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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 2,409/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Sandy! :3 (3rd OS)
6811,192,878 / 1,393,327
9733,101 / 64,455

Hi there!

Dorameshiya | 15 | Capricorn | Dreepy line and Sandaconda lover ❤️ | Kitties! | Snake-like creatures <3 | Anything else I should say? :p

Oh hello there~ >w<

I'm Dorameshiya. I like Pokemon, Steven Universe, My Little Pony and more. I love drawing stuff, mostly lined (I'm practicing pixel arts ).

PP is for friends only for reason. But still, you can send me a PM if you have any question about this site and you need help. Please look at ‘Notes’ before sending~

If you are in my blocklist, please respect my decision. If you are, that must be because you might’ve done something impolite or caused trouble on PH, not just caused trouble to me. And don’t ask someone else to tell me unblock you or why you are in my blocklist. Just look at 'Notes' part in my profile to see why :<

Quote from Friends on PHBest friends
And so many other people in my friendlist ❤️

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Divider by snow-head (DeviantArt)
Mecha Dragonite sprite by MetalHeadKendra (DeviantArt)

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #736349813
Registration: 18/07/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 752:03 Hours
Total interactions: 360,709
Money: 664,503
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Anyone have a Microwave and a Drill that I can buy?
Also, anyone selling Rotom? ;w;
Yesterday, 02:12
Me: Attempting to do pixel art and the result
Please... can anyone give me some advice in this kind of art? ;w;
Yesterday, 00:53
Dorameshiya and Dorameshiya:
The two don't seem to like each other.

Me don't like myself? lol
Of course that can't be guaranteed
2 Days ago
If you have time, please check out my art shop. I'm bored and I need something to draw, meh -_-

Btw, check out my giveaway too! ^o^
2 Days ago
Spreadsheet of #FeedGraceABerryPlease giveaway
Sorry for close feed
3 Days ago
Giveaway time!!

Actually, I have purpose to make this giveaway, not like other kinds of my previous giveaways lol

Alright, let's see what you have to do:
1) Heart this original post
2) Feed Grace the big Wailord. The more berries you feed her, the more entries you get (but please heart the post first)
3) You may share #FeedGraceABerryPlease to spread the message to others, but it isn't necessary and won't count that as an entry (and don't share the whole post, it's annoying)

Prizes are here. I'll still draw the winner, even though I can win, or lose the contest:
1) An Easy/Medium/Hard rarity shiny hunt of your choice (Will start when the giveaway ends, right after the 5th Shiny Dunsparce hatches)
2) 200k PD
3) 2 Dragon Gems + 25 random Gems

I'll make a spreadsheet to keep track of the participants.
Ends when the contest ends. Good luck!
3 Days ago
My art progress (because everyone is doing this lol)

(Characters belong to their rightful owners)

Did my art become worse or nah? ;w;
3 Days ago
Anyone interested in art trade? owo
4 Days ago
8 Days ago
Next goal: Complete Sinnoh dex~! So...
Comment here if you have any Sinnoh Pokemon that I'm missing~! I can offer PD, Nuggets, or even Rare Candy if you'd like some for Rowan's Quest ^^
15 Days ago
I really can't understand new users on PokeHeroes.
Like, I already stated in my profile that "I don't like random users adding me" but they just like "Where's the friendlist button? I want to add them because they're cool" and add me on their friendlist without even having a 'tiny' look at my notes?
I really want to help others, but that doesn't mean that they have to be my friends to get answers. I only let my friends send PP messages for reason, so you can't add me just because you want to see how Palpad works, or just spam me with useless messages, etc.. I'm never interested in them.

So... in short, if you have any question, send me a PM instead. But, before doing that, have a look at my "Notes" first. I'm not actually a talkative person, so please respect my decision u^u
16 Days ago
If you are the winner but you don't know about that, check my last feed. I'll reroll the 1st and 3rd prize if both winners don't comment on my last feed after 24 hours (starting from the time I post this feed)
17 Days ago
I finally can announce the winners of my giveaway. There are so many users entering, but sadly, some users didn't do one of the things I said or even commented wrong Pokemon, which leads them not to be qualified. (I prefer not to say their usernames :<)

So, without further words, the winners are......
1) RoyalGecko
2) AmberLikeEmber
3) Saknar

Sadly, I don't know how to get screenshots in Windows XP, so I can't get proof of the drawing (I'm borrowing my grandparents' computer).
Anyways, congrats to the winners. If you are the winner, then comment here to get the prize (and 3rd winner should say what they want, as I said in the original post :3). Thank you for joining~!
18 Days ago

I've completed the Johto-dex, and got Mewtwo egg, so... a little celebration would be great? ;3

Heart this post, comment your favorite Legendary Pokemon and you'll be entered. Note that you have to do both to be entered, not just one of them :3

1) 150 Nuggets + a Selfie Stick
2) 300k PD
3) A free art from me OR 2 Dragon Gems. (Just tell me which one you prefer you'll definitely choose Dragon Gems :p)

Ends on Sunday, 22nd March

Good luck~! ♥
21 Days ago
It's been a looooong time since the last time I draw lineless art. So...
Look at this~! I made Giratina lineless art <3 (fit to signature, but not free to use :<)
I'm really satisfied with the result, though the shading looks 'cloudy' xP
Would love to hear other users' opinions about this ^w^
22 Days ago
Congratulations, Dorameshiya! Your Johto-Dex is now complete!
(Lol you know the rest of the congratulation

Anyway, I've never had this feeling since the time when I completed Hoenn-Dex. Huge thanks to everyone who have helped me completing this (Preferably not to say the names :3)
22 Days ago
Moonsnow => Dorameshiya

I'm crying, because someone took Dragapult and Dreepy username. But I still love Dreepy's Japanese name ;w;
27 Days ago
I'm bored (again), so...
Once again, comment here and I'll draw free art. This time, you may choose between headshot and fullbody, but you can't ask me to do shading. If you need shading, there will be a small fee for that.
Example in my profile, if you're wondering~
This feed closes after I get 5 requests ^^
1 Month ago
A mega-able when 21 eggs hatched~ I hope this shiny mega hunt goes well :3
1 Month ago

My favorite Galar Pokémon

Always be these four (Hoping to get one when PH releases ‘em)

Quote from Moonsnow
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Who could resist these adorable ghost dragons <33

And this sandy cobra too <3
[Hunted 3 Shiny]



1) I won't accept random friend requests. Sorry if I'm being harsh to you, but I don't like random people adding me. Only add me if you know me irl or so well (that means in real life or I know you). So don't expect me to add you back. You'll be disappointed soon :>
Aaaand, I won't add you unless I've talked to you at least once and I feel that you can be my friend. I won't reply to crazy messages like 'Hi' or 'I'd like to be your friend'. No inappropriate messages please

2) All Pokemon are my precious and I only sell those in specific boxes. At the moment, none of my Pokemon are for sale/trade

3) If you heart my post when I ask for interaction exchange, please interact with my party first! It's very annoying when you heart for interaction exchange but you don't do that. :<

If you don't respect me, welcome to my blocklist :3

Shiny hunt :>



Sometimes I may forget updating this :3


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