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Trainerlevel: 51

Trainerpoints: 3,116/7,853


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Sky Slicer
6148 / 159


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About Me

Henlo! I am the one and only CrystalBorf. Anyone impersonating me is a fake.

In real life, I'm shy, but online, I'm a little less shy.

I like to open Boxes, feel free to send some Boxes and Keys my way.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #173058810
Registration: 28/01/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1509:12 Hours
Total interactions: 410,576
Money: 1,289,591
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Oh hey, it hatched Adamant
Today, 14:18
Yesterday, 20:34
Oh, right. The Internet at home is starting to act like trash. That's why I can't get on Pokemon GO or Idle Heroes on my phone. But I DID get a Shiny Exeggcute in Pokemon Quest.
Yesterday, 20:30
I'll just assume my PoGO avatar has super speed, teleportation, and can walk on water because that's normal for it.
Yesterday, 19:38
Since the fanfiction "Crystal's Quest for Chocolate" will have some content not suitable for being posted here, it will be posted on DeviantArt.

(another reason why DeviantArt; it kinda involves going to different worlds, so like a big crossover kinda thing)
Yesterday, 18:31
*When the Beauty Contest Tasks makes you bid on auctions and buy plushies multiple times in a row*

Yesterday, 17:20
Events of yesterday's PoGO outting

Me: I'll get to you later Shellos. I got this Tor-

*appears Shiny*

Yesterday, 11:41
Congratulations, CrystalBorf! Your Unova-Dex is now complete!

Wow, really can't believe it... you achieved this huge goal and helped me so much with my research! I still remember the day when I gave you your Starter-Pokémon, Chimchar. Well, time flies by... I'm already getting a bit sentimental.
Anyway, the whole PokéHeroes Staff and all residents of Emera Town want to congratulate you!
Please take this certificate - it is a proof for filling the Unova-Dex.

Nevertheless, I have something else to talk about with you. I found this mysterious coloured egg recently on a Rumble Mission and I tried hard to hatch it, but with no success at all. I'm not sure if one could even hatch it - and if it even contains a Pokémon. But... the mystery behind it is fascinating me and I really want to uncover it.

I feel like it contains something very rare and special...

Do you think you can hatch it?
2 Days ago
Raise your Eevee's Level to 166

Uh... it's Rowan's now
2 Days ago
By best92 - 20 Minutes and 42 Seconds ago.

Hello everyone! So as you know, I'm currently hunting Cosmogs and I'm currently selling them and trading hatched ones for Nebula Stones (shameless plug, don't mind me).

Anyway, no one is really buying them so I decided that I'm gonna do the only reasonable thing. A giveaway! All you have to do is share this entire post and like the original one (and/or comment RIP for my sanity).


3 lucky people will win 2 Cosmogs each
Another 3 lucky people will win 1 Cosmog each

Thank you all and good luck!

P.S. If you are looking to buy a shiny Cosmog contact me (best92) or check out the Shiny Shop I hunt for, The Shiny Shop of Horrors
2 Days ago
You lost an auction.

Auction: Lepreowth (Your bid: 1001 )

Better luck next time!

You won an auction.

Auction: Lepreowth (Your bid: 1,001 ). The Pokémon has been transferred.


I went on another one and bid on it after I got outbid lol
2 Days ago
You lost an auction.

Auction: van Bagon (Your bid: 1 )

Better luck next time!

I'm not disappointed (I only bid because Beauty Contest Task told me to bid on something)
2 Days ago
Wonder Trade Report:

Pidgeot* => Gastly*
Hoopa => Tentacool
Gengar* => Hoppip*
Beedrill => Raticate
Cleffa => Hoppip

Hoppip? That's new.
2 Days ago
You push the purple key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Vortex of Time (Map) found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
2 Days ago
Wasn't even hunting it

I am hunting Rotom, Gulpin, Bidoof, and Chikorita on GPX. This is just a random Shiny.
2 Days ago
Retro Koffing? Nah, he is

2 Days ago
Remember, just because we are friends doesn't mean you'll get whatever you want from me. That's not how friendship works. So DO NOT try to take advantage of that.
3 Days ago
Interactions made 516
Interactions received 3,367
Eggs hatched 8
Forum posts 0
3 Days ago

My answer is a bit spread out. Alolan Vulpix, because most of the time, I am timid (pretty sure Alolan Vulpix is timid). Zorua, because once you get to know me, I try to be funny sometimes. And Rotom because I am energetic.
3 Days ago

Which Pokemon best reflects your personality?
3 Days ago

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