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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 4,745/5,083


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
•} Silent Love {•
(Giga Hatterene)
180112,583 / 122,176
•} Blep {•
(Giga Flapple)
16723,736 / 50,502
Corsola (Galarian)1660 / 654

Hi there!

♥️~Hello from a place in this world~ ^w^

Dorameshiya/Moon | 15 | 🐱 and 🐉 lover ♥️

Lemme guess... Are you here because of random? Or... interacting with my Pokemon? Or just want to say hi? :3

Anyway, welcome to my profile~

I'm Moon, 15-year-old girl, and I try my best to help other users here
A slow snail, I'm lazy. When there's drama, I prefer just sitting there and watch as 3rd party, oooor goes away and play something else :p

My favorite Pokemon are... well, technically I love all beast and fairy-like creatures Pokemon. They're such cuties and they must be protected! But the one I love the most is Dreepy and its evo line! I always wish to have one, well, on this site at least ^3^

I'm also a self-taught artist. I draw everything by my style, and I love learning new ways to get my art better! So, if you want to share your experience in art, then send me a PM! I want to imrove my art >w<

Anyways, that's all for now, I guess? I hope you have a great day UwU

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Mecha Dragonite sprite by MetalHeadKendra
Shiny Lava Dragapult by Raihan

Shiny Hunt

Dorameshiya is currently hunting Corsola (Galarian).
Hunt started: 30/06/2020

Chain: 43

Art~ :3

❧ Private Commission: Open
❣ Art Trade: Open
ღ Requests: Closed

My Personal Goal

- Hatch a shiny Spring Mareep (or any available kinds of Mareep except normal) using PokeRadar only. Status: INCOMPLETE
- Complete all dex. Status: Completing Unova
- Reach level 10,000 in Royal Tunnel. (Crazy goal) Current highest level: 215
*More will be added soon


Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #736349813
Registration: 18/07/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 927:33 Hours
Total interactions: 386,228
Money: 118,856
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


My 50k PD giveaway has ended 2 hours ago and I managed to get the list before 3 pm (server time)
Well then here's the result and congratulations to Stormy!
Sending PD now. Thank you all who entered, it means a lot <3

(And blepping Gmax Flapple is cute. You can't change my mind >:))
Yesterday, 16:24
There's one in my party, waiting for it to raise up to lvl 80 :3
Yesterday, 14:54
One random user who ❤️ this post will get 50k PD (free :3)
Ends after 6 hours :)
Yesterday, 08:46
By Iccywolf

Hey........ummm imma need to take that giveaway back......because I noticed a lot of people saying it’s going to be for premium so I decided why not go for half a year of premium. that’s right I’m giving away a smoler amount than 2k.......I’m giving away 4K lol anyway share this post AND share the hashtag #littlestinkernumberdos lol anyway good luck.
1 Day ago
Here's my ArtFight if you need someone to attack
Because I think no one would look at Contact Links :v
I just submitted my first attack and... I know first week of AF usually slooooow but... forget about that :p
Anyways, please attack me! ;;w;;
(I'm so lucky to be able to go home early to draw first attack... :'3)
2 Days ago
G-max Hatterene isn't really beautiful. But I like it 💖
(Luckily I still have 150 SC tokens that are leftovers :v)
3 Days ago
Art Fight is near and I can't wait! >w<
As a really nervous person, after changing team 3 times in Google form, I decided to be in Sugar team ('cuz blueee :3)
So yep! I'm ready to attack! >:)
(Art Fight link in my profile)
6 Days ago
Every item can only be bought once per day.

*intense anger blows*
Then how can I buy Pokeballs enough for Shadow hunt when I'm out of PD??? >:(
(And I won't ask for free balls from others)
6 Days ago
Which art style of mine do you think is better: this 1 or this 2?

Please tell honestly. I want to see if the 2 looks better or not ;;w;;
6 Days ago
This is a suggestion I made about 1 month ago
Just a minor suggestion as I've experienced a lot in past battles, so this shouldn't affect people who don't battle

But I still don't understand those who said this shouldn't be implemented and they don't even say why ;;w;; (4 users but only one said why in voting section 😓)
8 Days ago
Oh look! A weird egg I just got from... Nvm, you saw where this one from in the profile 😀
Anyways, yay? 😅
10 Days ago
Current best price: 53,000 || Recommended price: 15,000 - 25,000

Uhh what? That Blue Meteorite is 53k PD for best price? Seriously? 😅
10 Days ago
Worst thing about my house's Internet: Loading prnt.sc is an accomplishment ;;w;; (like... it doesn't load properly)
(That's why I always use Sta.sh to upload screenshots :'))
13 Days ago
Random question: to lighten up the mood here
Which kind of noise cats make (eg: meow, purr, etc.) do you like the most? :3
15 Days ago
•° Spåce °• explored Space for 168.0 hours.
It discovered 101.00% new of this area.
It found 376 while rumbling, yay!

Not really worth waiting lol only 101%??? ☹️
19 Days ago
Activity Points

That's quite a lot tbh (easy to understand, got 2 already). Well, click more to get Mega Stones 😋
20 Days ago
A weird Electivire 🤖
But hey~ Mega Stone included!! 😸
22 Days ago
Me whenever seeing a shiny on auction with low price: *inserts 50k or 150k PD automatically* :))
22 Days ago
New updates! Sweet~ I've always wanted to hunt at least one Legendary on site :3
But before I can dream of it, I realized that I haven't owned a Ditto... yet ;;w;;
Time to lab hunt I guess?
23 Days ago
People just say 'If I get banned'
But hey, be optimistic. Or please say 'If I got banned' (which makes the after clause unreal :p), that will make sure that you'll never be banned unless you break rules ofc
23 Days ago

My favorite Galar Pokémon

Always be these four (Hoping to get one when PH releases ‘em)

Quote from Moonsnow
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Who could resist these adorable ghost dragons <33

And this sandy cobra too <3
[Hunted 3 Shiny]


Before sending battle requests

Gotta add this because I want to have fairness in battles

If you want to send me a battle request, remember these:
1) I'm not a legendary user, so please if you are using legendary Pokemon, message me first so I can prepare!
2) Because I don't like battles on PokeHeroes (bugs, uggh), send me battle request on Showdown instead! I'm bored of seeing bugs in battles ("Invalid move" or "An error occured" bugs keep buzzing around the battle)
3) Always have auto levels! Just to make sure it's a fair battle

Any question? Feel free to send me a PM ^^


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