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Trainerlevel: 67

Trainerpoints: 3,525/13,533


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Deerling (Winter)11 / 8
Yungoos12 / 8

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I love Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda (as of recent), and other things.

My waifu may or may not be Tequila Joseph

"Victory requires sacrifice... AND I'M THE SACRIFICE!" -CrystalBorf_aDORKable


Game Records

Trainer ID: #173058810
Registration: 28/01/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 4068:25 Hours
Total interactions: 920,531
Money: 432,074
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Gonna head to bed now. Goodnight.
Today, 02:58
I remember when watching Markiplier a few years ago.

Grandma didn't like me watching him because of foul language, but I kept watching anyways lol
Today, 02:54
YouTube trying to give me adds, but they're really skippable white screens.

If YouTube wanted me to keep ads, they should've steered clear of the uncomfortable ones.
Today, 02:12
It could be years until I get a Shiny Ho-oh on here, but the wait will be worth it.
Today, 01:52
Imagine Mega Magikarp colors. Won't evolve into Gyarados, but they'll Mega Evolve.
Today, 01:42
why do I somehow always find some anime characters hot
Today, 01:09
and the WiFi is slow again.

alright, who messed with the connection?
Today, 00:12
so I did report a suspicious account 2 days ago (which is when it and another account under the same name, only with an added number) joined. I mean, obvious second account.

nothing has been done so far, so I'm keeping an eye on the two accounts.
Yesterday, 23:57
sometimes I forget to put Pokemon in Wonder Trade (except for SWT, because Ho-oh codes from that have a slightly higher chance of a Shiny)
Yesterday, 23:51
Crisis adverted. I found Rattrap.
Yesterday, 23:20
guys, Rattrap disappeared and I have no idea where he went. I placed him down, then when I come back, he was gone.
Yesterday, 23:11
I can't find Rattrap :(
Yesterday, 23:01
oh her name is Ursula. Boring name for a spoiled brat who thinks she's better than every other Coordinator in Pokemon.

(sorry, I need to work off my hatred)
Yesterday, 21:11
I forgot who that spoiled brat was who participates in contests int the Sinnoh anime, but I now remember my burning hatred for her and want to beat her up.

In a Pokemon battle of course.
Yesterday, 20:51
Me: *watching Sinnoh League Victors*

Also me: *analyzing things that happens in the episodes for some reason*
Yesterday, 19:47
Okay, copied from something

Players are asked to use in-person Raid Pass instead of Remote Raid Pass when invited to a raid
Issue description: Occasionally, players are asked to use free daily Raid Pass or Premium Battle Pass instead of Remote Raid Pass when invited to a raid. They then are unable to participate in the raid with the error message "Walk closer to interact with this Gym."
Issue status: Investigating

So I won't bw able to join raids until the issue is resolved.
Yesterday, 18:53
I'm about to punch Pokemon GO for not letting me join raids
Yesterday, 18:45
Got invited to a raid. Had remote raid pass. Raid told me to 'walk closer.'

I'm sorry.
Yesterday, 18:33
Cadence of Hyrule is weird and cool at the same time. I love it!
Yesterday, 17:17
Yokai Watch is still cute. The characters are adorable/cool.
Yesterday, 16:57

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Don't ask for any of my Pokemon that aren't in my Trade Box or for any items/PD/Nuggets.

Begging is not allowed. Guilt-tripping falls under the category of begging.

First offense is a warning
Second offense is another warning
Third offense is an immediate block.

(From the Site Rules)
1.3 No begging allowed! Unless otherwise stated by themselves, do not message other members asking them for their Pokémon, money, items, free clicks or anything similar, including unsolicited offers and advertising of any kind.

3.4 No means no. Do not put pressure on your trading partners or try to talk them into a trade they do not feel comfortable with. If a user does not want to trade with you, please accept their decision and leave them alone.



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