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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 1,137/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Pikipek12 / 8
Pikipek12 / 8
Pikipek23 / 19
Pikipek17 / 8
Pikipek13 / 8

Game Records

Trainer ID: #573252947
Registration: 03/03/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 331:49 Hours
Total interactions: 304,785
Money: 406,026
Starter Pokémon: Blastoise


I just caught a Rayquaza on Pokemon Go!
7 Days ago
I'm sorry for calling out a user.
I been feeling very upset after Cupid died.
I need more friends to talk to because I'm very lonely and very very sad.
It's not easy for me to deal with death.
I been crying for 4 hours after my hamster died.
I didn't want to eat and I withdrawn from talking to my boyfriend.
I just wish I get more friends to talk to.
12 Days ago
If anyone wants to send me a plushie or exchange pokemon with me let me know because I'm very upset and heartbroken about Cupid's passing and I have lost my appetite due to a broken heart.
I miss Cupid so much.
14 Days ago
Today is a very sad day for my family because my beloved hamster Cupid has passed away.
14 Days ago
Once again I just caught my 2nd shadow pokemon which is a Graveler!
2 Months ago
2 days ago I purchased Let's Go Pikachu for my Nintendo Switch as a reward for staying still while I had to get my labwork done so my doctor can check to make sure that I don't have thyroid cancer.
Everything in my test went ok except for my cholesterol since it was high.
2 Months ago
Why is no one talking to me?
Did I do something bad?
2 Months ago
I got a Shadow Sentret!
2 Months ago
I know I haven't been online as much as I used to be since I started my job 4 months ago.
I apologize for the inactivity since I been helping my family out with chores during the COVID-19 pandemic and I had to do my time sheet since I been forgetting to put the end time on Paycom.
I also had to comfort my boyfriend Scott because his beloved orange tabby cat Eddie ran away from his home.
I even had a accident on my Nintendo Switch on pokemon home which I had to start over my switch and I lost all of my special pokemon I had on Pokemon Home and Pokemon Shield.
My family and I had to take Cupid to the vet for a checkup because her fur was fading away and she was scratching due to the mild case of mites and she had to get her medicine on her fur.
I now have a schedule to deal with now since my boyfriend has online school and I have chores.
We have been having conflicts and my mom and his mom suggested the schedule to prevent the conflicts and for us to follow the plans.

2 Months ago
I caught a shiny Ho-Oh at a Sprout's grocery store along with 2 shiny Snubbulls!
This is my 2nd shiny legendary pokemon that I have.
2 Months ago
I just traded my shiny Sudowoodo for a shiny cute Gastrodon on Pokemon Shield and boy this pokemon is super super cute in my opinion.
3 Months ago
Even though I failed to catch a shiny Delibird I was able to catch a shiny Sudowoodo by using a Quick Ball instead of a Luxury Ball or a Ultra Ball!
3 Months ago
This is the 2nd time that a shiny pokemon has fled from me.
I was trying to catch a shiny Bonsly until it escaped from the ball and ran away from me.
Last week I tried to catch a shiny Dreepy it escaped from the ball and ran away from me.
All I have is a shiny Wobbuffet.
3 Months ago
Who wants a Charizard on Pokemon Sword or Shield?
My link code is 2020.
4 Months ago
3 shinies that I have from pokemon shield from 3 days.
Beartic was caught on Sunday,then Gloom was caught on Monday and yesterday I just caught a Obstagoon!
4 Months ago
Omg I just caught a shiny Obstagoon right now!
4 Months ago
I caught my 2nd shiny pokemon on Shield last night and it was shiny Gloom.
4 Months ago
Just after I got the Master Ball from the professor on Pokemon Shield I caught a shiny Cubchoo which evolved into a shiny Beartic.
4 Months ago
I'm actually trading a male Charizard that can Gigantamax on Pokemon Shield if you want him.
4 Months ago
Got my 3rd Gigantamax pokemon from a trade on Pokemon Home as I traded my Dragapult for a Toxtricity (Amped Form).
5 Months ago

About me

I'm Carla and I'm a fraternal twin who loves pokemon a lot.
I'm very autistic as I'm different than everyone.
I'm 22 as I'm a nice,awesome,kind,respectful,funny,unique,flexible with plans that changed,caring,helpful and a fair woman.
I have a older twin sister named Chrissy.
My starter pokemon was a Squirtle when I started to collect pokemon in 2008.
I like to be around friends and talk to people but I dislike rude people,heights,lockdowns,loud noises and being pressured to do bad stuff.

I'm a man lover and a huge fan of pokemon couples like Nidorina X Nidorino and Golduck X Azumarill.
You are always welcome to friend me on Pokémon Go.

My Pokémon Go Code is 4736 6601 4074.

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Doggylover97 is currently hunting Pikipek.
Hunt started: 24/07/2020

Chain: 170



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