Possibly. There's a chance.
4 Days ago
Well thats some sad news... Salsa lost the battle against a Groudon. EVEN THOUGH I spent hours researching the weaknesses of a Groudon and what pokemon have that type.

Oh well. Back to the pokedex site.
4 Days ago
Anybody wanna free corvisquire/corviknight pair? Since I'm saving most, only the first five people can get one.
5 Days ago
Anybody got an extra Lugia? Based on the prices in the AH, I'm willing to give 10 - 20k pd for one.
5 Days ago



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