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Trainer ID: #550587062
Registration: 10/05/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 191:16 Hours
Total interactions: 130,376
Money: 19,177
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


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   .      .     。   。 .  

.   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •

  ゚   I was not An Impostor.  。 .

  '    69 Impostor remain     。

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2 Days ago
Eggs take x3 the amount of time to hatch!
No guest accounts!
Pokemon level up x3 slower.
Mystery box rare items chance are reduced
Daycare owner might be sick and needs to go home and it is x5 slower eggs from families of a pokemon
30% PD Tax, 30,000 is the minimum
500 nuggets is the minimum
It takes 7500 exp to get to lv2
proffesor rowan might be visiting his parents so he cannot assist you and cannot see you do the tutorial
Youtube video links might take you to a rickroll, distraction, stickbug, or a gnome
Starter is magikarp (im serious)
leah is evil and tricks you when u trade with her and scams u, adding 20% to tax on pd and lose -20,000 PD
seashelloes waiter is evil and his drinks and food are poisoned. u
might lose -80 energy and u might drown from the waiter
each chat in the forum costs -5k PD
clicking on an egg costs -3k
clicking on a pokemon costs -2k
clicking on a legendary pokemon costs - -20k
clicking on a ducklett - -200k
clicking on a shiny - -2m
2 Days ago
u push the fake key into the fake mystery box and cccrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

u found a fake key!

it cannot be used anymore :(
15 Days ago
i got a ultra saddle!
17 Days ago
Ok, wasn't kidding when I said UNDERHEROES was getting an update! A massive one...so go play! https://pokeheroes.com/forum_thread.php?id=80295&post=2514347#2514347 Sorry i don't have BBCode cuz i lazy
also put grass gem in private trade i give u something special then
22 Days ago
can i please have 1 grass gem in trade (no gift just private trade)
22 Days ago
i see sans
22 Days ago
y IVTP-GAMINGFROMYOUTUBE - 4 Hours and 48 Minutes ago.

I will be doing a massive giveaway!
how to enter:
share the hashtag=1 ticket
click my party=1 ticket
like this feed=1 ticket
share this feed=5 tickets
gift 1 normal gem=10 tickets
1st winner=1000 nuggets!
2nd winner=A mega 100 normal gems
3rd winner=100 normal gems

I will be broke (rip)
The giveaway will end In a month so you have a lot of time!
Good luck!
23 Days ago
Hello! I am very sorry about it took so long to make a new update on UNDERHEROES, I will make it soon, there will be new story fights, Hotland, Core, Sans, Asgore, More EXTREME MODE, Deltarune, Challenge Bosses, an unfinished tower, An unfinished boss battle thing, New Shop things, Items, and AUTO battle! It takes so long to finish a battle, so you can do AUTO battles to finish an amount of battles easily! You can equip 1 item to use when you are at half HP. And you can do AUTO battles as many times as the (number times per Day) is. And also some more stuff coming soon! This update should be coming soon.
- Davidplayspika2
23 Days ago
Crystalwolf wins
27 Days ago
First like wins 10 norm gem
27 Days ago
who wants a Leaf Key and a Leaf Safe? It has some forest gems in it!
it is also free!
also be quick, it dissapears in 3 minutes
1 Month ago
By middle - 1 Hour and 34 Minutes ago.
As some of you may have noticed, I've just started my second shiny mega-able hunt. On this occasion, I decided to run a lottery mixed with a little guessing game.

How to participate
All you have to do to take part in it is to share the hashtag (#Bulbaraffle) or this whole post and guess the chain of my future shiny mega-able Bulbasaur.

The prizes
The first person to guess the chain correctly (or the one with the closest answer) will receive 1,000,000 PD.
The rest of the participants will take part in the draw. Among the other prizes are:
• 500,000 PD + shiny Bulbasaur
• 250,000 PD + mega-able Bulbasaur
• sets of rare Gems,
• Mystery items.
I might also add some Ultra Saddles, Meltan Candies or even Nuggets to the prizes, if a lot of people participate.

How to get an extra entry
There is also a way to get extra entries - by sending me some Gems.
5 poison or 10 Grass Gems = 1 extra entry

Good luck everyone!
1 Month ago
who wants a Leaf Key and a Leaf Safe? It has some forest gems in it!
it is also free!
1 Month ago
who wants a Leaf Key and a Leaf Safe? It has some forest gems in it!
1 Month ago
By MurkyWaters - 5 Hours and 37 Minutes ago.
just gonna say screw it
GIVEAWAY #2!!!!!
i have 2 breeding pair boxes, pick one pokemon with a pair, comment what pokemon you chose, and i'll give you a shiny version of it (absolutely free) if you win the giveaway! AND THERE ARE 5 WINNERS! YUP, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT! 5!!!! giveaway ends when i get 250000 pd, enough for all of the hunts. Also you can share #Coolio to get a second entry
1 Month ago
who wants a Mystery Box (Silver) and a Mystery Key (Silver)? There are many gems in them!
1 Month ago
who wants a Mystery Box (Silver) and a Mystery Key (Silver)? There are many gems in them!
1 Month ago
By *Piplup* - 22 Hours and 49 Minutes ago.
Aight so it's my birthday soon, and I want to do summit nice...
so I'm gonna make use of my present! I'm getting my first graphics tablet and need to get used to drawing with it. So that's why the prize will be a sketch of a Pokemon of your choice! You will receive 2 pieces of art, one at the beginning, when my drawing will be terrible, then another later, once I've improved. So just like this feed and share #PiplupsBDay to enter. presents are accepted and may or may not get you an extra entry, depending on what it is. Ends on my Birthday, which will be revealed on.. my birthday? Good luck!
1 Month ago

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