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Trainerlevel: 21

Trainerpoints: 648/1,343


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
662,432 / 13,267
(Crystal Aggron)
11122,781 / 46,621
16746,476 / 96,078
Diskey and Geist
(Aguageist (Luvdisc))
615,580 / 11,347
278192,911 / 232,687
(Shadow Mewtwo)
10037,247 / 37,876


Mewton M. Meowth progress: 3 out of the 9

Fill one entire box of Specials: 46out of the 100

(Specials are:)
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Any Pokémon of starter rarity,
Legendary rarity,
Event Pokémon
One of my favorite Pokémon

Trashcan box for sale

Hello everyone,

As you might know, I have a pokemon box called trashcan. But one’s trash is the other’s treasure, and maybe you find something you like. It’s worth a look! Private trade me an offer, lowballs are allowed ‘cause otherwise I’ll just release them.

Tnx for reading

Random stuff

Fav. Pokémon

Top Favorites
, , ,
Starter mons:
Paldea: (spirigatito hasn’t got a pokédex number yet)
Favorite type:
Favorite Pokémon of every type:
Grass: Meowcarada
Electric: Miraidon
Fairy: Tinkaton


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CT-9904 10 Days ago
CT-9904 10 Days ago
Etty 11 Days ago
Etty 11 Days ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #286395432
Registration: 05/12/2022 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 56:33 Hours
Total interactions: 142,750
Money: 400
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Your Wide Lens just finished scanning your egg and it turned out to be a Pumpkaboo egg. Why?!! Why Can’t I GET BOWLS??!
3 Days ago
Your coin and the one next to it look so similar!
(Slightly increased breeding chance) Let’s go!
5 Days ago
How to get Leah Aguageist?
5 Days ago
😃 This is Bob! Post him around PokeHeroes to explore the
-|- world! I want Bob To have a good time exploring so help
/ \ Him explore! Users chain: Blaziken_90 Bolt~ DONuTvibes (Your username here :D)
6 Days ago
By ShinyZata - 1 Day and 3 Hours ago.

Enter My Raffle for a Chance to win Shiny Margeana Voucher, SMs, SLs!!!

Heart This Feed, Share Hashtag for a Chance to Win a Random Shiny Pokemon!

Ends on Febuary 10th! Good Luck
6 Days ago
You fed Blitz a Pomeg Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 30,052 Exp. Points.
7 Days ago
10 Days ago

In my Party is a Turtonator. The giveaway results drop when it is ABOVE level 200.
You have to feed it AT LEAST one berry to enter.

How to enter:
I have a random wheel. I’m gonna put names on it from the participants. Your name can appear multiple times on the wheel. How? Well, get more entries.
Share #Turtonator200+ 1 entry
Share the entire feed and #Turtonator200+ 2 entries
Gift a plushie I already have 2 entries
Gift a plushie I miss 5 enries
Gift a Plushie of one of my favorite mons(on my profile) 5 entries
Gift a shiny Plushie I own 5 entries

Gift a shiny plushie I miss 10 entries
Send money- no. of Pd devided by 1000= entries (Pm me if you’ve done so)

1 Perfect Charizard Breeding couple, any Pokémon out of my boxes, Augageist
2 perfect combee breeding couple, any pokémon from my trashcan boxes, Pumpkabowl
3 Candy Belly, any trashcan Pokémon

Remember Giving Turtonator a Berry!!!
10 Days ago
#DankDex can be shared again, and for the giggles, let's give it some steroids. I'm gonna be increasing the awards, so read carefully. Help me complete my dex while Giving yourself the best odds of winning

If you share my whole NEW post (Jan 26 site time) I'll gift ya 2 plushies!

So here's what you gotta know...
I'll buy these *missing* mons for these prices
-690 for any junk mon from any dex
PP me for anything special

As you should know, you can share the hashtag daily for an extra chance to win the giveaway, which has been changed and is now:

1st place: (only for those who have shared either this full post OR my first #DankDex post) 125 nugs
2nd place: (hashtag shared) 75 nugs
3rd: (hashtag shared) 55k pd
4th: (hashtag shared) 30k pd
5th: (hashtag shared) 10k pd + 10 random gems

Giveaway ends once I have completed a dex-
Which brings me to the reason I'm upping this-
Kanto is at 80%! Johto is not far behind. Help me bring it home! Giveaw
11 Days ago
Your Wide Lens just finished scanning your egg and it turned out to be a Pumpkabowl egg. YEAH!!!
11 Days ago
12 Days ago
Christmas period is over - so here is a new Avatar
13 Days ago
Share this feed with the Hashtag #LevelUpPrimalGroudon

■Send me a shiny plushie that I don't have = 10 entry
■Send me a plushie I don’t have = 5 entry
■Send me any plushie that I have = 1 entry
■Like this original feed =1 entry
■Share complete feed = 2 entries
■Share hashtag = 1 entry


■1st Prize = Mystery Box + Key (Dark Blue) + 30k PKD + Your choice of Paldean starter plushie
■2nd Prize = Random Mystery Item + 5k PKD + Magikarp or Psyduck Plushie
■3rd Prize = Random Mystery Item + 2k PKD

The Prizes will be handed out after groudon hits level 50, so don't forget to feed your berry!

This piece is by DONuTvibes:

You fed Primal Groudon a

Cheri Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 352 Exp. Points.

You have been rewarded with 8 Pokédollar!
13 Days ago
You obtained a new badge (Playing it safe)! Wow! I didn’t know that gambling away 20000 game chips is safe xDD
17 Days ago
You push the dark blue key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!

The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

844x Pokédollar found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

You push the pink key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!

The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

8x Fire Gem found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

You push the gold key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!

The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Leaf Stone found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
17 Days ago
Yo everyone, does somebody know how to add
-progress bars
To your profile? Tnx!
17 Days ago
Thanks blackxavi, Absolites, OneTeaStar, lemonpie, DoctorDonna, Ahremiz, Komainu, falmelordvut, Qousain, WalkingOnSunshine, punkworm, Kastel, Coureur_Des_Boires, Kadse, Aisling, OkamiSilver, Farigiraf, MillieMalone, PokeFanaticRosa1983, BluRay, Kiki007, jebadiah69, Waltz, jkk2005, Zuvernious, GIGACHAD, 3zzy, Raiogen, hizuto, DONuTvibes, Kinnickgreer, Moira_Irion, snowyninetales, Sissi6, Kiratai, toonszalla, Csoxi, MoonEstrella, bohemianpatsody, questman, pepper654, ~Cookie~, Masserozzo, xGH0STxViSi0Nx, chanbolgado, Chezetta, NakuRainbow, Castiello11, loketoke, pokemonfan85, Hopeful_Luck, Morse, Vidalia, Makima~, Cerberus2222, Yume, jayshaun543, Pixer, 1076179, RainWingThing, flamingcamaro11, Kimie, Snomberry, Fishy-san, TremorzGG, Aurelia, Maato11, SonicExe, Calypso25, Mikiimouse, Boss_Bakugo, Shagron, Shibishirasu, Ghibli, Grietine, vartex, kore, -XYZ-, Raspay, arnoldwang, Rezmag, Zombiegg101, Hanz, MelodyBreez, FullCollapse, Zarkesh, TalaniMae26, *ABSBOR*, Ravenwas_here, shinyfurret
17 Days ago
Interaction exchange? Comment and I’ll return
17 Days ago
#ShinyLatiasDoesExist ~ I’ll enter!
17 Days ago



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